The Last Space King - Chapter 27

Published at 13th of April 2020 06:20:05 PM

Chapter 27: 27
\"Merge!\" Rey screamed . The symbols made his ears ring and pierced his mind one by one . His willpower was consecutively upgraded again and again as his pain surged at once .

'Riza will die if I fail…' With bloodshot eyes and pale skin, Rey tried to stay focused as his willpower was constantly shredded and reformed . The only thing on his mind was to protect her, to take vengeance .

Within moments, Rey couldn't handle the pressure any longer . He lost himself and fell to the ground . The symbols shot out of his head like a wave . Before his vision faded and he lost consciousness, white blood faintly pulsed and coated him . His black eyes and hair turned white as his body violently shook .

Taking a deep breath of cold air, Rey's hands move slowly as he got back up . His fingernails and teeth suddenly grew sharp like fangs and claws . He glared back at the bars and struck them ferociously .


Under an overwhelming strength, Rey bent the bars apart, and he walked through them . Soma appeared right before him and was pleasantly surprised .

\"Rey . . . so you escaped—\" Soma laughed and was admiring him when Rey suddenly growled at him and clawed his face . Soma grasped his face and shouted .

\"Good! You've improved, but I cannot let you go just ye—\"

Rey headbutted him, bringing Soma to the ground . Blood blossomed as Soma was dealt blow after blow . Struggle as he may, he couldn't stop Rey .

\"How are you this—\" Soma tried to speak again but was hit with an uppercut to his jaw .

Beaten black and blue, Rey vented out his rage and anger . Soma formed an orb of energy and it collided with Rey's hands, sending them both backward . Soma fell and landed beyond the bars, constricting him as he failed to get up, while Rey walked further away . He took control and his senses flourished again . Stone paths and wooden houses lined his view . All of the citizens were already indoors except for a middle-aged man and a teenage girl .

\"Rey?\" Riza's voice was filled with hope when she saw him, despite her blushing . Rey stood still with unfocused eyes .

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\"Get behind me, Riza . That's not Soma, but it isn't Rey either . . . \" Sonalius was shocked at what he himself was even implying, but their lifeforce was different; though it felt like Rey… it wasn't Rey . It wasn't Soma, and even though it felt like Rey, he also felt a difference . Flabbergasted, Sonalius trembled .

\"This . . . there's a third soul within him! How has his body not collapsed yet‽\" They stood only a mere four meters away as Rey's body began to change . His veins, hair, and eyes turned a milky-white color as teeth grew and claws formed . A pair of clothes appeared out of nowhere and covered him .

\"That brat really bit off more than he could chew . If I didn't step in to save him once again, he would've gone mad!\" Rey laughed hysterically for a moment before looking at Riza . \"You have something he wants . . . Something I'd love too . \" Rey gazed upon Riza like she was an oddity, \"but he caged me, I returned the favor for now!\" He laughed with a sick rage that consumed him .

Sonalius and Riza stood there, holding their breaths . This new being seemed weaker than Soma, but his presence was even scarier to them . Rey got on all fours and prepared to leave .

\"He'll be back, you know . It'll be up to you whether or not he wins . Help keep that brat of ours alive, won't you?\"

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\"Wait!\" Riza spoke up and, after a moment of pausing, uttered . \"Who are you?\"

\"Who am I?\" he grinned and locked eyes with Riza, \"I am Rey . \" He quickly turned back and dashed, disappearing before their eyes .

\"He got control back! Sonalius, he is back!\" Riza exclaimed, but Sonalius was silent . \"What's wrong? This is good news!\"

\"We have to move . \" Sonalius smiled bitterly . \"That 'Rey' said Soma will be back later and it's up to us whether he lives . We have to get stronger and get away from him or else… What if Rey didn't gain control? What do you have that he wants?\"

\"A Legacy,\" Riza paused, \"I think . Just before Soma took full control, there was a fruit Rey gave me that contained a legacy, one that helped me grow far quicker than I should have been able to . \"

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\"Then the reason you were able to comprehend the light law through your own insights without being of the scholar rank, it's because you obtained a legacy?\" Sonalius found it made sense . \"Then your genes are changing as we speak . That must be why he is seeking you . \"

Riza nodded, \"And Rey said, before Soma took control, he likely wanted to restore the bloodline . If he gets ahold of me, he will restore his bloodline and win? What does that mean?\"

\"Let's not find out . Come, we have to leave and get somewhere safe . Yytar is the capital of the Sun Empire . We should be safe there if we hurry . And we still have king Sig'car to think about . \"

\"King Sig'car…\" Riza felt like she would go crazy if she didn't do anything to stop him, but there was little she could do . 'Cultivate! Get strong and make him pay tenfold!' Riza wanted to get stronger, and so Sonalius and her went to a book store and quickly purchased a few techniques she could study while they moved closer to the capital before swiftly leaving . Now he knew she had a Legacy, even he was jealous . One needs to know natural Legacies are very rare! And from the looks of it, Riza had been given a priceless one specifically suited for the light law! Now was the right time for her to grow strong and cultivate into being .

Riza and Sonalius stocked up on food and water and headed to the city of Yytar while the guards were looking for a naked kid .

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