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The Last Embrace - Chapter 463

Published at 23rd of May 2020 08:45:05 AM

Chapter 463
Jessy was hovering in the sky .

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This is one of the nights when she just roamed in and out of the city looking for the fugitive guy who is the mastermind of a mass murder bombing of a passenger plane which killed 215 passengers and crew members, that incident took place in the year 1980 .

There was an intelligence report that he was probably hiding here somewhere in the city, or he could be hiding outside the city . Although, he had an image that she can connect to . . . still finding him is like finding a needle in the middle of a haystack . He could have altered his appearance through the years of hiding .

Finding that fugitive isn't her top priority right now, there's still enough time to find him, besides there are strings of recent unsolved crimes that needed her attention first .

But she will look out for his whereabouts just the same . She wanted a flawless report of her accomplishment to impress the government officials who would sign the Clemency order .

She was currently hovering above the highway in the countryside .

A few minutes from now she will be going to the facility to visit Adam and spend the night with him, then leave the next morning to resume her job as Agent X .

With so many crimes happening every day all over the country, it would be impossible to take a break .

Jessy looked down below on the nearly deserted highway . . .

Then she spotted a black van in a distance, it stopped moving, then two men came out from the driver's seat and the passenger seat, they're currently relieving themselves on the roadside .

She would normally ignore such kind of sighting . . . just two men peeing . . . nothing special .

But out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a small figure coming out of the door of the van and went into running at full speed, far away from the parked vehicle .

The two men scrambled to put back their pants and dashed after the small figure which happens to be more or less a seven years old child .

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Jessy zoomed in towards the running men . . .

But the men already caught the wriggling child and brought him back to the van .

Before the door was shut . . . Jessy caught sight of two more children inside the van . . . she had a feeling that she stumbles on an ongoing kidnapping spree .

Huh? Are those two children also victims?

Kidnap for ransom or what?

There's only one way to find out .

Jessy entered the van in her invisible form . Inside, she saw three children . . . their hands and feet bound by a rope and their mouth covered with duct tape . Then there's also one adult guy in there, the one who runs after the struggling boy .

Jessy exited the van and hovered in the air, following the moving vehicle from behind . She could initiate the rescue operation right now and save the children . But she was curious, where are these kidnappers taking the children?

So far, she only saw two kidnappers .

She will just tail the van from behind, she wants to discover more about these kidnappers and their accomplices . . . especially their hideouts .

Maybe there are more victims to discover in the place where they were heading .

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One hour later .

The vehicle made a sudden U~turn, then keeps moving forward, the path leads towards the entrance of a warehouse . The car entered the warehouse and the door was closed .

Jessy passed through the closed door, inside the warehouse she saw two 15-seater black vans .

The driver and the guy on the passenger seat exited the van and joined the five guys .

The men were conversing intensely in the corner, they were talking in a foreign language .

Damn! She can't understand anything!

She inspected the first 15-seater van which has no seats at all . . . she was horrified to see more children sitting on the floor of the van, their hands and feet were bound by a rope and all of them were being subjected to silence by the duct tape covering their mouth . . . she began doing a headcount .

OMG! A total of ten children!

Holy Christ!

She exited the vehicle and went to the next van .

She found nine frightened women huddled inside the van, with the same situation as the children, both of their feet and hands were tied by a rope and they have duct tape on their mouths to prevent them from screaming .

Jessy gritted her teeth in anger . Damn!

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What she stumbled tonight could be a notorious human smuggling syndicate or a kidnap for ransom gang!

Now is the perfect time to freeze the kidnappers!

But . . . wait . . . she wanted to discover more!

She exited the vehicle .

She saw the two men transferred the three children to the 15-seater van . She exited the warehouse and hovered in the air waiting for the vehicle to continue moving .

She has a burning suspicion that the kidnappers will bring their victim's somewhere!

A few minutes later, the entrance of the warehouse opened and the two 15-seater black vans exited the warehouse .

Jessy followed the moving vehicle into the highway in the middle of the night .

Two hours of traveling into the countryside and the houses were getting fewer in between .

It's already 3:00 in the morning in her wristwatch and the sun will shine 3 to 4 hours from now . Jessy was already feeling sleepy . But she had to keep following the moving vehicle wanting to discover where these bastards are taking their victims!

Thirty minutes more . . .

Finally, the vehicles moved towards a path leading to another warehouse much bigger than the last . Three men holding assault rifles were guarding the entrance . The warehouse was situated in a gated two-hectare land of trees and green plants .

The entrance of the warehouse opened wide and the two vehicles disappeared inside .

Jessy entered the warehouse . . .

She saw the kidnappers in the process of taking their victims out of the vehicle .

The first three women accompanied by one guard, they were the first to descend in a lift hidden by the wooden floor .

'It looks like there's a basement below the ground of the warehouse,' Jessy muttered to herself .

The same process kept repeating until it's now the children's turn . . . the empty lift will re-appear and then victims and their companion get inside and then gone down .

Jessy followed the last batch of children . . .

Down, in the basement, the entire floor area was spacious looking . There are bright lights everywhere and the walls were painted white .

She saw a total of four rooms .

She entered the first room, it's the place where the children were being kept .

She went to the second room and she found the women being held captive there, she looked closely at their faces, they're just not all adult women, they're mostly teenage girls!

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