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The Last Embrace - Chapter 155

Published at 7th of November 2019 08:25:07 AM

Chapter 155

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Jessy and her mother went down to the Core of the Facility where the gold was mined and being polished .

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They went down hundreds of stairs to reach the holding point . The stairs ended in a holding area the size of a basketball court, but the ceiling was a few inches from their heads, it has chairs and tables, several vampires were scattered in the area, looks like they were resting .

Sarah spotted her husband in the corner inspecting some tiny shiny stone on the surface of the table, the stones look like gold as they went nearer to his side .

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Hector turned around and see his wife and daughter standing behind him, they got a bright smile on their faces, suddenly he feels like the sunshine has found its way underground .

"Wow! I got a surprise visit from the two of my favorite women in the world!" he beamed and hugged his wife and his daughter .

"Our daughter here wants to see you," Sarah said .

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