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Chapter 641

Yes! It had been too long since he had met such opponents . Even though he had yet to regard Tang Wulin and his comrades as worthy opponents, they were at least closest to being his opponents .

The match proceedings of Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi's team was plain sailing . Xu Lizhi stood by the side of the arena awkwardly as Ye Xinglan fought the two enemies by herself .

Her swordsmanship was impeccable . The brilliance that was displayed by the Stargod Sword ended this match faster than Yue Zhengyu's earlier team match .

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui's match was similarly straightforward . They defeated their opponents without much of a fight . All four teams from Shrek Academy won the first round of the small group matches .

Shrek Academy became more widely known following that .

All sorts of news reports regarding them were on successive headlines .

The phrase 'the wolf is here' appeared on all Star Luo City's print media .

Dai Tianling looked at his children who were seated on his right smilingly . He was in a good mood .

The national affairs were taxing which kept him busy so he rarely had time for leisure and entertainment . However, he was a man with strong family values who treasured having meals together with his children .  Now and then, he would lament about getting old but his heart was filled with gratitude and warmth from his family as he watched them grow every day .

It was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan and his daughter Dai Yun'er who accompanied him while he had his meal today .

Dai Yueyan was calm and full of admiration and respect for his father . On the other hand, Dai Yun'er could not conceal her emotions and was frequently seen pouting her dainty red lips .

"Who infuriated our little princess?" Dai Tianling could not help laughing .

Dai Yun'er did not utter a word as she was poking intensely at the food in her bowl with a pair of chopsticks .

Dai Tianling laughed and spoke, "You're busy with the competition recently . There's no one to create trouble in the palace, so everyone is wondering about the abnormally serene ambiance in the palace . Everyone is feeling uneasy due to your absence and missing your playful tricks . You're the one who's habituating us with this . What are we going to do when you're married in the future?"

"Father…" Dai Yun'er pouted even more, her face filled with dissatisfaction . Dai Tianling could not help laughing aloud at the sight of her .

Dai Yueyan too could not help smiling . Yun'er was a wild princess . She had created so much trouble that the palace was never at peace . Yet, everyone pampered her . Even Dai Tianling rarely reprimanded her .

Dai Tianling smiled and said, "Judging by your appearance, is the competition not going smoothly?"

Dai Yun'er shook her head . "It's going rather smoothly . Only that everything is going too smoothly for those Shrek Academy's students . Humph! We'll let them have a taste of our powers sooner or later . "

Dai Tianling had paid attention to Shrek Academy all along . He turned and looked towards Dai Yueyan upon hearing that . "Yueyan, what do you think of Shrek Academy's battle troop?"

Dai Yueyan was not as unbridled as his sister . He spoke with much respect, "Father, Shrek Academy has a rather strong team . Their students have their own specialties in their battle techniques and martial souls . If we're to compare our powers to theirs, there's still a gap between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy . Don't worry, we'll certainly spare no effort to win and eliminate them in the competition . "

Dai Tian'er was more serious when he spoke to his son . "Not only do we need to defeat them, we must also find the problem with all of you . Don't forget that Shrek Academy's team members have an average age of only fifteen years which is younger than your team's average age by five years and they're able to achieve such excellent results . Are any of you capable of achieving what they have at their age?"

Dai Yueyan frowned . He looked dejected and did not speak .

"Father, you're biased . I am also fifteen years old . Their average strength is not as powerful as ours . Just you wait and see . I'll make that Tang Wulin pay . Moreover, Brother Long Yue alone is capable of destroying all of them," Dai Yun'er spoke recalcitrantly .

It was apparent that Dai Tianling felt helpless when he faced his daughter . He gave a forced laugh as he spoke, "You're such a silly little girl! Don't be too arrogant . But, I'm actually more at ease with Long Yue's presence . Only that, Yueyan, you must remind him . That child is good at everything except for his self-control when he enters a battle . He mustn't harm the other party . After all, they're representing the Douluo Continent Federation . "

"Yes, Father . I'll remind Brother Long about that," Dai Yueyan hastily answered .

Dai Tianling smiled as he said, "I have someone to assess Tang Wulin's ability today . It so happens I can explain it to you . "

Dai Yun'er was immediately high spirited upon hearing her father's words . She looked at her father with full attention .

Dai Tianling explained, "Tang Wulin's soul power should be at about forty-third rank which is everyone's view . However, his soul power is quite different from ordinary people's . His soul power's level of saturation far exceeds any other ordinary soul masters' . At the same time, his strength is blessed with unusual natural endowments which makes him extremely strong . He has a strong defense and relies on his strength to achieve victory in almost every match . "

"His golden soul ring should be something similar to a soul ring, yet it is not a true soul ring's ability . According to the assessment, it's highly possible that it originates from the bloodline's strength . He should have a particular form of a powerful bloodline . It's also precisely the form of this bloodline that gave Hua Lantang great difficulty today which resulted in his failure . "

"At the same time, you must pay attention to his martial soul too . Tang Wulin's martial soul is very special as it appears to be a form of a vine . Nonetheless, there's no other martial soul that's similar to the vines he's able to conjure . No other form of vine power is comparable to his . Thus, our analysts think that this is a variant of the martial soul . The reason for its variance is probably related to his bloodline . "

"So far, his variant martial soul hasn't unleashed any soul skill . That's his secret weapon . Moreover, since he comes from Shrek Academy, it's impossible for him to own a complete set of One-word Battle Armor due to his cultivation base and age, but it may be possible for him to own a few pieces of battle armor . You need to pay attention to this as well . Even Long Yue should not be allowed to dismiss him . Anyone who's capable of becoming a student representative and captain like Tang Wulin is not as simple as he appears . "

Dai Yueyan nodded . "Father, you're right . Even Brother Long has mentioned that Tang Wulin may be his equal if he's of the same age . However, Tang Wulin's cultivation base can be considered the upper middle level for his age . There's quite a gap still between him and the peerless genius Long Yue . "

Dai Tianling nodded gently . "The relationship between you and Long Yue is very important so do your best to maintain that . Everyone looks highly upon him . I wish for him not only to become a Four-word Battle Armor Master in the future but to be Monster Academy's first demigod in history . "

Dai Yueyan and Dai Yun'er expressions turned solemn upon hearing the word 'demigod' . There was a sense of yearning despite their solemnness .

Dai Tianling glanced at his daughter . "How did it go with you and Long Yue as a team?"

Dai Yun'er pouted . "Boring . Some opponents accepted their defeat straightaway . Even those who had the courage to fight us, Brother Long fought them alone . I had nothing else to do, so it was boring . "

Dai Yueyan could not help speaking, "You don't know how to appreciate the good things in life . There are many people who wish to be in Brother Long's team . You, on the other hand . . . "

Dai Yun'er stuck her tongue out at him . "Humph . I don't care . Anyhow, all of you're going to beat up Tang Wulin for me, or else I won't like all of you anymore . "

Dai Yueyan shook his head helplessly, while Dai Tianling laughed .

The Shrek Academy's group of people were in a jovial mood returning from their victory . The best way to celebrate was to eat and drink as much as one could .

"Captain, don't eat too much . You've finished all the dishes . "

"Lizhi, can you please stop squabbling with the captain when it comes to food?"

Tang Wulin was turning into a glutton . He had his appetite under control for a long while until his breakthrough to the fifth layer seal which brought on his ravenous appetite . This was a bittersweet incident .

Tang Wulin suddenly felt the absence of Teacher Mu Ye . When Teacher Mu Ye was around, he had no need for much food because Mu Ye could always provide him with some super nutritious food . Not only was the food good nourishment for his body, but he did not need to eat much .

He advanced the most in his physical ability during his time on the ship .

Even though the diplomatic corps received the best meals and rations, it was incomparable to those heaven and earth treasures ingredients!

He did not know where Teacher Mu Ye was, but it would be great if he would return soon . It was tough training under Mu Ye but the results were instantaneous . In addition, there was always scrumptious food available .

"Hey, do you realize that Teacher Wu is nowhere to be seen recently? So's Elder Cai . We haven't seen both of them for quite a while," Xu Xiaoyan suddenly asked .

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