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The Last Space King - Chapter 12

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:49 AM

Chapter 12

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tap Tap Tap!

The pitter-patter of little feet could be heard on the soft and wet ground . A girl was running through the forest, gasping for air as her legs continued to work endlessly . The cool wind howling out and rushing past her ears, she shivered for a moment .

'Faster!! I-I need to run . . . faster!' Riza thought as her vision started to become blurry from over-exhaustion . Memories flashed into her mind as they overthrew any rational thinking; she became overwhelmed by past events . The only thought she was capable of thinking was to run and flee from king Sig'car .

'I need to get to safety, only then can I start to think . . . ' Riza kept telling herself as the day soon turned into night .

The next morning,

Riza decided to hide in an underground cave below water . It was very safe and she had found it by accident .

'I can not risk having other people caught up and getting killed because of me . I will just stay here for now and hone my skills . Lorea, Mom and Dad, Rey . . . wait for me! I will take down King Sig'car if it is the last thing I do!!' Riza thought .

- - - - - - - - - -

"Haha, turn to dust!" Soma laughed as a passage opened up on the side of a mountain .

Soma continued to grow and recover the last space kind bloodline . The more he ate, the more his strength grew .

"OINK!!!" Ozzy rushed forward in a bid to grab the fruit first . He knew it had to be good, but that damnable master of his always got to it before he could . How indignant he felt!!!

"Haha," Ozzy heard that creepy laugh and shuddered before sprinting even faster through a corridor . Then he laid his eyes on the majestic fruit and gulped down his saliva .

"Mine!" Soma appeared next to the fruit, about 5 meters in front of Ozzy . Soma cast his space energy around himself and started to float . As he was ascending upward, he nabbed the fruit .

"OOOOINKKK!!" Ozzy rushed forward, charging like a mad bull, but once again, he failed . Soma sent a force hurling toward Ozzy, stopping him in his tracks .


Ozzy heard the sound resound in his ears, and stared in disbelief towards his master . 'This fella!!'

"Again! Ouranos needs more!!" Soma laughed .

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Again! I need to get stronger! More!" Rey exclaimed as his blood began to boil, thinking about all that Soma had taken from him .

Rey was currently facing his personal demons in order to grow his willpower . He needed to destroy any doubts in his mind; to come to a complete conclusion of things and find peace in that . Symbols appeared around once more . Rey controlled these symbols and pushed them into the depths of his heart .

"Resist!! I must!!" Rey screamed out . This exuberant feeling of joy and much stronger than the last time, by a least 10 times . Struggling to stay firm, Rey started to break under the immense pressure .

"It's your fault that all of those people are dead . You caused Soma to break free, and those he killed . . . their blood is on your hands . Just stop . You killed me too, your friend . Give up, Rey . " Aizen's voice came to greet his ears .

"Aizen . . . " Rey paused, "I know I killed you, but I know that you would not blame me . You said it yourself, we are gonna kill that bastard, Soma . Let's fight for our future, for I no longer fear death . Let's live and laugh while we still can . " Rey said . After finally accepting Aizen's death, he smiled for the first time since .

Suddenly, those symbols, along with the countless symbols and texts from before, combined into a strange 3-dimensional engraving in front of Rey . It started pulsating and giving off an unfamiliar type of energy . Rey walked over and felt something he hadn't felt for a long time . An absolute peace washed over himself, and all worries began to melt away . He began to think clearer, observe more, and he also felt a foreign connection to . . . everything . Curiously, he walked closer to the pulsating blue engraving, and he started to feel unique vibrations coming from the engraving . He focused solely on one frequency of vibrations and felt connected to a mysterious place .

"Hahaha! I broke through into the semi-mortal stage of my soul!! Heart like a mirror, reflecting and staying true to my own choices . Learning how to make my willpower concise and sharp when needed, yet also being able to flow like water . . . I understand now!" Rey said proudly .

Shua! Shua!

The engraving started to emit a clicking noise, and in a matter of a few seconds, the color shifted from blue to a purple, and from a strange pattern to a circular tunnel . He walked through the portal . Rey's vision started to blur and warp, he felt nauseous, and even his mind was feeling strangled as if he could not think clearly . Luckily, this only lasted for a few moments until he felt normal . Rey refocused and decided to look around . He noticed that he was in some sort of temple area . He was cross-legged, sitting on a pillow . No one else was around either .

"How peculiar, where am I?" Rey stated . Gold pillars were placed on the corners of the room he was in, with red linen covering the walls of the room . The floor was a purple carpet that could only be described as exquisite and extremely fluffy . There were paintings depicting various fights between many races, humans included . Rising to his feet, Rey walked out of the room and into a long and wide corridor .

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Rey was startled as he saw people walking out of rooms that were exact copies to the room he was just in . 'How rich are the builders of this temple area??' Rey thought right before he was interrupted .

"Move kid!" An old man yelled at Rey as he shoved into him .

"DON'T BLOCK THE WAY!" A hot-headed youth screamed out .

"זוז בבקשה !! אני מניח שזה חסר טעם . אף אחד כאן לא יכול להבין אותי!" One person spoke in an undiscernable language .
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Quickly, Rey started walking and decided to follow the crowd into a large open rotunda . There were signs located around the walls as well as many people who had tables out selling items .

"Welcome to Sanctuary, where you can find all you will ever need! Do you need knowledge? A tutor? Need someone to talk to? Need weapons and armor? Sanctuary is the answer to all your problems!"

"Sanctuary, huh? I wonder how this works . . . " Rey said while continuing to the next sign .

"Skeptical on the logistics of how this works? It is simple! Complete tasks for the Sanctuary or sell your own items with a slight fee here in Sanctuary to gain contribution points . Then you can use these points to use any of our services or buy equipment . Obviously, as this is a world of consciousness, physical items cannot be transferred over, so our trusted employees will deliver these items to where you actually are . If you get our membership called 'Amazing Primal,' we even do 2-day shipping along with other benefits, no extra charge!" The sign read .

"It is that simple!?! Wow, sign me up!" Rey exclaimed . He then looked around and saw a sign that lead him to another room: The Quest Board . He was lead into a room with a clerk in it . The clerk was a beautiful excardes inber woman . These humanoid beings, the excardes inber race, had a high-tier fire affinity, mid-low-tier water affinity, low-tier affinity to the rest of the laws . She had red flaming hair, emerald colored eyes, high cheekbones, and a cute smile . She wore a simple blue and gold dress that emphasized her beauty .

"Hello, I was wondering what kind of jobs you guys have here?" Rey asked .

"У нас много разных работ, начиная от сбора ресурсов, становления наемными работниками, убийства опасных людей или животных и т . д . " The woman started aggressively yelling at Rey in an unknown language .

"Woah! Relax, all I want to know-" Rey was saying as she walked off to get another man, one of the human race .

"My apologies valued customer, my name is Tom . What can I help you with?" The man said with a sincere expression on his face . He looked like he was in his late 20s, with short black hair and wearing the same blue and gold colored dress .

"What was her deal?" Rey asked, not comprehending what had just occurred .

"Ah, well, the excardes inber race's language is often misunderstood . She was politely telling you the many different options you can choose from to contribute to Sanctuary . It's just that many of their words and pronunciations make their speech sound aggressive . " Tom explained, "She said that we have a lot of different jobs, ranging from collecting resources, becoming an employee, killing dangerous people or animals, etc . Do any of these sound good?"

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"How would I become an employee?" Rey asked, wanting to get some money .

"It is pretty simple actually," Tom created and handed Rey a white, rectangular and thin, sheet and a stick, "Just fill out this form and you are ready to go . "

"Woah! So clear, these letters are all so uniform!" Rey exclaimed .

"Have . . . you not seen paper before? Is this your first time going into a world of consciousness?" Tom asked in unbelief .

"It is my first time . Why?" Rey said .

"Here, watch this," he said while handing him a small disc and pointing over to a box, "In the soul realm, we can create anything we desire, but in the real world none of this stuff is actually possible!" Tom laughed, "Just put this into that box and it should catch you up on what you need to know . "

A few hours later . . .

"Wow, so complex, yet so simple! This is simply amazing!" Rey's mind was blown as he had just become cultured . He filled out his information on the ingenious invention that is called paper .

A few moments later, Tom came out and said, "Good news, you got the position of 'Quest Helper,' just like me! It does not pay extremely high, but it is one of the better starting out jobs . " Tom said, "You'll start your shift for 15 hours today . Oh, and here is your standard blue and gold attire . "

Rey nodded and agreed . During those 15 hours, Rey learned a lot about the world outside of Lorea . Firstly, high-quality weapons were greatly needed, and some were special with amplifying effects . Secondly, there were many other jobs he could take, such as being a counselor to somebody, helping promote companies, and even become a licensed professional hugger who gets paid to hug random people!

Rey gained 60 contribution points for his 15 hours of work, plus a bonus 20 points for creating his own bank account .


Name: Jacob Reymond / Rey Nafasi

Age: 14 years old, 8 months

Height: 1 . 3 meters

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Sanctuary Contribution Points: 80 points

Bloodline: Human bloodline (40%) Space King bloodline (60%)

Space law - High-tier affinity - Semi-mortal stage 7

Soul law - low-tier affinity - Semi-mortal stage 1

Energy: Space - 35/35 - recharges 1 point per hour

Energy: Soul - 18/20 - recharges 1 point per hour

Abilities: Teleportation, Imbue, Materiokinesis, Gravitation Manipulation, Permeability, Soul Tether


"I cannot believe that it has already been two months since Aizen and Hibari died and I lost my body . . . " Rey, remembering those sacrifices, decided not to dawdle . He had an idea on what to do to recover his body .

- - - - - - - - - - - -

One month after setting up camp .

"Over here!! I see footprints in the mud!!" A loud voice echoed throughout the dense forest .

"Damn it!! They found me!" Riza cursed in a hushed voice, not wanting to alert any Lychni .

Riza had been training her new abilities and killing other creatures for the past month to grow stronger, and now, she had just broken through into the semi-mortal level 12 . The boons of the light fruit not only increased her affinity to the light law, but also her cultivation stage was improved greatly . Within a month of constant absorbing with the help of the natural treasure that was the light fruit, her growth was obscenly fast .

"I've come back for you, Mom and Dad, please be safe!" Riza prayed .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!