The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

With the two Calamity Grade Supers letting out their energy without any restraint, Han Xiao could feel a sharp pain at his brows as though it was an alarm going off crazily . In his helmet's energy scanner view, every single inch of Anur and Ember's body was oozing with energy like a bright sun . At every single second, they were exploding with energy as they burnt through every last bit of energy that their cells provided to activate their Esper abilities .

The energy reaction of a Grade A Super far exceeded all of the Grade B Supers present . The difference between the two was like a bright, burning campfire as compared to the flame coming out from a puny lighter . Presently, only Nagakin was able to match that kind of energy output, and even Han Xiao's own energy reaction was far from being a match for the three Calamity Grade Supers . This was a difference in grade .

The collapse of the building turned the surroundings into a complete mess . Han Xiao took a slow, deep breath, calming himself down while his brain rapidly thought of the best way to react .

Our situation isn't good at the moment . DarkStar has sent out all of their forces, and if the two Calamity Grade Supers decide to work together and wipe us out first, while we will be able to buy some time for Alvin, there will definitely be many who perish here .

Although I will be able to escape intact, Herlous, Sylvia, and the others will be in danger . They will probably end up dead by Ember's hand, and the losses will be immense . Alvin is already escaping, and DarkStar's main motive is to kill the traitor . Upon seeing that the traitor isn't here, there is a fifty percent chance that they will split up their forces to give chase…

Alvin shouldn't have escaped too far, and the enemy should still be able to see his escaping figure . We need to make the enemy think that we are afraid of them chasing after Alvin…

Just as Han Xiao had expected, Anur first glanced over the area, and upon realizing that the traitor was not around, his expression darkened . He then began to look around, and with his altitude, he saw an aircraft escaping at top speed . The one riding it was Alvin .

"I saw them!"

The tubes on Anur's back let out a sharp shriek, and just when he wanted to speed up to give chase, Han Xiao let out a loud roar . "Stop them!"


Nagakin jumped up into the air and intercepted Anur's figure . The wind pressure shield was instantly shattered, and the both of them shot in two different directions like arrows .

Anur was instantly delayed .

On the ground, the mercenaries clashed together in a fierce battle with the DarkStar forces . Bright balls of explosions could be seen all around, and the sound of fighting could be heard everywhere!


Bolts of lightning exploded forth from Han Xiao's body, and a mechanical army of beasts pounced forward valiantly . There were black leopards, cavalry, and spiders . They sped into the chaotic battlefield and aided the other mercenaries in battle . One hundred and seventy-eight cannon towers were also unleashed, and dense layers of laser nets were shot out . Phillip also controlled three unmanned mechanical suits to enter the battle .

The next instant, Han Xiao's mini army displayed their full firepower!

He raised his head to look at Ember and activated a compressed orb in his hand .


Numerous thick grayish alloys opened up and fixed themselves onto various parts of the Void Dragon mechanical suit . Han Xiao's body size rapidly expanded, and he turned into a five-meter-tall, mid-sized armor . The armor was extremely thick, and all the weak links of the armor were covered in armor . He was like a heavy infantry soldier and gave the impression of an unshakeable mountain . The Halo Array and Sonic Spheres floated behind his mid-sized armor and formed a large and small halo .

Siege Mode . Second upgrade!

After obtaining High-End Knowledge, Han Xiao had strengthened the energy source of the exoskeleton attack armor . This had resulted in the functions of the armor increasing greatly, and with more functions being added, the size of the armor had grown as well . His own body was in the middle of the armor, and he could control the exoskeleton armor through a connection to his body .

The thrusters on his back, calves, and feet activated at the same time, and the armor shot toward the sky . Han Xiao threw a punch, and the metal fist carried a powerful wind pressure with it . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"You again . " Ember's wounds were still hurting . With a face full of rage, the black cloud turned into a rock-solid shield .


The metal fist collided with the shield, and the vibration mechanism in his wrists diverted the shockwave of the blow into the shield . The next moment, Ember's shield began to crack up in all directions and turned back into carbon particles .

Ember's eyes were cold, and just when he wanted to launch an all-out attack, Anur, who was fighting with Nagakin, roared, "They want to stop us from chasing the traitor . The traitor should be our target! I will hold them back myself . Don't get tangled up with them—give chase!"

Hearing that, Ember's expression changed, and he glared at Han Xiao hatefully .

"You are lucky that I don't have the time to play with you . Scram!"

His mission was the most important, and Ember suppressed the killing intent in his heart . With the black cloud transforming into a snake, his figure shot out of the battlefield and gave chase to the escaping Alvin . A large building that was in his path had collapsed as a result .

The ruckus did not stop, and dust clouds rippled all over the place . Tremors came wave after wave without end .

The destruction of the battle had begun to spread, and the affected regions expanded rapidly . All the pedestrians fled for their lives . With similar destructive events happening so often recently, the Public Security Squad was on full alert at all times . At that moment, more than two hundred Public Security Aircrafts appeared right in front of Ember . Without enough time to avoid him, all the aircrafts were swallowed up by the black cloud and turned into piles of scrap metal in a matter of seconds . All the Public Security Personnel within the aircrafts were squeezed to death like a dumping with a metal skin crushing the fillings .

More than two hundred aircrafts had been destroyed instantly!

Han Xiao acted as though he could not stop Ember and shot a couple of mini homing missiles for show before stopping his pursuit . Looking at Ember's departing figure, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief . Letting both the Calamity Grade Supers of DarkStar separate would reduce their risk greatly . As for Alvin, he can only rely on himself .

With his gaze sweeping the ground, Han Xiao noticed the complete destruction of the entire region . The mercenaries were engaged in an intense battle with the DarkStar warriors, and a small battlefield had been demarcated . In the sky, Anur and Nagakin were enjoying their battle . Their figures shot through building after building, and the light rings that were created from their clashes showed their movement routes .

Han Xiao's eyes sparkled .

With Ember giving chase to Alvin, and the speedy Anur being delayed, the situation isn't so bad . At the very least, Alvin won't be caught so quickly . While Anur may be able to escape from the entanglement, the other DarkStar warriors won't be able to do so . The moment he leaves, Nagakin will be able to kill all these DarkStar warriors with ease . Thus, Anur won't do that!

The only problem is that Anur is extremely powerful, and his abilities are difficult to deal with . He is practically invincible when facing us, and no one will be able to keep up with his speed .

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Han Xiao frowned and knew that Nagakin needed his help .

Thinking about that, Han Xiao took out an ordinary laser rifle and moved toward Anur while shooting .


The collapsing buildings behind him were like the alarm bells of death . Alvin was drenched in sweat all over and continued to increase the speed of his aircraft . The speed of his aircraft was already at Mach 1 . 3 and was far above the safe speed of the aircraft . The transparent windscreen of the cockpit vibrated violent, looking as though it would shatter at any moment .

An ordinary aircraft to be used in a city would have a safety limit installed and could go up to 350 kilometers an hour at the very most . However, in the short preparation time that they had before DarkStar's attack, Han Xiao had displayed the might of a Mechanic and removed the safety limit . On top of that, he had installed a turbo booster to change this aircraft into a getaway vehicle .

"Ember's speed isn't slower than mine, but he does not need to avoid the buildings . If this carries on, he will catch me in fifteen minutes!" Alvin gritted his teeth . "Do you have any ideas?"

Aroshia did not reply, and her arm turned into an energy shield to protect their aircraft . She did not care about Alvin's life or death and was only following Han Xiao's orders .

"The time is too tight," Alvin said . "You said that the Teleportation Mage is in City 8 . If we maintain this speed, we should reach it in fifteen minutes . However, Ember will catch up to us around that time…"

Aroshia ignored him completely and fell into a daze .

From afar, Ember still did not give up the chase .

Amid the tall, towering buildings, a black snake charged straight through rapidly, chasing after an aircraft that was constantly changing its route .

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The recent destruction had drawn the attention of the Noriosse financial group . The commotion of this battle was extremely huge, and the upper echelons of Noriosse immediately received news and convened an emergency meeting .

"… the ones creating trouble are mostly Godorans . Our system identified one of the Grade A Supers . He is a high-grade officer from Godora's War Bureau, Nagakin . His opponent is currently unknown, and he must have used a fake identity when landing . However, since he is an enemy of Godora, we guess that he is probably a member of DarkStar . Apart from these two parties, we also noticed Black Star's figure . He is also taking part in the battle and is standing on Godora's side . "

All the upper echelons felt a huge headache . None of them were characters that they wanted to provoke .

"They are still in battle, and the radius of destruction is constantly expanding . We have to stop them immediately . I recommend we make use of emergency plan three . Let the fleet outside of the atmosphere interfere with the battle!"

"I object . If both parties do not surrender, the Grade A Supers will attack the fleet, and our losses will be magnified . I recommend we send out the Protector . Incidents like this should be handed over to Supers to take care of . Let him aid Godora to get rid of DarkStar's Grade A Super . We cannot stand on the side of terrorists . At the same time, I recommend we activate the protective shield of the city and reduce our loss . "

"I agree with the majority of the recommendations, but something small needs to be changed . After the Protector arrives, he cannot interfere in the battle between both parties and will only serve as an observer to control the damage between both parties .

"Our Noriosse will remain neutral; siding with Godora or DarkStar will only bring us trouble . Let them decide victory and defeat on their own, and the Protector will only interfere right before a Grade A Super is killed . Also, we cannot let Black Star die either . I do not wish to see Ames throwing Floating Dragon Island at us .

"Consider it our bad luck that they chose to fight on Noriosse . Losses cannot be avoided, but we don't want to bring ourselves trouble . Mark out a region for them to fight . In any case, this planet is insured already . "

"I agree . "

"Seconded . "

All the upper echelons nodded .

"Carry out the plan immediately . "