The Last Space King - Chapter 22

Published at 7th of March 2020 06:50:05 AM

Chapter 22: 22

Sitting in the empty, dark expanse, Rey trained without ceasing for the entire day . He continued reviewing Redwater Form and practicing sensing energy like a starved wolf eyeing a piece of juicy meat . Rey was fully captivated in understanding, and time passed without him realizing it . What felt like a few moments to Rey, was, in fact, days of intensive strain on his soul and willpower .

Rey's hard work, however, wasn't without reward . After being enlightened by Redwater Form, he gained the ability to sense his bodily energy . Originally, Rey thought that Redwater Form would only increase his ability to sense energy . After practicing, Rey realized that the book was more than that; it improved all of his senses, not just energy . With each emotion, he could distinctly feel the muscles on his face, neck, and shoulders contract . Even the vibrations in his voice from nervousness became apparent .

'Was this technique created for a spy, perhaps?' Rey sat still, showing little changes in body movements despite his pondering . 'A foundational technique like this that strengthens awareness, and this was B-rank in difficulty? Perhaps the merchant had it all wrong?' Rey breathed a heavy sigh as he realized he still needed to move his energy and not just sense it .

'Soma . . . ' Rey held his arm and slightly squeezed it . Clenching his jaw, Rey frowned . 'What are you up to?'

Within the southeastern land of the Sun Empire, Mist valley .

A lean young man ran across the plains in front of him, seeking cover . His disheveled long black hair and tattered clothing fell to the ground as he arched his spine backward . A gleam of light flashed right above the young man's forehead as a lock of hair was sliced off . Sweat formed on his forehead as he teleported away .

Soma breathed in deeply, his body exhausted . Leaning against a tree, he saw the giant beast searching for him . Soma took one more deep breath and pushed off, teleporting numerous times . Each time Soma teleported, the gap between them widened slightly; but the creature was fast and warped space slightly, making Soma slower and itself faster . With a loud howl, it sent beams of light after Soma . He noticed them and changed direction, retreating further into the valley and scaring off many creatures .

Soma took advantage of the terrain to lead the beast into more creatures that were dumb enough not to run away, making it enraged . It clawed and bit at Soma, but all it caught was air . Even it was getting exhausted and had to give up the chase . With a loud growl, it turned around and saw Soma right before it . Swinging its claws and firing more light beams, they nearly struck him . Soma expertly controlled and contorted his body so it could not harm him . As its energy was nearly depleted, it howled and tried to run away, only to find Soma using his hand as a sharp knife hacking at its feet .

The beast became even more furious and thrashed around, hoping to kill the slippery fellow . Soma switched back to defense and wasted its energy until it was rendered helpless .

When the beast realized it was being toyed with in such a way, it roared . Wuu! Its bellowing cries could be heard tens of kilometers away . Its scales fell away and crumbled like old pottery . The creature became faster, and with renewed vigor, rushed to slash at the kid .

Soma teleported a distance away from it and made a long sword appear out of thin air . He imbued it with space energy as it distorted the air around it . The beast hesitated and glared at the sword in fear . The battle took its toll on Soma . With the newfound speed and power of the beast, he was put to a disadvantage .

With a growl, the beast ran towards Soma in a blur . With its front claws out, it swiped at his head and swung its bony tail . Soma dodged the large, sharp claws that it wielded, but the tail came around and sliced his right cheek open, making a shallow cut . Blood dripped from the wound as Soma teleported away from it again .

With his body aching and ragged breathing, Soma smiled fiendishly . Time seemed to stop as the beast instinctively took a step backward . Blood streamed down Soma's cheek, he stretched out his tongue and licked the wound . A tinge of pain radiated and excited him . The familiar taste of iron made Soma grin with wide eyes as adrenaline pumped through his veins . Like a wild hyena, he laughed without restraint, sending shivers down the creature's spine .

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"Interesting . So very, very wondrous!" He cried out in delight .

Like a blaring alarm, the sense of danger was the only thing it thought as its body shook uncontrollably . Its sixth sense peaked as killing intent built and fear overwhelmed the creature . Feeling as if something was wrong, it ran faster than before; its life was at risk . But as to why the man would laugh with such insanity, and for itself to feel such a deep-rooted sense of fear, the creature could not comprehend; all it knew was to run as fast as it could, to escape!
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Frantically turning its head backward, the creature saw the man continue to stand where he was with a smile that rivaled the devil . As soon as it looked forward, however, the man appeared ahead . Slamming its feet into the ground, the creature swung its tail around and sought to run away .

Running forward, Soma brandished his sword and sliced its hindlegs open . Deep gashes formed with every slash . Even though the pain it felt with each step it took made the creature cry aloud, it still ran without inhibition; it would rather feel excruciating pain than bear the consequences of what this madman would do to it if it stopped running . Just the mere thought made electricity ripple up its spine .

The creature gnashed its teeth and ran with full speed . Heading west, the shrubs grew thicker and grass grew more abundant the further Soma chased . After a full 15 minutes of Soma slicing its legs while running, the originally tough and proud beast was completely disgraced . Its pink, now scaleless skin was lacerated, the two hind legs buckled under pressure, and it was sent crashing down to the ground . Swinging its tail, the creature looked pitiful as it tried to fight back .

"What a fascinating sight!" Soma howled and grinned . "Young . Proud . Arrogance from family . . . Your death . " Soma licked his lips as he swung his sword at the flailing tail in front of him . A sharp grating noise rang out as Soma felt his arm go numb and the tail was delivered a deep gash .

"Wuuuu!" The beast cried and let out a shrilling call .

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Soma ran forward with beads of sweat rolling down his raised cheeks . A slight stinging reminded him of his mortality as he smiled . Leveraging on its hind leg, Soma kicked off from it and caused the beast to thrash once more . It used its teeth and forelegs in a bid to hit Soma, but he nimbly moved and evaded as if it was a rehearsed dance . Within a moment, he stood before its large head and gave it one last haunting smile . Soma stabbed through the creature's bright, yellow eye, piercing its fearful gaze . The shrill screams echoed through his head and made his ears bleed, but it seemed to only make Soma more determined . Soma dove his entire body into its eye and squeezed through the bone around him . Brandishing his sword once more, he destroyed its brain until it no longer had any breath of life .

Instead of climbing out of the ruined animal, Soma cut through and squeezed his body further down into the creature's chest . As if he was clearing away a thick set of vines, Soma hacked away until its heart was in view . The heart was still beating and pumping warm blood throughout its vessels, covering Soma in deep red as he licked his lips in excitement . Drinking the blood around its heart, power flowed into him as he drank and drank, until his stomach ballooned and he was unable to consume anymore .

Climbing out of its eye, Soma looked like he fought an army . His tattered clothes seeped in the scarlet red blood, and his hair stuck to his skin . With each step, a bloody trail formed behind him . Scavenger animals who burrowed underground and in the trees peeked their heads out and drooled . Looking at the free game left behind by the boy, eagerness and growls were revealed as swaths of beasts revealed sharp claws and teeth . Within a moment of Soma leaving the proximity, a battle for its meat outbroke .

Soma grinned with delight after having his fill . He resumed a playful look as he stumbled away in thought . His ears were still ringing, energy nearly depleted, and covered in blood, yet he didn't show any displeasure .

As Soma continued walking, the ground turned to mud and plants grew wildly . Large, tall trees intertwined with each other, forming a complex network of paths high up in the skies . Green and luscious trees blotted out most of the sunlight, forming an eerie atmosphere as birds dove and shadows skittered about, lurking in the darkness .

The blood in Soma's belly continued to shrink and be refined . He sat against a damp tree and began using the energy to empower and change his genes . As he did, he felt his affinity and harmony to space and time strengthen further .

"It's close, Ouranos . Be reborn through me! 70% of our bloodline . Refining will make it 75% . " Soma laughed cheerfully while his cold eyes looked ahead . "Ozzy," his voice boomed, "come . "

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Sprinting out of a hollowed-out tree, a slim pig with loosely fitted metal scraps wrapped over its pink skin appeared . With each step of its hooves, the metal jaunted and clanked incessantly . With tears welling up, Ozzy ran forward without restrain, creating a ruckus . Mud splashed and twigs broke under the weight of the pig's stomping, alerting nearby creatures of its presence . Soma glared dangerously at him and surrounded the stout, funny looking piglet with chaotic pressure . Nervously, Ozzy ran slower and made subtle movements as it cautiously approached Soma .

"That was better," sitting with one knee propped up, he patted it's soft, pink skin, "I'll make a ninja-pig of you yet" Soma smiled warmly . His gentle demeanor highlighted the boy's high cheekbones and warm smile . Ozzy squealed in delight with a smug look and a half-smile .

Ozzy stared greedily and licked the blood off Soma's face, grooming him . Waiting to be reprimanded, Ozzy's body shook and shied away . But Soma showed no aggression, and Ozzy continued to lap it up until he had no more blood visible . The little piglet gleamed happily as its body expanded slightly .

With a heavy sigh, Soma got back to his feet and touched his cut cheek . When his hand away, the slash was gone as if it never existed . The power Soma used stimulated a change in his body as energy gushed into his body . His skin gradually smoothened, and the scar on his solar plexus faded slightly .

Soma took a single step forward and felt jarring pain . His limbs felt locked down and he could barely move them . Losing control over his body, he fell face forward into the mud . Slowly, he supported his weight with his hands and kneeled . He stretched out his hand couldn't stop it from shaking .

"No!" Soma howled in indignance, "I need to hurry, faster!"

Regaining control over himself, he stood up and ran further north with Ozzy . Worry and cold plastered itself over Soma's face as a man silently watched his actions faraway from the trees .

"Such an exceptional, powerful man . This is a very peculiar relationship you have with him, Rey . " The man softly whispered as his long robe flourished in the wind . The Sun Empire crest shooked as he vanished from the scene . No trace was left as the marsh resumed its stillness .
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