The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 459

Published at 1st of September 2019 12:25:04 PM

Chapter 459: 459

The space station was not huge . Its exterior was dark gold and gray colored, and its overall design followed the traditional Godora theme—light and twisted .

Unlike other civilizations that focused on accuracy and simplicity, the interior of the space station was rather complicated . One might even get lost without looking at the map on the devices along the corridors . Han Xiao and the others were outsiders, so the restricted areas were not open to them . They could only move around the dock, lounge, and guest hall .

The space station chief was the one who came to welcome them . Despite the Great Mechanic Han not being good at differentiating one Godoran from another, he could tell that this station chief was a very serious person . Standard Observer compressed orbs hung from his Godoran-style hair knot, and his movements and clothes were neat and tidy, classic military style .

Godora Observers came from many backgrounds—some were selected from the military, some were recruited from the society or the security forces then trained, and some took exams to become one . This station chief had clearly once been a military officer; he did things strictly according to the rules and regulations .

The spaceship was sent into the shipyard for repairs and refueling . Han Xiao and the others were resting in the hall . Han Xiao did not tell his friends about the goal of this trip, so the others thought this was just the usual refueling and resting process . Herlous and the three Volga brothers were playing a casual card game at the side . It was a strategic battle style card game—these cards were all renowned individuals and civilizations across the galaxies . Different Star Fields had their own set of cards . For example, in the Shattered Star Ring card set, there were the four Beyond Grade A bosses including Ames .

The battle could be carried out between two or more people . The players would play as a Star Field, pick out a certain number of cards from that Star Field as their card combination, then start the battle . These cards were also classified into different functions—civilization card, strong individual card, exploration card, organization card, ability card, history card, mercenary card, fortune card, treasure card, spaceship card, monster card, and so on . It was very popular across the universe . It was like poker for galactic residents . Other than the standard playing method of acting as a Star Field, there were also many other ways to play it .

In Han Xiao's previous life, quite a number of casual players liked to play this game . They could even find out about the organizations and the force structure of different Star Fields . This card game was made by a galactic commercial organization, and they would update the cards every once in a while, adding new famous people as cards or placing the deceased ones into the 'abandoned card set' . This could almost be considered as the fame leaderboard of the various areas .

Recently, Herlous and the others had become addicted to this card game . This was because in the last update, a few new cards had been added to the Shattered Star Ring card set and the Black Star Mercenary Group was one of them, acting as a new mercenary card .

Mercenary cards were neutral troops, available to recruit any time by spending money, entering the table directly from the card set . It could be used for many purposes including fast attacks and turning around the situation . In the Shattered Star Ring card set, most of the mercenary cards were large mercenary groups consisting of tens of thousands of people such as Sky Ring and Blades . The Black Star Mercenary Group was a new special card . As the Black Star Mercenary Group's size was small and not very strong, the producers gave the card the lowest attribute among the mercenary cards, but it had a special effect .

Since the Black Star Mercenary Group card had the identity of Floating Dragon Field Team, it could be infused with the organization card 'Floating Dragon Island' . If certain requirements were met, the player would be able to draw [Dragon Emperor] Ames directly from the card set .

Han Xiao did not even have to guess where the idea for this card came from—the top news last year about him summoning Ames and Ames destroying the DarkStar mothership with one hit .

In his previous life, the Great Mechanic Han had rarely played this card game as his luck was too bad, but he knew how popular this card game was . He did not expect to now have become a member of the card set, and it was a very pleasant surprise to him . When the players entered space, this would become another way for him to increase his fame .

Since they had been added in as a new card, they could more or less be considered famous . Herlous and the others were having a blast playing it . Of course, they would definitely put something on the line when they played cards .

Beside these gamblers, Sylvia was holding onto a book and memorizing it, immersing herself in the abyss of education . Not far away, Aroshia was resting with her eyes closed . Ever since she entered Grade B, different images had flashed through her mind regularly, causing her to frequently lose her focus . Feidin was sitting in the corner, training his Psychic powers .

The station chief had told them about the rules and regulation in a very serious tone before leaving the hall . Another slightly chubby Godoran with a friendly smile had stayed to take care of them . He had introduced himself as the deputy station chief .

Unlike the station chief, the deputy station chief was very good at chatting and kept a consistent smile on his face . The clue for the mission was with him . Han Xiao vaguely mentioned the topic, and the deputy station chief exposed the clue in a casual chatting tone .

"One of our research spaceships lost contact in a nearby planet . The search team that we sent ended up the same . We saw signs of a spaceship crashing and exploding, so the station chief reported the situation to the superiors . The Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation planned this mission into their schedule, assuming no one survived… but there's a possibility that those people are still alive waiting for us to send people over . We might have already missed the rescue timing… Sigh, Nereja's wife is in the research team—he has been very anxious recently…"

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Han Xiao's eyes sparkled as he asked, "Where can I find this Nereja?"

Deputy station chief shook his head . "This matter has been given to the superiors . According to the rules and regulations, we are not allowed to privately request help from mercenaries . "

"I just want to have a talk with him . "

"Alright then, he should be at the porthole corridor . "

Han Xiao stood up and took his leave, heading toward the location that the deputy station chief told him . Nereja was the person that would trigger the mission .

The deputy station chief looked at Han Xiao's back, and a strange emotion flashed in his eyes .

Han Xiao came to the porthole corridor, and from far away, he could already see a Godoran Observer staring out the window in a daze with a worried expression . Han Xiao quickly walked up to him and asked, "Are you Nereja?"

"You're the mercenaries parked here?" Nereja turned his head to Han Xiao . He was a little on edge .

"Yes . I heard two of your research ships lost contact on a planet . My intuition tells me that there is a job here that needs help . "

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"This is an internal matter of us Godorans; there is no need for an outsider's help . " Nereja frowned . His expression was noticeably irritated when mentioning this matter, and this emotion was clearly not toward Han Xiao, whom he had just met for the first time .

"I heard your wife is in the team . I'm sure you're worried . Maybe she's still alive . For just a small reward, I can help you to find the targets," Han Xiao said .

Hesitation flashed past Nereja's face . He became silent . Han Xiao thought that he would agree, but to Han Xiao's surprise, he shook his head and said, "This is none of your business . "

Then, he continued staring outside the window and dazing .

Han Xiao froze . According to the steps in his memories, as long as he mentioned this clue, Nereja's mission would be triggered .

Could it be that I missed something?

He tried convincing Nereja again, but no matter what, Nereja was unwilling to request help from mercenaries . Han Xiao was out of ideas . He pondered hard, and suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration .

Could it actually be because of that?

Han Xiao went back to the hall and dragged Feidin along . On the way, he explained the situation to Feidin, who was still confused . After seeing Nereja, Feidin adjusted his collar and approached him with a gentle smile . Only a few sentences in, Nereja's eyes were filled with tears, and he turned around to look at Han Xiao .

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"He's right, I can't let myself regret because of hesitation . Mercenaries, I want to request you to find my wife . This is an act against the regulations, so please don't tell the others . "

A notification popped up on Han Xiao's interface immediately . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .


You have triggered mission [Interstellar Beast]

Mission Introduction: You accepted Nereja's request and are planning to head to a desolate planet to look for the research team that has lost contact .

Mission Requirements: Head toward the target planet and investigate the reasons for them losing contact . Search for the missing research team .

Remarks: Your investigation results affect the final rating of the mission .

Basic Reward: 1,358 Enas (In gray), 85,000 experience, Kenorn Diamond Ring (Purple equipment)


Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, his feelings indescribable .

It really is because my Charm has yet to reach the standard of triggering the mission…