The Last Space King - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


Name: Jacob Reymond / Rey Nafasi

Age: 14 years old, 6 months

Bloodline: Human bloodline (50%) Space King bloodline (50%)

Laws: Space law - High-tier affinity - Semi-mortal stage 2 (Almost 3)

Abilities: Teleportation, Imbue, Materiokinesis, Gravitation Manipulation, Permeability

Energy: Space - 15/29 - recharges 1 point per hour

Teleportation: User can teleport an object in a 10-meter radius around himself for 1 point of space energy, or teleport user 3 meters from the initial position for 1 . 6 points of space energy . Uses more energy with greater distance and weight . The user is somewhat proficient in this ability .

Imbue: User can imbue an object with space energy, causing the object to become deadlier with a variable damage . The more energy imbued, the more damage an object can do . Uses a minimum of 0 . 4 space energy . The user has mastered this ability based off of understanding .

Materiokinesis: User can shape a mixed material into any object he can think of by controlling atoms . The energy required is based on material density, type, and size of manipulation . The space energy required is variable . The user is experienced in this ability .

Gravitation Manipulation: User can manipulate gravity within a 2-meter radius around the user . Space energy is variable based on total weight, amount gravity is manipulated by, and duration . The user is somewhat experienced in this ability .

Permeability: User can activate space energy inside his body, becoming permeable and passing through an object as he wishes . Energy consumption is based on the density of user and material passing through, time activated, and mass of user . Base energy cost is 12 points per meter traveled . The user is slightly experienced in this ability .


Rey quickly reminisced about that feeling . It was almost like an addiction to power . He quickly remembered what Hibari said though, and decided not to immediately kill the next creature even though he wanted to . He instead decided to talk about that feeling to Aizen and Riza since Hibari said to .

"Mhmm, Indeed, any cultivator gets that sense of "high", but it's important not to let it control your actions . Instead, recognize your purpose in life or what you want to be remembered for, then go do that . If you don't have a purpose, then find one . Work towards that purpose and goal slowly, and always recognize that the purpose you are living for isn't that high feeling, but to protect, to help, to serve . " Riza explained, "Well, at least that's my outlook on controlling that feeling, everyone's methods will be different though . It's not a one-size-fits-all situation" Riza said .

"Agreed, I once had an uncle who cultivated 6 laws at once, and he grew so power-hungry and deigned in that feeling so much that he left our family and soon died from overexertion when fighting . Know your limits . " Aizen grieved, "He was actually a pretty cool guy, but he just fell so hard that he didn't get back up from it . . . Maybe if he stayed around those who supported him . " This was one of the few things that Aizen would share any "weak" emotions over, as it involved the death of a family member . Emotions that portrayed weakness were often looked down upon in culture, but Aizen felt close enough with Rey and Riza to share these things .

"Okay, I'll keep these things in mind . . . " Rey said while thinking more about them and reflecting . He didn't want to be controlled by his own emotions, yet he needed to get stronger by killing more creatures . They then proceeded to rest for a few more hours before continuing . Rey filled Aizen in on everything as it was pertinent, especially with all that was happening with Hibari and himself . Aizen, of course, was shocked to learn about Rey's history and such .

"So then, should I start calling you 'Your Highness'? I mean you're practically royalty right?" Aizen jested .

"Ehh, lets not, that would be a little awkward . Plus I am the last of my race, so there technically isn't anything like royalty anymore . " Rey said .

"Well, shall we head back out again tomorrow?" Riza said .

"Sure! Let's hunt a couple more creatures, then we'll head back to Lorea" Aizen said .

- - - - - - - - - - - -

In the vibrant forest, the next morning,

"It's so peaceful here, if the human race weren't here, it would be a nice place to settle down and live . . . " A humanoid-shaped creature said in a high pitched voice, stepping on the soft soil beneath her feet . She excluded a holy brilliance, glowing brightly with a fair face and blue skin while looking around the peaceful forest . Gathered here, there were 5 of them . She and the rest of them wore a white and simple linen, almost like a dress or gown . These creatures were a meter tall at max while some were half a meter tall . They were a race called the Lychnus race .

"Are you sure that there is a legacy around here, Cerea?" She said .

"Yes, his holiness said that it should be around . . . 14 km from here . " Another person said definitively . This was a man who also shined forth with brilliance and wonder but was dimmer than the counterpart .

"Good, onward!" She said .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

22 km away from the group of Lychnus,

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Bam! Bam!

"NOW!!" Aizen shouted while punching a little light green fairy that was filled with life . Well, a little less life after being pummeled to the ground by Aizen .

'Shifting Earth: Flying Daggers!' Rey thought before sinking into the ground, bursting forth towards the fairy horizontally, throwing 3 daggers imbued with space energy out towards the fairy, and then teleporting them towards the fairy . The fairy quickly zoomed out of the way, but then found herself caught by Rey, who was wielding a 1 . 5-meter long sword he created and slashed it towards her .

Cut! Plop Plop!

Having no time to react, the poor fairy simply cried right before being decapitated with its face still carrying the look of shock and sadness .

"I feel so bad about killing this creature . . . It looked so nice! I almost pulled back too when it started to cry . . . " Rey said with guilt .

"Hais, to kill or to be killed," Riza said, feeling the same guilt over the fairy before starting to absorb its light bloodline .

"Yeah, I feel a little bad punching it in the face . Oh well, what's done is done . I'm just glad that I'm not the one who killed it, I'm sure that there is some really bad omen for doing something so evil . . . " Aizen started laughing before joking .

Rey started shuddering when he heard, "Don't joke like that!"

"Alright, done!" Riza said, "Let's get going!"

Rey nodded, "Alright! Also guys, watch this!" Rey sunk through the ground, obviously planning on showing off, and then . . . and then . . . and then . . . and then . . . Nothing? They waited in anticipation for a few more moments before getting worried .

"Rey??" Riza exclaimed .

- - - - - - - - - -

Rey, on the other hand . . .

"AHHH!" Rey screamed as he was being hurdled downwards through the ground .

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He could only worry at this point . He tried to constrict the energy flow in his body, but to no avail, it didn't relent . 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters, 50 meters .

'How am I still in this state? I could only travel 2 meters with my energy levels!!' Rey normally used up a base amount of 12 points per meter with permeability, yet he has already been at this state for over 50 meters .

In this state, light, air, touch, it was all nonexistent . The real problem, however, was that he didn't hold his breath before entering into this state, and he was getting close to passing out . If he passed out right now . . . SPLAT! He shuddered for a moment .

'Hibari! got any ideas??' Rey quickly thought .

'Hibari isn't here! Rest assured young Ouranos, I'll recover your body . . . and the siege will continue, unabated, forever until we live once again!' a voice rang out .

'Crap! Soma! What are you doing?!?!? You're gonna kill us both!' Rey mentally roared . 'My space energy is dwindling! There won't be a body to come back to if you do this!' Rey checked and he only had 2 points of space energy left . He tried resisting control over Soma's influence, but his body wouldn't even budge this time .

'Don't worry Ouranos, HAHAHA, the Swallow definitely won't die, DEFINITELY! ALM . . . ost! YES, SO CLOSE!!! THEN OURANOS WILL REBIRTH!!! Yes yes yes! If not . . . If not . . . THEN ABLAZE WILL IT BE?' Soma said .

' . . . ' Rey didn't respond, his thoughts are so fragmented that he's just turned crazy!! 'I'm really gonna die here!!! By a madman!!! And a dead madman at that!!!' Rey thought, when just as his space energy hit one point, Soma deactivated permeability .

"AHHH!" Rey exclaimed at once . He saw the bottom of what seemed to be a tower surrounded by stairs coming into view at an extremely fast speed . He could almost not even open his eyes due to the wind .


Rey looked once again and saw that he was about to crash into the staircase leading downwards in a spiral-like fashion . He broke into a cold sweat, hoping that this madman wouldn't kill him .

As he was about to ram right into the staircase, Soma gracefully scrunched his body, controlling every muscle within Rey's body . Soma then shifted his weight to fall perfectly in the middle of the staircase . He controlled and contorted the body so as to not hit anything and passed through . He dodged many times as they were descending . Soma then stored all clothes and items on his body into his storage ring and used the last point of space energy he had .

Humm . . .

Soma formed a concentrated point of energy right below his feet . He very quickly slowed down to a more normal speed . He was 5 meters off the ground and still falling when the energy point dissipated . Soma controlled his body to relax all of his muscles and roll around upon contact while protecting his head with his arms upward .


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Soma landed on the ground, injured from the impact even with everything that he did to minimize damage . His legs and arms were bloodied from the impact and some of his ribs were broken, but he survived . Soma shook off the pain, disregarding it completely as he looked into the room .

'How strong is this guy's willpower!! To think this pain isn't even affecting him in the slightest!!' Rey thought . 'Seems the seal is going to be broken very soon . . . ' Rey stated .

When Rey focused on their vision, he saw that they made it to a hallway to a very nice room, what looked like glowing jewels of all sorts of colors and shapes . Soma walked through to the corridor and saw the expanse of the room . This 12 meters long shaped room had grey walls with glistening jewels embedded within, creating a myriad of different colors . In the middle of this room were 3 fruit-like objects on a very exquisite pedestal .

Rey started getting worried . From the look of the fruits, there didn't look edible, but more like a perfect art piece .

Soma walked up to one of the fruits, "Soul . . . Space . . . Light . . . THEY'RE ALL FOR OURANOS!!" Soma said in a deranged voice . He picked up the Space fruit, which was a pure black circle, not unlike a black hole . As Rey looked at it he felt that there was boundless space enveloped within it . Soma pressed it against his lips and bit a huge chunk out of it . Rey could feel his tongue being wrapped around by threads of space energy rushing in through his mouth, becoming one with his being . Soma then swallowed the rest of the fruit, and Rey was feeling even more delighted as Soma ate it . He could feel his bloodline changing, and his affinity with the space law increasing . As he felt this change, he also noticed that some other laws such as the ice and fire law were becoming more distant to him .

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'My bloodline is changing?? So then these fruits . . . What will happen if Soma eats the other fruits??' Rey thought .

Soma then picked up the soul fruit, which had a glowing aura around itself that pulsated . It gave off an ethereal feeling as if it didn't exist in the visible, but he could still see it . He once again pressed it to his lips and bit it . Rey felt a clarity rush over him as an unknown energy flowed into his heart and mind . He also noticed that a space begin to open up within himself . He chose not to focus on that right now as he was feeling that new DNA was being added to his body, instead of changing the already existing genes .

Soma went over and was about to eat the light fruit when suddenly, the seal on Soma burst forth once more .

'NO NO NO!! NOT NOW! OURANOS IS SO CLOSE! SO CLOSE TO THE BEGINNING . . . ARGGG' Soma raged . He tried moving Rey's body, but alas, he couldn't as the seal started working again . Rey, on the other hand, was now in complete control . He placed the fruit back on the pedestal as he was still in some pain and decided to rest .

'Seems like he's gone for now . . . I thought Soma was crazy? He didn't seem too crazy to me . . . Well, I mean . . . it sounds like he had a plan for the fruits . Ouranos? Who is that?? This is turning bad quick, to think he would have this control over me right now . Seems like I can only do that then . . . ' Rey thought, pondering his next actions .

- - - - - - - - - - -


"REY!!!" Aizen shouted LOUDLY .

"Where'd he go??" Riza worried, "And shouting won't hel-"

"REY!!!!" Aizen shouted again, disregarding Riza .

"We might as well set up here hoping that he comes back for now . . . " Riza said, 'Rey, where are you?'Please download our sponsor's game to support us!