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The Last Space King - Chapter 32

Published at 9th of June 2020 06:15:03 PM

Chapter 32: 32
"King Sig'car? He overtook Lorea, and your reason for coming back is to seek help?"

Qwan looked to be in deep thought as he sat across from Riza and Sonalius . The cold, metallic room with only a few chairs and a table made Riza feel like it was hard to breathe .

"It's as you have said . We only came to seek help from matriarch Tyrien . "

"And Rey killed his daughter, so now he's trying to enact revenge? That doesn't sound like king Sig'car . . . "

"You're familiar with king Sig'car?"

"Who wouldn't be-" He stopped and coughed . "It's classified information, don't try to pry at me . "

Sonalius sat in silence, speechless . Were all the guards today so peculiar? A tsundere or something‽

"We came to seek counsel with matriarch Tyrien, not for past grievances . If you already know of him, then there's little more to explain . "

"Agreed . Come with me . Matriarch Tyrien just sent a request to transfer you over to her care a few moments ago . "

Lifting their arms and legs sluggishly, the two got up and Qwan led them through the stone paths to the larger, rectangular building they got arrested at . Riza looked at the building inquisitively .

"This is the Heaven building where all disciples and the thirteen masters gather . Their talent is unparalleled, capable of becoming Sol's angels one day!" Qwan exclaimed passionately . "If you think about it… this might be our most important building . Our power will rest in the talented youth of tomorrow . Protecting and nurturing them is our highest value until they become our guardians . "

Sonalius rolled his eyes and looked at Riza . Her facial expression was one of awe . 'Damn it, she actually thinks these pompous brats will become angels one day?' He disregarded it, though . What she saw in them, did it really matter?

With a knock of the door, Qwan shouted .

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"Orders from matriarch Tyrien to bring Sonalius Isiria and his companion to her chambers for Sol's righteous judgment!"

After a few moments, the door swung open and the three walked in . Gold, silver, and many gems decorated the halls . They could immediately tell how expensive it was to construct the room within a single glance .

"This way . Don't keep her waiting . You should know that she's not a patient woman, Sonalius . "

They quickened their pace and walked down a long hallway . As they came closer to her chambers, Riza saw different accomplishes of matriarch Tyriens hung to the walls or set on pedestals . Killing an evolved when she was only an adept… The youngest to become evolved in over one hundred years… Riza felt fear overcome her, this person is equivalent to a god!

"Don't mess around with her," Qwan whispered before knocking on the giant double door that had matriarch Tyrien's face on it .

Her long golden-blonde hair flowed . Two broad swords sat on her tiny back as she stood with an aloof glint in her green eyes . The little fairy-like wings and purple skin made her look cute, but her facial expression was serious; it looked as if a childish woman was pouting in her picture . The door split open, and Qwan motioned them to enter; he merely stood outside in fear .

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After they got into the room, the bands around their arms and feet loosened and fell off . Their powers returned as Sonalius looked ahead . A black onyx floor was filled with training dummies, weapons, mats, and books . Every resource for training one could need was here . There were even green fluorescent gems that helped recover their energy . Suddenly, a needle shot out towards the two at an alarming speed .

"Sonalius Isiria . " Matriarch pronounced his name ever so slowly, syllable by syllable . She sat at the side of her room, eyes locked dead onto Sonalius . He quickly pushed Riza down and tried to deflect the needle, but it was too fast . Sonalis pushed his energy out to form a barrier, but the needle pierced through many of the layers in a single second; his shield would soon crumble .

Riza saw what was happening and reacted instantly . Even though she couldn't win, she didn't want to give up . A clone formed and charged toward matriarch Tyrien . Silently, she threw a dagger as her clone swung an illusionary dagger .

"Do you think simple tricks will work on me, girl?"

Matriarch Tyrien sat still and continued to direct the needle into Sonalius' shield . Her eyes were as still as water, not paying attention to the clone or dagger . When the clone attacked, it went right through her and disappeared . Then she saw a dagger appear in the blink of an eye . She quickly drew her sword and slashed it, but then she realized even the dagger was an illusion . She looked up and found a real dagger had silently made its way to her without her noticing . By the time she realized it was there, it was too late; matriarch Tyrien couldn't raise her blade again to repel the real dagger .

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"Very nice, kid . That was quite the trick . " She grinned and opened her eyes . A shockwave blasted Sonalius' shield apart and plastered them to the wall . The dagger that was right before her chest was thrown backward and also embedded into the wall . Sonalius and Riza coughed up blood from the impact . When Sonalius feebly got to his feet and looked up, the needle was only millimeters from his right eye .

"I could have killed you, Sonalius, and nobody would have cared enough to try and stop me . " Matriarch Tyrien looked at him coldly .

"Why didn't you? Perhaps killing another one of your disciples would leave a bad taste in your mouth?"

"Orders are ord-"

"Bullshit! You didn't extend any help to your 'precious disciple,' and when you wanted to please the upper echelons, you killed him! His blood is stained on your hands for eternity, and you welcomed it!" Sonalius shouted with indignance .

"Enough! Things weren't so black and white back then . If you were in my position, you wouldn't have the privilege to hate me for making the necessary choice . I won't be slandered in my own home . If not for your vital information to Sig'car, I'd have you thrown in jail for the blood on your hands too . " Her cold eyes reflected deep-seated conflict . Matriarch Tyrien called the needle back to herself and looked at Riza who struggled to get to her feet .

"An impressive girl . It would seem she has a wealth of battle experience and ingenuity at such a young age . She reminds me of when I was young . Her movements and form need work, but she is incredibly perceptive and smart… They said your name is Riza? How about it, wanna become my disciple?"

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