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The Last Space King - Chapter 3

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:58 AM

Chapter 3

Rey, Liam, and Serai traveled to a white zoned forest to hunt a rare creature that had a low power level . This was a dense forest with many shrubs, trees, and a few mountains . Each area was split into rarity of creatures and their power levels . Usually the rarer the creature, the stronger . There were times though such as now where species were only rare because of people hunting them . Rarity was split into six categories:

Orange - unique

Purple - extremely rare

Blue - rare

Green - uncommon

White - common

Grey - very common

Similarly, the laws were not equally distributed to creatures . The time law, space law, disintegration law, and a couple other laws were known to be rarer than common ones such as the metal law, air law, ice law, blood law, and so on .

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"What are we planning on hunting?" Rey eagerly said . He was hoping that he could start comprehending a law . This was a world where one had to be strong to survive . As of right now, even the few friends he had already grasped the laws and became a mortal stage 4 or 5 in a law . What he really needed and desired was power .

"Earlier, we found a rewke near a pond . We'll check it out and see if we can kill it . " Serai said

"What is its affinities and rarity?" He asked, curiously .

"A rewke is a water and ice affinity creature, which is a blue rarity," Serai said

- - - - - - - - -

They stopped a couple times to take a rest while avoiding any grey tiered creatures . They didn't want to exhaust themselves before they actually found the rewke . A couple more hours past before they found something .

"Is that it?!?!" Rey exclaimed . There was a creature adorned with a blue layer with mystical symbols over its skin . Underneath the layer of blue, was transparent skin and veins . It was about 2 meters tall, standing upright . It looked completely majestic and beautiful appearance .

"Yes, this is a Rewke . No one knows how they're formed, but one can think of them as an elemental being made up of the laws . The Rewke's have a mid-high grade Affinity for the laws they possess . These beings are rare compared to most creatures . Due to them being made up of the laws, their understanding is grand, so many people have hunted them, thus making their rarity blue . This one must not have been born for very long, its power is not very great . " Serai explained, "We still need to be careful though . It seems this one is at least in the mid-semi-mortal stage of the water law, as for the ice law . . . I can't detect much from it, I think it's comprehension with the ice law must be low . "

"Very good, hehe, this rewke won't know what hit it" Liam replied . "Then let's start to commence the plan . Rey, hide near that rock for now . This might get messy" he said with a devious smile .

"Yes, Please make sure to wallop him for me, Father!" Rey said with glee . Today, he was going to become a water law user, maybe even an ice law user too!

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- - - - - - - - -

Laying down in a small pond in the forest, the rewke was thinking about what it might do today . 'Life is great for me, barely anything in this forest can do much harm to me . Maybe I'll go me around with that copper bird after this . . . ' the rewke thought proudly . As it was laying there, suddenly a white powder fell into the water . It snapped out of its thinking and looked around suspiciously, going into full alert . Suddenly a blue light pierced its body, and it felt like it was on fire . All of its muscles twitching as it screamed out dreadfully .

Crackle .

"ARGGHH" The rewke was infuriated at this . 'What is this horrendous feeling? Every single part in its body felt terrible!! 'Maybe this was some type of fire?' It thought .

It frantically looked around before it saw a woman, with a blue snake-like coiling around her . It had never been electrocuted in its life, so it didn't realize that this wasn't fire . The rewke, thinking this, spread more water around itself and sent a spear made of ice toward Serai . At this, she merely laughed at the rewke and continued sending electricity to it . The rewke, once again, began to feel a burning sensation, and its skin becoming charred and black . It then realized that water was making the attack stronger . As the ice spear was nearing Serai, a man jump out of a bush and thew a fireball towards the spear, melting it . The rewke displaced all the water near its body and the electricity was canceled . 'It seems that weird fire needs water to activate . If that's the case, then . . . . ' the rewke thought . Once again, it cast water around itself, but this time, it froze all of the water . As the electricity began to coil around the ice, the damage done to the rewke was significantly reduced .

"Liam, melt the ice around it, its severely wounded by now . Let's finish this quickly . " Serai said . Liam nodded as he created more fireballs to melt the ice .

The rewke was in an awkward situation, it couldn't keep reforming the ice for long, but also couldn't let it turn back to water . Never in its life had it encountered such a deadly duo . It had to be cunning if it was going to survive; a plan was formulating in its head . A few seconds later, the rewke turned all his ice into water .

"Haha, given up?" Serai taunted while sending out her electricity momentarily .

"ARGGGG!" Liam, who was next to her screamed and writhed in pain .

"LIAM!!" Serai screamed .

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Quickly, she retracted her energy and looked at Liam . She then noticed that the rewke tunneled its ice underground until it reached Liam and herself . It then turned the ice into water and attached to their legs . When she used the lightning law, instead of electrocuting it, the energy was directed towards Liam . She didn't get electrocuted because she was the conductor; the lightning was just recycled back through her .

"Are you okay?!?!"

The tides had changed, now Liam was also extremely wounded and couldn't use his fire energy effectively . Seeing its plan work flawlessly, the rewke was exuberant and started to send more ice spears towards them .

"I'll manage . . . I'm not gonna be as helpful right now . . . " Liam said while gasping for air .

Both Liam's and Serai's face were grim at this moment . The only reason they attempted to kill this creature was due to their advantage, but now, they were starting to lose that advantage . Rey, who was still hiding, was starting to get really worried at this moment . 'If this continued . . . ' Rey thought . Liam tried his best to melt as many ice spears, but his powers were dwindling . They both looked at each other, "Seems like we can only risk it" Liam said . Serai nodded, then proceeded to put on two spikey metal gloves and cover them in a white powder . Liam was focused on melting the spears with his fireballs .

The rewke became agitated at the sight of the gloves and that white powder, 'Wasn't some of that powder tossed into the pond right before I got electrocuted?' . As it was still thinking of this with its ice barrier up, Serai started to sprint towards it at an alarming speed . Since she practiced the lightning law she could also move, react, and think quicker than most . She was closing in on it, moving quickly while dodging the spears left and right . The reason why she didn't do this early was due to the risk being so high . If one of those spears were to hit her, she'd be injured, or possibly end up dead if she underestimated it .

"Now!" Serai shouted as she was less than 5 meters away . Liam, who was no longer melting the spears since it wasn't targeting him, used his fire energy and condensed the fire energy within each fireball, making them burn fiercely .

The fire law was essentially increasing the energy and movement in a particle . He could raise the temperature more, but the energy required for that increased exponentially . He wouldn't be able to do that for long and was quite the strain on his body .


The fireballs pierced through the ice shield . Before the rewke had the chance to reform the ice around it, a dazzling blue radiance appeared and landed on the creatures face .

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Crackle! Zap! Zap!


The electricity was way more potent with direct contact, not to mention a hit to the head . Its head exploded, killing the rewke . Only now did they realize how tired they were from battling the creature .

"Haha, it truly is a good thing you brought so much salt . Otherwise, I don't think we would've survived," Liam said as he was staring at the white powder on Serai's gloves .

"Better more than less," Serai replied . .

"Rey, you can come out now, quickly try to absorb its blood," Serai shouted . A few moments past, yet no response was heard . "Rey?" Liam said but still didn't hear a response . they hurried over to where they told him to stay, and saw him passed out, pale-faced with an ice spear impaled into his solar plex . When the rewke was frantically trying to attack Serai with its ice spears, one of them hit Rey, impaling him to the tree . Luckily, the spot and angle where he was hit missed his vital organs and spine .

"REY!!!!!" They cried . If he didn't receive healing, his chances of surviving were practically zero . The injury wasn't fatal, but the blood loss just from standing there was already enough to kill him in a short amount of time . "Serai, absorb the rewke's water law understanding! Quick!!" He said . Serai quickly ran over and tried sensing the water law through the rewke's blood . She started absorbing the understanding of the water law .

"Rey! Can you hear me?! Come on, don't die on me, Rey!" Liam said

Rey was now on the brink of death due to blood loss when Serai finally absorbed enough of the blood to use the water law to heal and stop the bleeding . She pulled out the bloodied ice spear and cast water healing on him . The water law infused water entered his wound, healing most of his external damage, hopefully saving his life .

"Whew" They both heaved a heavy sigh and collapsed there from their physical and mental exhaustion .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!