The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 535

Published at 29th of December 2019 11:33:27 AM

Chapter 535

It had been two months since the outbreak of the Mutation Disaster, but DarkStar had not made a move . Thus, many people had felt as though something was amiss . After staying silent for so long, DarkStar had finally taken action and set out their fleets to attack three different calamity planets .

This news immediately created a huge reaction, and many of the galactic residents knew that the show was starting . As the archenemy of Godora, it was obvious that DarkStar would not let go of such a good opportunity, and the final piece of the puzzle had finally appeared .

Currently, there was no evidence to show that the Mutation Disaster was a conspiracy initiated by DarkStar, but this was no longer important . As long as DarkStar interfered in this matter, Godora's largest opponent would definitely be DarkStar .

DarkStar attacked three calamity planets in one go, and the local Godoran disaster relief squads fought an intense battle . However, because they were caught off guard and the size of their fleets were small, the three Godora disaster relief squads suffered huge losses .

Logically speaking, the civilizations of those three calamity planets should have been completely vulnerable before DarkStar . However, DarkStar did not destroy those three planets but seemed to have their sights set on the disaster relief squads . After causing some destruction, the DarkStar forces retreated before the Godoran reinforcements could arrive .

The outcome of the ambush was that almost seventy to eighty percent of the disaster relief squads was destroyed, and the situation that had stabilized was thrown back into chaos .

Because of this, Godora raised their defenses and sent out their regular army to the different calamity planets to stop DarkStar's ambush . But even so, they were not able to stop DarkStar in their tracks .

The second wave of ambushes took place soon after, and another few calamity planets were the targets .

The same scenario unfolded again . Despite Godora raising their defenses, DarkStar had also strengthened their attacks, and a galactic battle broke out between the two parties .

The spaceships crashed into each other with their protective shields flickering . The explosions of the spaceship's cannons flickered in the dark space like new stars being formed . The bright ray from the laser cannons was like a rainbow bridge in the pitch-black space .

After a huge battle, DarkStar retreated in time again, and the battle did not develop into an all-out war . Godora's fleet suffered a loss again, and all the disaster relief efforts went to complete waste .

Most of the time, DarkStar only hid in the dark to scheme against Godora; it had been a long time since their last head on battle . With DarkStar coming out from their nest again, it was no longer a small skirmish, and Godora immediately felt the pressure .

While Godora did have the advantage in terms of strength, Godora's territory was large, and their fleet was stationed around the different bases of the Garton Star System . The spare forces that they could mobilize were not sufficient to suppress DarkStar, and Godora was not clear about the size of DarkStar's forces either .

The most frightening part about DarkStar was the fact that they were hidden in the dark . It was impossible to predict their actions beforehand, and Godora had a huge headache because of this . If they did not know what DarkStar's next target was, they would not be able to make any targeted arrangements and could only defend passively .

In the past two ambushes, DarkStar seemed to have targeted the disaster relief squads, but Godora would not pull back their disaster relief squads just because of that . If they did, it would seem as though they are afraid of DarkStar, and Godora would never show such an attitude to their enemy . Furthermore, since they had already begun their disaster relief efforts, if they gave up halfway, it would be a huge hit to their reputation . Besides, the situation had not yet reached such a stage .

After so many years, both parties were finally in confrontation again . The entire Garton Star System was shaken, and this became the most watched affair in the Garton Star System .

"DarkStar will not stop like that and will continue launching their attacks . We will definitely meet them sooner or later . "

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In a conference room of the Sanctuary, Nagakin narrated the situation with a solemn expression . In the entire conference room, only Han Xiao was familiar with the situation . Both Bennett and the leaders of the Six Nations listed to Nagakin by the side .

The moment DarkStar launched their first ambush, this matter became serious . A few days ago, a Godoran fleet had suddenly descended to guard Planet Aquamarine . There were currently 120 Godora battleships waiting outside the atmosphere of Planet Aquamarine, waiting to defend against DarkStar's ambush .

Nagakin could no longer be bothered about disaster relief or recruitment . Defending against DarkStar was his priority . He had approached Han Xiao to discuss the matter many times over the past few days, and they were currently holding a meeting to inform both the Sanctuary and Six Nations to be on high alert . Of course, the Planet Aquamarine civilization would not be able to put up a fight in a galactic battle, but Nagakin wanted them to be mentally prepared for the possibility of being ambushed at any time .

"Because of our disaster relief efforts, we can only defend passively, and the situation is not to our advantage . DarkStar's motive is very likely to make use of our thin defense line to attack our weak points and slowly chip away at our forces . We can't know what DarkStar's next target will be," Nagakin said with a deep voice .

Han Xiao nodded . This was indeed DarkStar's motive, but it was only a small part of their plan . DarkStar's Mutation Disaster plan was targeted at weakening Godora's strength . Not just their military strength but also to shake the stability of their rule . They would only ambush the calamity planets but will not destroy the low-grade civilizations . If they destroyed the civilizations, Godora would not need to carry out any more disaster relief operations . DarkStar's motive was to hold Godora back .

The faces of Bennett and the others were solemn . It was impossible for them to be anxious as there was no use for them to be anxious .

"How are you planning to deal with the situation?" Bennett asked .

"The War Bureau has redeployed troops from the other Star Zones, and the second and third wave of reinforcements are on their way . The heads want us to continue our disaster relief effort while keeping our guard up…"

Nagakin frowned slightly . In truth, the upper echelons had thought of migrating all the refugees on the calamity planets . However, there was a huge hidden danger in doing so . They would not be able to detect if the Mutation Source entered the spaceship together with the refugees . As such, this plan was temporarily shelved, and the War Bureau decided to fight DarkStar head on .

Some of the more aggressive generals even felt that this was a chance . DarkStar was always in hiding, and it was extremely rare for DarkStar to make an appearance . Thus, they felt that they needed to make use of this opportunity to bait the DarkStar fleet and strike them with a heavy blow . Thus, the War Bureau decided to deploy further reinforcements .

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"In the end, we can only choose to wait," Nagakin said solemnly .

In truth, he had hidden another order from the upper echelons . If their forces were not a match for DarkStar's fleet, the upper echelons requested them to make a strategic retreat and preserve their strength . If the calamity planet was destroyed because of this, Godora could only express their regret .

Han Xiao shook his head . DarkStar's ambush was completely random, and even he was not able to predict when it would come . Even if he knew DarkStar's plans, he did not have the strength to block them .

If DarkStar's fleet come, I will have to join in the battle as well . This time, it wouldn't be a battle on land but a galactic battle… Han Xiao mused to himself . The danger of a galactic battle was far greater than a battle on land . It was no longer a battle between Supers but a battle between fleets . He would also have to face great pressure .

After the meeting was over, Han Xiao gathered all of his officers and requested for them to be on high alert . On top of that, he also got them to unload the materials in the spaceship's storeroom into a secret underground base in the Sanctuary .

The spaceship that he had rented was a model that was built for cruising, and its combat capability was not great . He was not prepared to send those rented spaceships into battle . Not to mention the fact that they would not be of much use, he will suffer a huge loss if the spaceships ended up being destroyed . However, he had other plans for the spaceships .

As such, the BlackLight Stealth was the only spaceship that his mercenary group could send out . While it was little, thankfully, its quality was high .

The members of the Sanctuary also got into action . They scattered the refugees and decreased the population density of the Sanctuary . On top of that, they constructed a few basic defensive measures . However, with their lack of technological skills, they could only leave everything up to luck . While the refugees did not know what was going on, they all listened to orders obediently . The atmosphere of the entire Sanctuary became extremely tense .

The players did not know what they were about to face next . Han Xiao still remembered that, in his previous life, whenever they suffered from an ambush, the mission progress of the Main Storyline Mission [Mutation Disaster] would fall greatly . With the players' current strength, it was difficult for them to contribute much in a galactic battle .

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If DarkStar doesn't come, that would be for the best . Han Xiao let out a sigh .

A concealed DarkStar squad was moving slowly in the galaxy . This was a high mobility armed squad, and their flagship was not a DarkStar mothership but a command ship called 'Blood Gal' . There were more than two hundred battleships surrounding the flagship, and the majority of the battleships were assault ships with immense firepower .

In the busy command center of the battleship, the fleet commander Nakapu had his arms behind his back as he looked at the projected star map . This gaze was emotionless, and he was cold to the point that he did not seem to have any emotions .

Not too long ago, he had led his fleet to launch two different ambushes and destroyed more than a hundred Godoran battleships . In those ambushes, his loss was less than half that figure .

Nakapu's fleet was made up of the elites of DarkStar, and their strength was not to be underestimated . He was following his orders and on his way to the next ambush target .

"How many more days until the destination?" Nakapu asked calmly .

"17 hours and 26 minutes," the navigator replied .

In the holographic projection, the star map of Star Zone 9 could be seen . The target planet was currently flashing in red .

Planet Aquamarine!