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The Last Embrace - Chapter 61

Published at 28th of October 2019 05:05:57 PM

Chapter 61

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Margaret the Queen, instructed Princess Abigail to fetch Jessy . She needs to talk with her future daughter-in-law regarding the way she acted the other day when her son Prince Zain kissed her on the cheek .

Prince Zain and Jessy should spend more time with each other . She was able to detect a wide distance separating the soon to be married couple . She barely saw the two of them spending quality time together . She was mortified when her daughter Abigail told her that Jessy spent more time with her than with Prince Zain .

Well, she knew the reason why . . .

She sighed .

Whatever happened today she needs to convince Jessy to go on with the wedding .

The wedding will take place soon and she was hoping Zain will have a happy and blissful marriage with Jessy . She already stops worrying about his other son, believing that Adam would honor his promise to stay away from Jessy .

The situation was and always been delicate . . .

She was a bit worried that Jessy will sabotage the wedding and would disappear on that special day . It will surely become a big catastrophe and she would do anything in her power to make sure the wedding will push through . That's why she wants to have a serious conversation with her future daughter-in-law to settle the matter once and for all .

She never expected that Jessy and Adam would fall in love with each other, hard .

A knock from the door of the study room broke her musings .

She opened the door and let Jessy in .

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"Abigail, you stay outside . I just want to talk with Jessy, alone . "

"Fine Mom . " Princess Abigail nodded . She turned around and left her mother and her friend inside the room .

"Sit down, Jess," said Margaret .

Jessy sat down on the sofa, facing the Queen . She was feeling nervous, the Queen's mere presence was overwhelming to her already frayed nerves . She felt like the older woman knew something . . .

She dropped her gaze .

Margaret observes keenly the girl's reaction .

"Why are you feeling nervous? Relax, we will just discuss something important today," she said .

Jessy swallowed the lump on her throat . She was speechless, she can't even form a nice words to say to the Queen .

"So, you were having a love affair with my son Adam when he was still alive?" Margaret went direct to the heart of the matter .

Jessy stared at the Queen's face in total shocked . H-how did she knew?

"My son, Prince Zain told me about it . You were in love with Adam . Sad to say, he's already dead . I suggest that you move on, marry my other son Zain and live a happy life together with him . "

Jessy was dumbfounded upon knowing that the Queen knew all along . . .

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"My Queen, am sorry I can't marry Zain . I don't love him . I already promise Adam that he is the only one am going to marry in this lifetime . I will keep that promise 'till the day I die," she had spoken the words with blatant seriousness on her face .

Margaret inhaled and exhaled air, her breathing was a bit labored as if trying to control herself from getting annoyed at the younger woman in front of her .

"So . . . you insist to keep loving my dead son, Adam?"

Jessy nodded without hesitation .

The Queen's eyes widened .

"If that is the case then . . . you have no plan to push through with the wedding? What is your plan then-?" she asked in a cold voice .

Margaret was staring intently at Jess' face, examining closely for any sign of what this young woman would do on her wedding day . She must be prepared to counter her moves if she wants to make the wedding a reality . The vampires' royal lineage must continue thriving through future generations . If Zain and Jessy can't get married and bore children, soon all the vampires' species will disappear on earth . Since the rest of them will transform into human beings and will eventually die one day . Only two vampires will continue to live forever and re-populate the earth with vampires crossbreed descendant .

Jessy stayed tight-lipped the whole time . The Queen already guessed her plan correctly, then what's the point of voicing her opinion? She's afraid to utter a word, she might say something that could aggravate the situation further .

The Queen rose to her feet and begun facing the floor back and forth . A worried frowned etched on her forehead . Sometimes she would stare at Jess' downcast face and shook her head .

The King and her future plans will be in vain and she was terrified seeing them crumble before her very eyes because of this strong-willed girl in front of her, no! She can't accept that!

The Queen's face darkened . . .

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"So, you want to be lock somewhere? It's the only way to prevent you from destroying the wedding between you and my son . " Margaret's voice was made of steel, cold and unyielding .

"Huh?" Jessy was stunned! She looked at the Queen in disbelief . The Queen was threatening her freedom and it's clear with the way Margaret talked rigidly and stared at her face with an exasperated look . She shuddered .

Margaret saw the fear and apprehension blatantly displayed on her future daughter-in-law's countenance .

But she's too furious to even care, as seconds ticking by, her raging emotions mellowed down a bit . . .

Margaret sat down beside Jessy and clutched the younger woman's hands with her own hands .

"I'm sorry, Jess . I never meant to scare and threatened you . Just that you're very stubborn . How can you let this golden opportunity pass you by? What is wrong with my son, Zain? He has everything any woman can ask for in a husband . Besides, Adam is already dead . You can't possibly stay single for a long time and continue loving a dead lover every single day of your life," said Margaret .

Jessy understood very well the Queen's reasons and opinions but she can't marry somebody she doesn't love . Isn't that hard to understand?

The Queen's head was spinning fast . She needs to find a way to make Jess' commit to the wedding and the marriage hereafter . She can see an iron-willed stubbornness lingering on the girl's face . She has to think of something quick . . . to trap her!

Finally, the Queen was able to think of something brilliant .

"Jess, I have a proposal for you . . . "

Jess' head shoots up .

The Queen smiled cunningly at the younger woman .

"How about you get on with the wedding, stay with my son for two years under one roof and if you still can't teach your heart to fall in love with him, then I will grant you a divorce from my son and total freedom to live your life the way you want it to be . Just give Prince Zain a chance to show you how much he loves you, in his own way . "

After hearing the Queen's proposal, Jessy remained noncommittal, her face gave nothing away of what she was thinking deep inside, her brain was rapidly processing the Queen's proposal, outweighing pros and cons . If she will become a runaway bride on the day of her wedding, her parents will surely feel devastated . The entire royal family and the whole vampire clan will get affected as well . They've been rooting for this marriage to happen for a long time and the only one who was entirely against it is no other than 'herself . '

How selfish she can be . . . ?

Living for two years under one roof with Prince Zain can be a dangerous and nerve-wracking experience for her . . . he would be dumb if he won't attempt to r*p*e, harass or take advantage of her sexually since she will now become his legally wedded wife .

Well, she has her own power now . She can very well protect herself from his assault and advances . She will just stay vigilant at all times and stay far from his presence as much as she can . The first time she was molested by the Prince, that unfortunate event happened because she has let her guard down and didn't expect he will do such a disgusting thing, but the second time he will do those abominable things again she will fight him with tooth and nails . She gulped some air into her lungs, a feeling of frustration was sweeping all over her face . Two years isn't that long, then she will have her total freedom by then, that's it if she can bring herself to accept the Queen's proposal .

To make everyone happy, is she willing and brave enough to suffer for two whole years under the same roof with the man she truly despises?

She needs to ponder all these latest developments in her life . . . she needs more time to think things thoroughly if they will be of great advantage to her well being in the long run .

Jessy rose to her feet . She can't stay anymore within the four corners of this suffocating study room, she felt trapped . The queen intimidated her to no ends . She had to remind herself that this is the mother of the man she loves, proper respect should be given . But she can't stay around with Margaret any longer, or else she might say something stupid to her that she will regret later .

"I will think about it, My Queen . Just give me enough time to process all these things . I will let you know my decision a few days from now . "

Jessy bowed at the Queen and exited the room hastily without waiting for the Queen's reaction and reply .

The Queen was left alone with a vexed expression marred on her beautiful regal looking face .

"That brat!" she said, fuming .

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