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Published at 23rd of May 2020 12:55:04 AM

Chapter 657: 657
"Wherever the reason is, I strongly believe that the one who was behind all this is the Regional Lord!" ,Arjun said, "I heard that the Regional Lord is extremely patient with his plans . He has the patience to wait for very long time in order to make sure that his plans were executed perfectly . I am sure that he is using this very same tactic against us as well . So I think we should be prepared . "

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The Six Pavilion Lords fell silent . They had nothing to say . The fact is that even they were confused . They had too many questions in their hearts and they don't have any answers for them . Even Jimmy's answer this time has no assurance . They couldn't do anything about it . And this reason was extremely frustrating .

"What should we do now?" ,Fidel asked in depression . Since they have no accurate way to determine who their opponent, and what their goal is, he has no other choice but to follow the instructions came from the most qualified person among them .

Arjun said, "If Regional Lord thinks that his usual tactic of "Wait patiently and strike when the time is right" works every time, then we will prove him wrong . How is your work with the new children? And what about their background? What is your progress?"

"It's done . We found some rats . But we chased them down . So I think that because of our hard work, everything is fine . All the new students were fine and clean people . " ,Edward said .

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"Hmmm . " ,Arjun said, "That's Good! Summon all these juniors towards the Judgement Ground! I will teach them the Art of Cultivation just like I thought you back then . "

The Six Pavilion Lords were ecstatic . They were overjoyed to hear this . They knew just how valuable Jimmy's classes were . So they were impatiently waiting for him to complete his closed door seclusion . They desperately wanted to enjoy that world where they improved very quickly!

"But brother! When are you going to take the classes for us on Dao?" ,Bill asked such important question . Others also looked at Jimmy with impatient looks . They were hoping for answer on this question .

No matter how important basics are, Dao is considered as the first step towards the stage for powerhouse . Of course! They won't neglect the basics in cultivation . But Dao is equally important for any cultivator in the world .

Arjun smiled and said, "Keep patient . I know that you people wanted to master the Dao very desperately . But learning Dao needs too much of patience, determination and courage . You need to be persistent and diligent . You people might find it difficult to digest, but even if I take you to that magical world, I can't guarantee that you people could master the Greater Dao which I will teach you . It still depends on your own efforts as for how much you will learn . So you also needs to prepare your mindsets for the worst possible situation . "

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The Six Pavilion Lords remained silent . They knew that mastering Dao is very difficult task . Only the lucky people could train in it . They tasted this bitter truth many times in the past . No matter how much they tried, they didn't even touch the boundaries of the world of Dao .

Their talent in the ordinary cultivation was also considered as nothing but ordinary . As for Dao . . . it was something they could consider it as just a distant dream for them . But they knew that it was worth a shot . Especially under someone like Jimmy's tutelage, they have huge chances for success!

Even though they heard directly from Jimmy that his classes may end in failure for them, the chances for success is also high . After all, they are not going to pay any tuition fees fir learning Dao . So giving it a try is also worthy option for them .

"We will do our best to learn the Dao . " ,Andrew said, "But Brother! What do you mean when you said "Greater Dao"? Weren't you mistaken somehow? I think it should be Grand Dao . But you spelled it Greater Dao!"

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"I didn't make any mistake . I clearly spelled it Greater Dao!" ,Arjun said, "I walk the path of Greater Dao! Grand Dao is something I never encourage myself to learn!"

"Gr-Greater Dao?" ,The Six Pavilion Lords were stunned . They looked at each other only to find the word "surprise" written on their faces .

"What is Greater Dao?" ,Bill came back to his senses and asked .

Jimmy said, "In the ancient times people used to walk on the path of the Greater Dao . It is the learning of the principle of any one of the ten natural elements from beginning to the end . For example, in the Dao if Fire, you could learn the Greater Dao from when how exactly the fire starts it's ignition to the point where it gets extinguished . This is the path of Greater Dao . "

Jimmy continued, "But learning Greater Dao is extremely difficult . It is far difficult than the learning anything else . You need to be more careful . You mot only needed talent fir learning Greater Dao, but you also needed huge amount of luck . "

Jimmy continued, "The process of observing the procedure of any one of the ten natural elements is to how any one of the ten natural elements behave from the beginning to how it behaves till it's end . This sounds very simple . But it's complexity lies in repeating this procedure of observation . "

"Observation?" ,Bill asked in daze .

"That's right!" ,Jimmy said, "You beed to observe the procedure from beginning to the end repetitively . But this repetition may not end in similar conclusion which you come at the beginning . And this is where the complexity lies . If you don't come to the same conclusion as the first conclusion, then you will find it very difficult to reach the 100% completion rate of a Greater Dao!"

Jimmy continued, "In the ancient days, people started to find this very difficult . So in order to lift the burden from the people, the ancient civilisation split the Dao learning into four stages . They are Manifestation Stage, Domain Stage, Transformation Stage and the Supreme Stage . And reaching the Supreme Stage is the equal to learning the Grand Dao! But in terms of the Greater Dao, it is nothing but learning all four stages of the Grand Dao at the same time . In the Greater Dao, you will learn everything about the ten natural elements from it's source itself . Learning the source of the ten natural elements is very beneficial to the cultivators . It will make your future progress very smooth . "

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