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The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 318

Published at 1st of June 2019 06:30:04 AM

Chapter 318: 318

When the convoy stopped, the horde of players stood afar as they stared at the supply boxes that were dropping from the sky . They quickly stacked up like a mountain, and the chosen professional players stood by the boxes without moving .

As for Han Xiao, who had the full attention of the players, he was just standing alone at the side, looking up into the sky, as if he was waiting for something .

Quite a number of players activated the record function with excitement .

"It looks like he's leaving today . "

Everyone was curious about how Han Xiao would leave the Planet Aquamarine . The players had long waited for this moment . They followed Han Xiao and looked upward .

It was right at the crack of dawn, as the sun on the horizon slowly raised up . The heavens and the earth brightened while chasing the darkness away .

Right at that moment, in the area right above the convoy, the players realized that there was small black dot that was the size of an ant . They focused their eyes, and they could soon see that it was an outline of a spaceship that was descending toward the planet .

"Look! Spaceship!"

At the beginning, the crowd became exhilarated as they talked with each other . But as the shadow of the spaceship become larger and larger and the sky started to dim, the excitement and noisiness of the crowd quickly died down .

Tens of thousands of people's jaws dropped . The scene in front of their eyes was so shocking that they were lost for words .

When the spaceship was still high up in the sky, the outline was only the size of a green bean . It was only when the spaceship was a few hundred meters above the crowd that they realized the sheer magnitude of the spaceship . The spaceship was large enough to block out the entire sky above .

"My god… just how big is this spaceship‽"

As the players looked up into the sky, they could not see anything other than the black spaceship . They only saw the outline of the spaceship that was near the horizon . There was one poem that everyone remembered as the spaceship landed .

Dark clouds bearing down on the city threaten to overwhelm it .

The Short Horn Star was the main spaceship of the tourist group . The large-scale commercial spaceship had a controlled ecosystem, and it was comparable to the size of a space station . It could travel in space for a long time with radar equipment, powerful turrets, and a high energy shield . Just this one single spaceship could sweep over Planet Aquamarine .

The crowd was in great shock, and it was even more so for the chosen professional players . They took a deep breath . In their eyes, Han Xiao was just a character on Planet Aquamarine, yet he had the ability able to call in such a large spaceship . It was simply phenomenal .

However, because Han Xiao had shown so much power and capability, the teammates started to gain confidence .

The magnificent futuristic scene left a powerful impression in the players' hearts . The monstrous machinery and the natural environment juxtaposed each other perfectly, and it was perfect for a desktop picture . The players quickly took out their cameras and captured the view .

A box-shaped levitating cabin detached from the main spaceship and spat out blue flames that pushed the dust in the air as it landed right in front of Han Xiao . This was the specialized cabin that carried the passengers into the spaceship . The metal cabin had a high-tech style, with a very clean, detailed structure .

The cabin door opened up, and folded stairs extended in front Han Xiao .

"Let's go now, I can't wait to get a drink . " Kerlodd got in without hesitation and left all his burdens behind .

Han Xiao waved at the players, and they had to do hard labor, carrying all the supply boxes up into the cabin . After everything was done, the cabin door closed by itself, and it shot right up to the sky and docked into the Short Horn Star .

After a few seconds, the Short Horn Star quickly moved up . Despite its huge mass, it did not make any noise or release any flames as it flew away, giving the crowd a weird feeling . When the Short Horn Star stopped by a planet, it would turn off its engine and only use the anti-gravity core to save fuel .

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Through the window, Han Xiao looked down on people that had turned into the size of ants and let out a deep sigh .

After spending so much time on this planet, I've finally moved on from this place .

And up into the sky they went .

On the plain, millions of players stared at the spaceship that disappeared into blue heavens, and the sunlight showed up again in the sky .

Inside the Sanctuary Three, Hila stood behind his sister, and she put her hand on the shoulders of Aurora . The two of them both looked at the Short Horn Star .

"Will he ever come back?" Aurora asked curiously .

Hila remained quiet and shook her head . "It's a wider world out there . After stepping out of here, there's no reason for him to come back . "

"Hey sis, why didn't we also join him?"

Hila patted on Aurora's golden hair and did not reply .

"Hey, you're hurting me . "

Hila then realized that she had use too much force and quickly let go .

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The bear cub on the side roared at the sky, lay on the ground, and covered its head with its paws, sobbing, as if it was sad about the departure of its owner .

Aurora patted on the bear's fur and was also sad . She asked quietly, "Will we be able to see him?"

"Sooner or later, we will . "

"But you just said that he won't come back . "

"Yeah . " Hila did not explain . Aurora's heart skipped a beat as she understood the hidden meaning . Then her mood was happy again .

. .

"He's gone . "

In Sanctuary One, Bennett was doing a video call with Huang Yu and listening to the intel .

"From now on, Sanctuary Three is under your command . Don't try to change Han Xiao's arrangements, but other than that, you can decide on the other matters . "

"Okay, thank you, Sir Bennett . " Huang Yu was motivated since his hard work had finally paid off .

"Don't thank me . Han Xiao recommended you before leaving . "

"I understand . " Huang Yu nodded and carved it in his heart .

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After ending the call, Bennett, with a smile on his face, logged into his secret account and opened the threats that the Six Nations had sent him .

Bennett had dealt with the pressure from Raylen and other countries by himself as he did not want Han Xiao to worry about these things before departing .

Now that the ship had sailed, the way that his old friend had left was enough to shock the Six Nations since Bennett himself also was surprised at the scene of departure . He wondered how Raylen would react to that .

Because there were too many witnesses of the event, it brought a large impact all over the world with the video of the spaceship spreading on the internet . Every citizen on Planet Aquamarine saw the landing monstrous spaceship that was as large as a mountain .

The Short Horn Star did not state their purpose of entry, and this massive ship frightened the Six Nations . As the satellites detected the Short Horn Star, the Six Nations had panicked and sent the air force to try and communicate with them . Yet, the Short Horn Star had ignored them and showed no intention of talking to the highest power of the planet . Before the Six Nations could do anything, the spaceship had then left without a sound .

After the visit of the enormous spaceship on Planet Aquamarine, the Six Nations feared what had to come and quickly tried to get intel .

When they found out about the truth that the Short Horn Star had just come to pick up Han Xiao, the Six Nations had been flustered at first, but then they were suddenly struck dumb with amazement!

The mysterious spaceship that had surpassed Planet Aquamarine by countless of years was just there to pick Black Phantom up!

How did he do it‽ What else was he hiding‽

Although they knew that Black Phantom was capable, this action was so unbelievable that no one could ever have thought of it .

This time, the Raylen was bamboozled . They had never thought that this would happen! The target whom they were threatening had already jumped out of the pool and stopped playing with them . No wonder Han Xiao had ignored all the threats from the Six Nations since their hostility was just a speck of dust .