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Chapter 30: 30

"I'm sorry" Irene suddenly says .

Still in my reclined position, with my head supporting my head . I ask " For what?"

She is not facing me but I can see the struggle on her face . "for . . . . telling hayoon . I didn't . . . know . . . . "

I interrupt her apology attempt and say nonchalantly " You don't have to be . It was fun"

She seems genuinely appreciative of my attitude and says "Thank you"

I stare at her for a while just enjoying her serene appearance and suddenly without control of my impulses, I blurt out " You are really gorgeous"

'My loose lips!'

'Seriously Dylan , have some self control will you'

A pink blush slowly arises from her face and this time when she says, "Thank you" it is much more muted .

She finally gathers the courage to face me . Our eyes lock contact and for a second my entire surroundings disappear .

Time slows down and the only thing In my view is her dark eyes like a void in space I loose all sense of gravity in them .

MC: Author! Wtf does that even mean?

Author: No idea but it sounds really good right ! It gets the people going!

MC: *Sigh*

We sit silently for a short while until Irene says, " You told Jaebum . . . about us before?"

My eyes dart around the room . I can't seem to get my bearings .

'Did she figure out about my Baechu slip up at school''

'No, it's not clear yet . Dylan play it cool . '

Trying to control my nervousness I answer, " What do you mean?"

" Well . . Hayoon said that it was his idea to come after finding out about today . It seemed like he knew something . So . . . it just seemed weird" She says

"Yeah yeah , weird" I nod my head .

'Nearly in the clear Dylan'

'Nearly there'

Author: Fake it till you make it MC!

Irene still sending that something is not right . Keeps rattling her brain . No matter how much I try to change the flow of the conversation .

"Nice weather"


"Your shoes are very pretty, where did you get them"


"I want to a harem of noonas!"


'Well nothing seems to be working'

'Why is she so stubborn!'

Out of seemingly nowhere I hear a shout .


She seems to have figured something out .

I just can feel the cold swear run down my spine . As I wait for her to make her revelation .

She claps her hands once and turns towards me with a smile . That's not a smile, I think . That is a death warning .

Her mouth slowly opens and she annunciates every word as clear as she possibly can, " How . Did . Jaebum . Know . About . My . Nickname"


'Come on Dylan we can still fake this'll

My mouth grows dry as I utter, " Did he I didn't notice"

She continues interrogating, " Usually when you hear something you don't know you show some confusion . . . but he was calm as if he already knew the answer . Now tell me what's the reason . "

Avoiding her gaze, I deny any involvement " I don't know , maybe he guessed"

"no no no, if he guessed . he would have made an affirmative statement confirming his suspicions but he had none at all . There is only 2 logical explanations 1) he overheard it before or 2) one of us told him . And since I didn't both point to you"

' Holy Moly! Are you Sherlock Holmes?'

'The jig is pretty much up at this point'

If it was a mystery novel , this would probably be the point where the villain lays out his entire motive and confesses .

Since I know I can no longer escape punishment . The best option left , no the only option left is . . .

I hurriedly get up from my seat , make my way to Irene and when In front of her . I collapse to my knees in the dogeza position and raise my hands above my head .

I exclaim loudly, "I did wrong! Please be lenient"

Author: So much for being a man I guess

My head is facing the floor but I can swear I can feel Irene's current expression . It is no longer that of an angel . Rather It is that of a devil .

It is at this moment in my life which made me fully understand the idiom . . . .

'the devil is beautiful'

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