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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:13:22 PM

Chapter 1412

In the deep sea, the people waiting anxiously had finally welcomed their mainstay . Yuanen Yehui was greatly relieved upon seeing Xie Xie following behind Tang Wulin and return to the inside of the submarine through the submarine’s specialized equipment .

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“Sect Master, have you discovered a suitable explosion point?” The captain was relieved as well upon seeing Tang Wulin . A person that could survive this deep in the sea at tremendous water pressure was already inhuman . Had it not been for Tang Wulin’s genuine act of being almost invincible in the Battle of Five Gods that left behind an overly profound impression in his mind, he would not have had the audacity to send the sect master out to take such a risk .

“There’s no need for that now . In my opinion, the federal fleet won’t be attacking the Star Luo Empire for the next four or five days . We’ve already strived adequate time for them . ” Xie Xie laughed aloud .

“What happened?” The captain was a little stunned .

Tang Wulin said, “It’s a long story . Let’s depart first . We shall return to the federation . If the Star Luo Empire is still incapable of stopping the fleet then there’s nothing else we can do . Let’s move away from this maritime area and rise to the surface . We shall immediately leave upon the return of the Holy Spirit Douluo . ”

Tang Wulin despatched the orders under the close watch of this puzzled group .

His body swayed for a while as if he were dizzy . Yue Zhengyu hastily walked forward to hold up Tang Wulin . “Captain, are you alright?”

Tang Wulin bitterly chuckled . How could he remain calm after today’s experience?

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“I’m fine, just a little exhausted . I’m going to take some rest . ”

Xu Lizhi handed him a few Recovery Pork Buns . Tang Wulin consumed a few before he feeling slightly refreshed . He returned to his cabin with Yue Zhengyu holding him up .

The group’s gaze fell upon Xie Xie in unison . Yuanen Yehui could not refrain herself from asking, “What exactly happened?”

Xie Xie was beaming with joy . “I’d say that all of you aren’t going to believe me even if I told you . Big brother is incredible . He is simply the god of the sea! My heart is still thumping loudly now . ”

“Tell us quick!” Yuanen Yehui twisted his ear .

“Alright, I’ll tell . Please forgive me, my dear wife . ”

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In Star Luo Empire, the general headquarters for front line operations .

Dai Tianling was dressed in a military uniform . There was no military rank pinned to his shoulders but only badges bearing the tiger’s head pattern . The people in the front line operation commands were all bustling about with solemn expressions on their faces .

The front line operation commands had already been established since six months ago . In reality, the Star Luo Empire had never slowed down even for one moment for this matter involved the destiny of this empire . They had long begun preparing for the war . It was precisely due to their preparation that Dai Tianling had been feeling reassured and emboldened all this while thinking that he had the confidence to fight against the federal fleet .

It was Tang Wulin’s arrival that allowed him to truly grasp the idea of the immense disparity between the Star Luo Empire and the Douluo Federation . The disparity was much more terrifying than what he had imagined . The situation was almost beyond remedy . Fortunately, they had the items sent by Tang Sect . However, he had never expected that the federal fleet would arrive so soon . Had it not been the Holy Spirit Douluo relaying the information in time, they would have been in the dark even now .

“Report . According to our ultra long-distance radar detection, the federal fleet has drifted away from its trajectory . The speculation is that they encountered an unprecedented storm and was caught right in the core region . Level of damage unknown . The fleet is stopped temporarily at six hundred nautical miles from the shoreline . There is no sign of advancement . We can see from the radar monitor that all their battleships seem to be linked up as one like a stretch of land . ”

“Continue monitoring,” Dai Tianling said in a deep voice .

As the emperor, he was duty-bound to personally supervise the operations on the front line this time . There was no doubt that the first war would be the most important war . He could not allow the federal fleet to complete the disembarkation . Otherwise, the federal fleet would establish a strong bridgehead upon successful disembarkation . They would certainly be able to stand firmly with the federation’s technology . By then, the federal fleet would rely on its powerful strength to send in more weapons and soldiers to Star Luo Empire and they would not be far from becoming a conquered empire .

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Thus, the strategy adopted by Star Luo Empire was to stop the federal fleet away from the land for sure so that they would never have the chance to complete disembarkation .

“Father, it seems like the federal fleet is suffering from rather severe losses in this storm! Shall we take the initiative to make the first move and test out their actual situation?” Dai Yueyan softly asked as he stood by Dai Tianling’s side .

Dai Tianling waved his hand . “Our naval force is far weaker as compared to the federation . Even though the federal fleet has encountered the storm, they are still not in a chaotic situation . Their method of linking up all their battleships is sufficient to reduce their loss to the least . We shall follow our original plans . How are our preparations?”

Dai Yueyan answered in a deep voice, “We will need another two days or so to complete the preliminary steps . Fortunately, we should be able to make it in time because of our early preparations . ”

Dai Tianling turned his head to the side and took a glance at Dai Yueyan . “I don’t want a ‘should be’, but a ‘definitely’ . We must be able to make it on time . Otherwise, it’s going to be catastrophic . Do you understand?”

He was not only an emperor but he had once enlisted himself in the army when he was young . He concealed his identity and began servicing as an ordinary soldier . He accumulated his military gallantry for seventeen years and was promoted to general . He made his way up one step at a time and left behind an extremely brilliant history in the military .

When he made known of his identity and returned to the royal household again, he received support from the military soon after and became the Star Luo Empire’s Emperor in one stroke . He could be described as one of the few most powerful emperors in the history of the Star Luo Empire when it came to his military accomplishments . This was also the reason why he was personally acting as the commander in chief on the front line operation commands . He was highly admired and respected by all military officers .

Some of the higher-ranking officers in the Star Luo Empire military now were his comrades from when he was enlisted in the army back then . Some were even his inferior . Ever since Dai Tianling’s ascension to the throne, he had been cleansing the military’s malpractices and he made a great effort to build a strong empire . He worked hard at developing military affairs, technology research, education, soul masters, battle armors and etcetera . Within a few short decades, he had made massive changes socially and politically in Star Luo Empire . Star Luo was developing at a higher speed that far exceeded the federation within the past few decades . It was because of the huge disparity that Star Luo Empire had yet to catch up to the federation .

Star Luo Empire’s development could not possibly be hidden from the federation . This was also one of the important reasons to why the Hawk Faction of the federation waged war on the Star Luo Empire . According to the federation, Star Luo Empire would eventually threaten the federation if it was allowed to develop as such . Moreover, Star Luo Empire’s resources would deplete even faster along with the fast development speed . On the other hand, the scientific research between the federation and empire could never possibly duplicate one another . Under such circumstances, the research path taken by the federation would certainly be taking the same path once again . If the target was unanimous, wouldn’t it cause more wastage to the existing resources then?

It was precisely due to these ostentatious and pretentious reasons that the parliament had finally passed the verdict of waging this war that allowed the federal fleet to embark on this journey .

The mission of the federal fleet was very simple this time . They were ordered to completely defeat the Star Luo Empire’s military, capture or destroy the empire’s royal household, unify the entire Star Luo Empire but try to avoid massacre to the best of their abilities, gather resources, and prepare for the great development towards interplanetary exploration in the future .

“Yes, father,” Dai Yueyan spoke with a deep voice . “Father, this storm is a little strange . Our weather bureau hasn’t detected any trace of it prior to its occurrence . It’s like the storm comes out of nowhere without showing any warning signs . According to the analysis from our weather bureau and scientific research department, it doesn’t seem like a natural formation . Moreover, the federal fleet is coincidentally right in the center of the storm . Otherwise, they would already be right before ourselves right now . Father, do you think that there is some unknown issue behind this?”

Dai Tianling nodded ever so slightly . “It is true that the storm happens very suddenly but it has also genuinely helped us . If it is the act of a person, then there’s only one possibility . ”

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