The Last Space King - Chapter 25

Published at 11th of April 2020 12:00:14 AM

Chapter 25

Within the bleak and empty void,

Rey continued practicing Redwater Form until his body suddenly coughed up blood . The purple mesh around his heart writhed in pain . Gasping for breath, He turned to watch the iron bars as they shook .

Jumping to his feet, Rey ran with haste to observe Soma . His eyes adjusted as he found himself kneeling in a small puddle of blood that dripped from his mouth . He glanced up and saw a city in the distance .

'There you are, Riza . ' Soma's thoughts were in chaos as they yelled at Rey . After practicing for so long, he was finally able to resist a portion of Soma's willpower now .

Soma slowly walked closer to the city like an angel of death . With each step he took, Rey's heart roared with anger and pain .

'Breakthrough . I have to break through now and save her!!' Rey retracted his thoughts as he sat near the bars moving his energy . At most he could move a small portion of it before losing control, but it wasn't enough . He sweated profusely as he worked on moving the energy away from his heart and to his hands .

"Halt! Show us your identification, kid!" One of the guards saw Soma approaching the city gate and shouted .

"Looks like we have a stray, commander!" He chuckled for a moment .

Soma continued to walk, step by step, inch by inch closer to the door, making the guards sigh .

"Just let the boy in already . Don't you see he's naked and injured? Go get him some clothes and medical attention . " The commander's voice echoed as he sat back down .

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The scouts nodded and lifted the gate . Two men jumped down to greet him . They approached his sides and smiled .

"No need to be afraid kid, you're safe now," the man on Soma's left touched his shoulder for a split second before crying out . He had barely touched Soma's shoulder when suddenly the boy turned ferocious and jabbed him in the neck . The guard collapsed with wide eyes as he gripped his own throat, gasping for air . He coughed up blood as the other guard caught him and looked at Soma in fear and anger .
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"Commander, I need help over here!" The guard looked up and shouted . Soma took a few more steps into the city, his eyes focused ahead as if nothing happened .

"Stop where you are, you twat! Do you think you can just harm him and walk away!" He laid his friend down to rest and charged at the boy . Soma didn't even bother to look at the man, but simply tried to kick the burly man in the chest . The commander noticed their shouting and creased his eyebrows .

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Citizens watched in horror from the streets and looked at the guard peculiarly . They saw a strong and towering man swinging his fist at a defenseless and naked boy trying to protect himself . The expected scene where the kid was pummeled by the man didn't happen, however . The boy's gentle kick seemed to contain boundless energy as the man was launched backward .

"Men, apprehend that child! Don't let him escape . " Flabbergasted, the commander frantically got to his feet and surrounded him . Determined, Soma walked forward despite twenty-something soldiers forming a circle around him . Like a king looking down on the peasants, Soma spat on the floor and stared coldly at the commander .

"Whatever the cost, make sure this kid is stopped; use whatever force is necessary!" The commander stilled his voice and sweat formed on his brows .

The soldiers heard his order and pulled out their swords, daggers, and bows . Some immediately tried to suppress the boy and bind him, but there seemed to be no change to the kid . Thick vines grew from the cracks in the stone ground and sought to tangle Soma . The green vines intertwined and constricted his legs as another man swung a club at Soma's head .

Soma swung his head downward and kicked off with his feet . The vines ripped apart from his strength as he flipped over the club and, using his momentum, kicked another man in the throat . With each attack, he managed to stay in the air using his kicks . His speed shocked the rest of the guards as one by one, they collapsed . In moments, over half of the soldiers were gasping for air as blood filled their lungs .

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"You!" The commander pointed at a female scout and shouted, "Go request backup, fast!"

The woman stumbled back and ran off as the rest fought the boy in panic . Even with all of the incoming attacks, Soma never once changed his focus . His gaze was still looking deep into the city . The commander saw that Soma kept redirecting their attacks at each other and became even more furious .

"Everyone, back away . I'll handle this!" His voice quivered as he yelled and unsheathed two swords . "Your opponent is me, kid!" Lightning crackled to the tip of the metal blades and shot towards the boy . The commander's lightning struck Soma head-on . He was relieved that he hit Soma, but it was at this moment Soma turned his head to the commander . Fear crawled underneath his skin as he stared into Soma's eyes, his will obviously shaken . No damage seemed to have been done to the boy, which made the commander even more unsettled .

"I refuse to believe I cannot handle a single kid in battle!" He shouted aloud as if to reassure himself . With his swords in hand, waves of electricity crashing into Soma . The kid's fingers twitched as he continued walking toward the commander . Gritting his teeth, he ran to Soma and aimed to kill . Like a phantom, however, Soma evaded each attack as his image blurred to the point the commander couldn't distinguish his movement . With each slash, he caught air . He swung his swords repeatedly hundreds of times but could not cut a single hair off the boy's head .

When Soma was close enough, he punched the commander in the chest . Coughing up blood, the commander stumbled backward with a pale face . With the defeat of their commander, the rest of the guards hesitated to fight . Left with a bitter feeling, the soldiers chose not to fight and helped their commander stay alive as Soma strode further into the city .
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