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The Last Space King - Chapter 4

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:57 AM

Chapter 4

Light particles flew past Rey's eyes as his ears buzzed, feeling disoriented . His body ached, feeling like he just got beat to death with bricks .

"Am I . . . dead?" Rey thought .

He tried to move, but to no avail, he couldn't even control or feel his body . What Rey was feeling was a mental, searing pain . The pain intensified once again, feeling like he could pass out as he screamed out loud .


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He felt as if his entire soul and being were ripping apart slowly . As he tried to focus on his environments, the pain and the buzzing in his ear started to intensify once more, to the point where he believed that death might not be so bad . As he was writhing and screaming, the pain finally started to die down to the point he could open his eyes . He looked around and realized he was in a room of some sort . The building he was in didn't even look normal . The steel-like walls were filled with intricate patterns that glowed a transparent light . To be precise, by just looking at the walls, he couldn't see any light, yet he could still "feel" a light emanating off of them . He then recognized that he wasn't even breathing in this space and that his body felt lighter than normal . He could visibly see outer space through the transparent roof on the building .

As he looked around some more in bewilderment, he saw a man with short golden hair standing in the middle of the room . Rey looked into his eyes, and he felt trapped as if he was in a vast and endless space . He lost sight of his own body and felt like he couldn't return to himself . Thankfully this ended after a couple long moments . 'So scary! To think he would have that effect just by looking at him . Wait a second . . . those eyes . . . ' Rey thought and suddenly realized . Abruptly, the man started to speak:

"Commence the last resort . . . You will be the sole testament to everything that happened here one day . . . you may never have my full bloodline . . . please forgive me in advance . . . Goodbye son, your name shall be Jacob Reymond from now on, Hibari will accompany as you grow up . At the cost of your bloodline, you shall live . . . " He spoke, as everything started changing and warping .

- - - - - - - - - -

When Rey awoke, he was in a normal wooden tavern room . He opened his eyes and tried to sit himself up, when a searing pain came to him . 'Not again!!!' He thought as he remembered that soul-piercing pain . He then realized that the pain wasn't all that bad compared to what he had just gone through . He felt a very strong wincing pain, but this was bearable, unlike the last time . Truly, he would have endless nightmares of that feeling . As he laid back down, everything he heard in that vivid dream-like state came back to him .

'What am I?' He mentally thought about his eyes and hair . Suddenly, a voice called back to him .

'What are you? A useless idiot whose soul isn't even strong enough to activate another soul!!!' It raged 'Why did Space God give me such a lonely task . . . Tsk, if only I had perished that day, who'd have thought I would suffer the endless torture of being alone and almost dying with a weak kid like this . Not even comprehending a law yet . . . truly pitifully weak!' The voice went on .

'And to think that I have to exist while being able to hear every single thought of yours! DON'T GO TO SLEEP!! I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!' The voice cried miserably .

"Who's there!?!?!?!" Rey said back as he was startled .

'No one, that's it isn't it? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE IS COMING!' The voice cried in anger and bitterness . 'You know, I, Hibari, used to be a great being, comparable to a god in this world! And now? Truly, fate must hate me! At least merge me, a male soul, into a female's soul . Even a fly would be more interesting than this!' Hibari raged even more . 'HA HA! maybe a flies soul could've realized that I existed!!' Hibari joked in a deranged voice .

" . . . " Rey didn't know how to respond to this guy . 'Truly, he had been a little weak, but this fella here . . . ' He thought

"What do you know about me, huh? I'll have you know that I am a very interesting person . Even when I was a baby I killed a creature!" Rey stated proudly, take that Hibari!

'WOW! Now he's trying to take credit for the Space God's understanding of the space law and time law? Truly insolent!!' He raged some more before realizing something important . 'WAIT WAIT, HOLD UP' He said .

"Yes?" Rey said .

'HOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!! UPPPP!' Hibari said in disbelief .

'Say my name!!' Hibari said in a high-pitched voice . He couldn't believe the turn of events .

"Hibari?" Rey responded .


"Hibari . "


" . . . Hibari . . . "


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" . . . Are you . . . okay?" Rey said .

'This . . . this . . . ' Hibari started to cry and break down at this .

'Do you know how long it has been since I have ever been heard?? 12 YEARS! I was a Space King, normally this isn't a long time, but you . . . you made it into a never-ending torture!!! One that I fully accepted . I hoped that you would live for a couple more years at most until you hopefully died! But now . . . I am free!!!' Hibari said in great joy .

" . . . " 'This fella . . . is he not being way too impudent right now?'

'NO! I am not! Trust me, if you were me right now, you'd be saying the same things!' He broke down crying again . It had truly been too hard for him these past 12 years .

'So you can hear my thoughts?' Rey mentally thought .

'Yes, as I previously stated . Now do you realize why my life was so torturous?!?!' Hibari said .

' . . . Oops . . . Sorry . . . ' Once again, Rey truly didn't know what to say at this moment .

'Oh, don't worry, I'll definitely get my revenge for the next 12 years of your life . Any person would hold a grudge after what you've thought . . . hehehe . . . Welcome to hell Rey!!' Hibari said with a mischievous voice .

Suddenly, the door to the room opened, and two familiar faces walked in . Liam and Serai both walked in .

"Rey! good, you're awake" They walked over and gave him a hug .

"Father! Mother! What happened?" Rey exclaimed .

'Father?!?! Mother?!?!? I'll have you know, your father died protecting the universe! As for your mother . . . eh, let's not talk about her right now . ' Hibari said, seemingly remembering something .

"We killed the Rewke, but . . . . . "

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'REWKE? What a ridiculous name! Who'd be so dumb to call an Undine a Rewke! It sounds like the noise you'd make when you throw up! REWKE!' Hibari laughed .

'Seems like this is what he meant when he said revenge . . . ' Rey thought .

" . . . and then, out of nowhere, you got impaled by a spear and I had to absorb the water law from the Rewke to heal . . . " Serai continued .

'REWKE, REWKE, RALPH, BLURGGG' Hibari continued to make noises as if he was throwing up .

" . . . and then we woke up and carried you back here after we patched you up . " Serai finished, finally .

"Sorry about the bloodline son, that was way too close though! Next time, fully stay behind cover and hidden . As for now, rest up, later when we are healed up and ready, we'll go and hunt a weaker creature . " Liam said while Serai nodded .

When they left, Hibari continued:

'So, let's catch you up on the events . You are the descendant of the Space God, the leader of the Space Kings . But as of now, your bloodline is about . . . 50% Space King DNA, as for the rest . . . ' he sighed 'Human DNA, that truly is the worst luck in the world . An individual Human is so weak . I guess that explains why you are so useless . . . ' Hibari said in disdain .

'Could you not insult me?!?!' Rey said with helplessness .

'Wouldn't be fun without it! Now, it is against the Space God's wishes for you to recover the Space King bloodline, but that doesn't mean that I can't help you improve it and help you find some weaker space affinity creatures . ' Hibari said

Rey's eyes lit up, 'Really?! Wait, do Space kings have any other affinities?'

'Yes, they also have a time affinity, however, it is only a mid-tier affinity, but due to your crappy and diluted bloodline . . . I just have to say . . . you are so weak, like seriously . . . I . . . '

'AHEM!' Rey said with frustration .

'Ah, right, you have a low-mid-tier time affinity, and a . . . high-tier space affinity, along with many trash-tier affinities . I've never seen affinities this low, so I came up with a new tier to describe you . ' Hibari said purposely .

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" . . . " Rey ignored that last part 'Wow! A high-tier space affinity' Rey felt like he hit gold!

' . . . You know us Space Kings all had a near-perfect tier space affinity, right?' Hibari sighed .

'Ah . . . ' Rey said as he realized he really did draw the short stick . 'You said you can improve my bloodline?'

'Yeah, I can try to experiment a little, it shouldn't be too hard though . Since you were already born as a Space King with your near-perfect bloodline, you already absorbed some understanding of those laws . With your soul upgraded from a house fly state to decent, you should be able to use that portion of the law . Simply clear your mind, feel your connection to the space law and space energy within you, and will something to happen . ' Hibari advised him .

'Try to teleport yourself upright and off the bed' Hibari said

'Okay, clear your mind' Rey cleared his mind . 'Sense the space law . . . ' As he did this, he could feel some boundless and vast energy within himself, 'this is the space energy . . . teleport!' he thought . Instantly, he vanished from the bed, felt his vision warp, and then teleported 3 meters away .

'Success!' He thought .

'Hmm, not that bad kid! I thought that you might accidentally only teleport half your body and die or something . ' Hibari laughed .


'So gullible . . . It was a joke! Anyway even if you did somehow manage to do that, not that I'd put it past you . . . ' His mental gaze locked onto Rey ' . . . the Space God did somehow impart some of his power to us, so if we are truly in a dire situation, we can use it once . '

'Also, he did give you this . . . " Hibari said mysteriously .

'You, uh, might feel a little pain . . . hehehe . . . ' Suddenly Rey felt an unbearable pain coming from his chest .

"NOT AGAIN!!!!" He yelled before starting to twitch and writhe again, losing consciousness .


'Hehehe, 12 more years buddy!' Hibari laughed as he enjoyed every moment he taunted Rey .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!