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The Last Embrace - Chapter 464

Published at 23rd of May 2020 08:45:03 AM

Chapter 464: 464
She entered the third room . . .

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Her eyes widened to see bloody body parts scattered in the wide table such as the severed torso, hands, feet, intestine, and many others!

'Damn! There's too much gore in here!' Jessy screamed in her mind .

'Jesus Christ! What the fuck is going on here!?' She asked in confusion due to the shock of seeing such a bloody scene inside the room .

Did she found herself transported in a slaughterhouse?

She had difficulty breathing because the smell inside the room was so horrible, aargh! she wanted to throw up!

Suddenly, the door of the room opened and two men entered . . . wearing protective clothing, face mask, and gloves in their hands while holding trash bags . They began picking the body parts in the table and dumped them on the trash bag that they were holding . . .

'Probably to dispose of the severed body parts,' Jessy took a wild guess .

Jessy can't hold it anymore, she puked . . . sending her vomit scattered into the floor . The men's eyes widened upon hearing someone puking and seeing a vomit on the floor without seeing anyone in the room .

Jessy's right-hand move . . . freezing the two guys on the spot .

She immediately exited the room and went to another room, while wiping the remains of her vomit from her mouth with her handkerchief .

Dang! She emptied all the contents of her stomach in that slaughter room!

She went to the fourth room .

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The room has an operating table and looks like a hospital room . A motionless boy was lying in the table surrounded by two men who looked like doctors wearing a scrub and white face mask and white gloves on their hands .

One of the guys picked up the scalpel and was about to cut open the boy's stomach . . . Jessy freezes the two guys instantly before they can do any serious damage to the boy's unconscious body .

Jessy exited the room and went to the fourth room, she found medical supplies there ranging from a face mask, scrubs, gloves, safety boots, liquid substance, and many others . She presumed, it's the storage room .

She exited the room and saw five men sitting casually on the chair in the corner, her right hand moved and freeze the men .

She scanned the whole basement area and found no more people to freeze .

She left the basement area and went back to the surface .

She saw a total of ten men holding assault rifles patrolling in and outside of the warehouse, she freezes them all .

Done freezing everyone in the warehouse . . . she wasted no time and called Oliver on his phone . . . "Wake up sleepy head . . . I have something for you! Call the backup forces and have them assemble in the police precinct, go there as well . I'm coming to teleport you guys to where I am now," she said in a hurry .

"Okay, copy partner!" Oliver responded in a sleepy voice .

Jessy ended the call and put her phone back inside her sling bag .

Twenty minutes later, she teleported into the police precinct .

She landed in the conference room and scanned the sleepy eyes of the special forces specially assigned to aid her cause, about ten of them, each of them sipping hot mugs of coffee to awaken their sleepy subconscious .

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"I'm sorry to disturb your sleep, guys . Take your time . . . after you finish your coffee . . . I'll take you to the Ground Zero," she said .

Oliver went to her side and handed her a mug of hot coffee and a delicious croissant bread . "Here's for you . You look like you needed one," he offered .

"Thank you, partner," Jessy said . She sipped the coffee with delight and somehow it pushes the drowsiness away . She sank her teeth on the delicious bread and began munching it, yummy!

Ten minutes later .

Finished drinking their coffee, the men are now ready to do their duty .

Jessy addressed them . "Guys, it will be your first time doing teleportation with me . Just hold the hands of each other and no matter what happens don't panic, just relax and don't let go of each other's hands . Just close your eyes, and only open your eyes when I say so, okay?"

"Copy!" the men responded in unison .

They were holding each other's hands and shut their eyes .

Jessy touched Oliver's arms and initiated the teleportation process .

A few minutes later, the group landed inside the warehouse .

"We're here! Open your eyes, guys!" Jessy said aloud .

The group opened their eyes and scanned their surrounding . . .

"Guys listen . . . I will take some of you in the basement to start the investigation . I need five men to guard the warehouse outside while waiting for the backup vehicle to arrive . But we will go there in the basement first because that's where the gore lies," she said .

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Oliver called the police precinct to send at least four vehicles for the kidnappers and the victim's transportation . He gave the exact location of the warehouse .

Done . . .

Oliver and the rest of the five men went with Jessy to the basement area and start their investigation .

Jessy removed all the frozen kidnappers from the basement room including the two guys wearing scrubs and teleported them into the surface . She also went outside the warehouse and picked up the frozen men guarding there and brought them inside the warehouse .

She gathered all the frozen kidnappers in one corner, while the five men in uniform exited the warehouse to guard outside .

Jessy guarded the kidnappers frozen in time, yawning while doing so . She sat on the corner staring at the frozen men .

Dang! She's so sleepy .

She finally dozed off while guarding the kidnappers .

Three hours later .

She was awakened by Oliver after the backup vehicles finally arrived in the warehouse and the whole place was teeming with police officers .

"Time for you to unfreeze the kidnappers, partner," Oliver told her .

"Alright," Jessy responded in a sleepy voice . She looked at the police officers holding handcuffs on their hands . "I will unfreeze the bad guys now . . . three at a time . . . okay?"

"Copy," the men in uniform replied in unison while nodding their heads .

"One . . . two . . . three . . . " she said and unfreeze the first three kidnappers . . . then she repeated the same process until all the criminals' hands were handcuffed behind their backs .

The stunned kidnappers were taken to the vehicle waiting outside .

"Good job, partner! This is another impressive success! Who would ever think that this warehouse is a slaughterhouse for illegal organ harvesting . . . smuggling . . . trafficking . These evil people resorted to kidnapping people by harvesting the victims' organs illegally then disposing of their victims to hide the evidence! These kidnappers need to be skinned alive for their heinous crimes!" Oliver uttered in disgust .

Jessy breathed deeply . "You want to skin them alive, partner? Are you brave enough to skin them alive?" she asked, amused .

Oliver grinned . "Ah, not me . I would faint first before I can bear to take even one inch of their skin . I'm just saying that these kidnappers need to be eradicated from the face of the earth in painful ways so that no one will follow their steps ever again," he explained .

Jessy nods her head . "Ah, okay," she replied . "I would go back to sleep, partner . Wake me up when we're done here," she said and fall back into sleep while covering her face with her jacket .

Two hours later, Oliver was done with his investigation .

He went to Jessy's side and gently woke her up .

"Partner, wake up! You can go home now . I told them that you need to go home and rest because you pull out an all-nighter just to catch these kidnappers," he said .

"Finally!" Jessy smiled and rose to her feet and disappeared from Oliver's sight instantly .

She landed in her bed in the mansion and fall asleep the whole day .

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