The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: 452

Only if the reward type was [Item] would there be a chance to obtain the Mission Completion Card .

Are you a fake main character Old Herlous?

Han Xiao turned around and looked at Aroshia . He felt that touching her was more dependable .

Aroshia looked at him with a poker face, and they looked at each other for three seconds .

Han Xiao shook his head, rubbed his temples, comforted himself, and thought, This is just the first time . It's normal to meet a small obstacle . It's normal… normal…

Han Xiao knew that the chances of getting a Mission Completion Card on the first try were very low . Although abilities were not what he needed most at the moment, it could have been worse .

Sigh, things would be much easier if the players were here . I could just give out a mission to have them give me Mission Completion Cards, and I wouldn't have to hope to get lucky .

Han Xiao shook his head and looked at the interface .


Please select 1 from the 3 talents below .

[Flame Affinity]: +16% Fire Resistance, +10% damage of fire element abilities

[Advanced Mental Toughness]: +35% Psychological Resistance, decrease Psychological Resistance needed to be immune to mental controlling debuffs, -30% duration of these debuffs .

[Cell Engine]: +21% Energy recovery speed, +330 energy


With just one look, Han Xiao had already made a decision . [Flame Affinity] was suitable for the Mage class and had a very limited effect on him . [Cell Engine] was not bad, but it was not as practical as [Advanced Mental Toughness] . Anything that had the 'Advanced' prefix was usually half decent . Furthermore, the Psychic class could attack through the armor of the Mechanic class, so this talent could largely enhance his Psychological Resistance .

Plus, he would be able to use it on the spot .

After some pondering, Han Xiao suddenly realized that something was wrong .

Wait a minute, why am I becoming tankier?

Is there really no way for me not to be a tank! I want to deal damage, damn it!

Although he did not get a Mission Completion Card, he did garner quite a number of benefits on this trip—two talents, one Character Summon Card that felt kind of useless, more than two million experience, and 200,000 Enas .

Chen Xing was staring at him with a smile, expressing his intention of sending these guests off graciously . He suppressed his emotions and could not wait to do his stuff after the mercenaries left .

Han Xiao reached out his hand and said, "Since the mission is completed, we shall get going . "

"Sure . If there is a chance in the future, I will work with you again . "

Chen Xing smiled politely and grabbed Han Xiao's hand .

Suddenly, without any warning, Han Xiao's hand locked onto his hand tightly . Han Xiao abruptly pulled Chen Xing to his side before he could react .

In an instant, the Void Dragon mechanical suit covered his body . Han Xiao leaned back slightly, then heavily headbutted Chen Xing's face with his armored forehead .


Being suddenly attacked, Chen Xing felt the world was spinning .

Han Xiao activated all the enhancing modules of Void Dragon . With the Electromagnetic Pulse Controller stimulating his body, he entered the [Excited] state . Together with the attribute boost from Void Dragon's combat form, his Strength increased by more than one hundred points . One headbutt was not enough, so he headbutted Chen Xing again, stunning him for a short period .

Using the short opportunity, Han Xiao grabbed Chen Xing's head with his hands and released [Void Jet Spray]!


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The shockwave turned the luxurious hotel suite into a total mess like it had been visited by a tornado .

"What are you doing‽"

Herlous, Sylvia, and the Volga brothers were all shocked!

A mercenary is attacking the employer!

It was still so peaceful moments ago, why did he suddenly attack‽

"You…" Chen Xing's resistance was not low . He finally regained focus after taking two charges of Void Jet Sprays . His eyes turned pure white, and the surging Psychic power pushed everyone away .

He clutched his head full of pain, stared at Han Xiao with hate, and bit his lips . He was shocked and enraged .

He did not understand why Han Xiao suddenly attacked him, but that did not stop him from feeling threatened .

"Argh!" Chen Xing opened his mouth . Psychic power flew into his voice, and the sharp high note pierced into the others' brains like a spear, causing a strong pain .

They felt like the world was spinning, and their organs were distorted like they were going to vomit . Sylvia was the weakest . She grabbed tightly onto her brain like it was going to explode the next second .

Han Xiao felt painful too like a blade was stirring in his brain . The [Advanced Mental Toughness] that he had just acquired instantly showed its effect . He had planned to attack long before he chose this talent . It largely reduced Psychic damages and debuffs, which was very useful against Psychics .

After all, he knew everything about Chen Xing .

Han Xiao endured the pain and pounced forward . His elbow slashed onto Chen Xing's psychic shield like a tomahawk, making a loud crash of the sound barrier breaking, then it landed on Chen Xing's pretty face .


Blood splashed out from Chen Xing's nose and mouth . He held his bleeding nose and backed off in a panic . His eyes were filled with rage and shock .

"Herlous, go outside the door and stop the guards . Volga brothers, protect Sylvia and don't get too close to us . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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Han Xiao spoke very quickly . At the same time, his fist covered in armor punched and broke Chen Xing's shield time after time, forcing him to back off without a choice, not able to use psychic attacks . He was moving closer to a dead end .

"What is going on‽" Herlous was still lost . He clenched his teeth and decided to trust that Han Xiao had a reason to do this .

Boom boom boom!

Herlous rushed out the room door, swung his Battleship Slicing Blade, and stopped the guards outside .

"Piss! Off!" Chen Xing screamed like a woman, and blood flew out from his eyes . He used some kind of secret technique to stimulate his mind and go beyond his psychic power limit . The windows and walls of the room exploded and shattered, and dust suffused with the air . Han Xiao was pushed aside as well .

With the opportunity to catch his breath, Chen Xing clenched his teeth and activated his psychic power . All the items in the room floated up into the air and fused into a wave, pushing Han Xiao back and not letting him get closer .

This time, Chen Xing's face was covered in blood . His luxurious and beautiful clothes were coated in dust and blood, and he was in a very bad state . He was still suffering from the concussion resulting from Han Xiao's headbutts, so he was unable to focus, and his psychic power was flowing slower than usual .

The next second, the four statues that had fallen to the ground were grabbed by Chen Xing with his psychic power . Like a thirsty man seeing water, he pressed the statues against his forehead .

A unique psychic rhythm appeared in the air . In a spectrum invisible to the human eye, the Psychic Current in the statues was flowing into Chen Xing's brain . His weakened Psychic powers recovered extremely quickly .

This was the statues' effect on Chen Xing . The Psychic Current in them was like a strong supplement to him that could enhance his psychic power . Items like this that received prayers over a long time could all be used by him to strengthen his powers . This was a method used by the Psychics, absorbing Psychic Currents to strengthen themselves . It was rare and had a very strong side effect, the user would usually be impacted by all the thoughts in the Psychic Current, which might even damage the user's mind .

Aroshia saw this and was about to stop Chen Xing but realized that Han Xiao was secretly giving her a hand sign, telling her not to do anything . Hence, Aroshia stopped and watched things unfold .

Originally, he needed to be very cautious when absorbing the Psychic Current from the statues or his mind would be influenced by the countless thoughts in it . However, Chen Xing could not be bothered about that now . God knew if this mercenary had become crazy . All Chen Xing knew was that if he did not save himself, his life might be in danger .


After gulping down the Psychic Currents from the four statues, the statues fell onto the ground and lost their uniqueness, only left with their tough exteriors .

After absorbing the Psychic Currents, Chen Xing's eyes turned red . A horrifying Psychic power surrounded him, and even the air was distorted . His psychic power was so strong that it was visible . His head did not hurt anymore, and his back did not ache anymore; he recovered to his peak performance and even beyond .

"How dare you beat me up to this extent? I—I will turn you into my Silent Slave!"

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Chen Xing wiped off the blood on his nose and lips . His tone was full of rage like a woman who realized that her beautiful face had been destroyed .

Strong Psychic powers gathered as Chen Xing prepared to launch his strongest attack .

This time, Han Xiao's eyes sparkled . Suddenly, he activated Hila's Character Summon Card, and a hologram of a redhead woman appeared behind him .


[Whisper of the Dead]: Deals psychic damage three times to the enemy . Damage is based on the user's INT or MYS (can be indicated) . Decreases all status of the target by 15% .

Duration: 3 hours

Usages: 2/8


Dark red energy surged from Han Xiao's eyes and shot straight at Chen Xing .

Although he did not have the ability to enhance Psychic attacks, his Intelligence was very high . The three consecutive attacks were quite powerful .


The world before Chen Xing's eyes was spinning . The heavy hit landed on his mind and caused him to lose control of his Psychic powers . The Psychic power that he had gathered exploded before it was launched .

Blood poured out Chen Xing's nose and mouth, and his eyes turned blood red . This was not because he used some ability to break his limits or anything like that but because the veins in his eyes exploded .

Psychic's Psychological Resistance was supposed to be very high, yet Chen Xing's mind was like it was almost defenseless, causing him to be heavily hurt instantly .

Suddenly, his state became even worse than before he absorbed the energy from the statues . His mind became extremely slow, and his knees became weak . Chen Xing fell onto the ground and gasped for air . He grabbed a statue in disbelief .

"You… did you do something to these‽"