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The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 692

Published at 9th of March 2020 05:45:08 PM

Chapter 692: 692

Chapter 692 Any Day That No One Attempts to Assassinate Me, I Feel Uncomfortable

Sylvia was wearing a light mechanical combat jacket and kept her shield constantly active . The suit’s protection measure for her head was a semi-circular metal ring wrapped around the back of her head, fixed on her ears . Her face was protected by a semi-transparent arc-shaped shield, and in her hand was a silver alloy sword .

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She was gasping for air like a wind box and felt that her lungs were about to start burning . The sweat all over her body made the mechanical combat jacket feel sticky and wet .


A Thousand Beast Soldier suddenly dashed out from the side . Its huge mechanical metal claw slashed right down, vibrating at a high frequency .

Sylvia forced some energy out of her body, clenched her teeth, and raised her soft arm . The thin and tough silver alloy sword in her hands clashed with the claws, creating blinding sparkles .


The swift yet strong mechanical combat jacket suddenly increased its power, and Sylvia suddenly became faster . She quickly changed her stance, spun her sword, and stabbed at the Thousand Beast Soldier from a tricky angle . Mechanical Force lightning appeared on the alloy sword for an instant, and a tint of yellow light circulated on the blade as it stabbed into the body of this Thousand Beast Soldier in an instant .


A huge, yellow beam of light penetrated the Thousand Beast Soldier’s body and shot out from its back, leaving a large bloody hole . The Thousand Beast Soldier was blasted away, fell onto the ground, and died . Around it were tons of Thousand Beast Soldier corpses and shattered artilleries .

This was the surface battlefield on one of the armed satellite fortresses of the Bloodshed Land’s logistics transit station . A boarding team was difficultly moving toward the core energy furnace of this armed satellite fortress . Thousand Beast Soldiers came from all directions like waves, and the two sides fought intensely, leaving a path of corpses behind everywhere they went .

Sylvia had countless comrades around her . She was in the boarding team as well, responsible for one side of the team .

With the sword in her hands, she had been fighting for a long time . She could not even recall if she had killed a hundred or two hundred Thousand Beast Soldiers . Her combat jacket was damaged, and she was slightly injured . She was covered in sweat and exhausted .

Being on the battlefield, Sylvia could not hear any sound other than the explosions and roars . All she knew was that she had to follow the big team and keep marching forward, forward, and forward .

She looked up at the sky . Outside the armed satellite fortress was a magnificent galactic battle scene . Countless bright ‘shooting stars’ flew across the sky, braiding a net made of light . Those were the lights from countless ion cannons, illuminating the darkness and burning in silence .

Sylvia’s vision was suddenly filled with a strong light . An ion cannon shot landed on the surface not far away, hitting the dense Thousand Beast Soldier army, blasting away a large number of people .


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The fleet could occasionally penetrate the protective shield of the satellite and provide supporting attacks, clearing the obstacles in the boarding team’s path toward the energy furnace .

“That almost hit us . ” Fear lingered in Sylvia’s heart . Before she could even catch her breath, several more light beams headed in her direction . She had no choice but to expand the shield on her arms and quickly block them .

Bang bang bang!

The beams shattered upon hitting the shield . Her arms withstood the impact . She felt a piercing pain in her arms and shoulders and could barely even move them . Sylvia clenched her teeth and endured the pain . There was only one thought on her mind .

I want to go back to studying!

At least my life wouldn’t be in danger!

Three years ago, Sylvia had been able to reach Grade B . She had delightfully gone to tell Han Xiao the good news, and Han Xiao had been very glad . He had immediately thrown her into the advance team for real combat training .

At first, Sylvia had been rather happy, but now, she was full of regret .

That was especially so when the direct boss of the team was Lagi . Before every battle, Lagi would follow procedure and boost his subordinates’ morale… and every time, it made her feel like she was definitely going to die .

At this time, a dark outline of a person suddenly flew in her direction from afar, landing heavily on the ground not far away . The huge impact created a dent on the metal ground like it was made of paper .

This person seemed to be rather hurt from the fall, only standing up and levitating after quite some time . He then turned to look at the boarding team which Sylvia was in .

Clearing seeing the look of this person, Sylvia felt her heart was half frozen . This person was the enemy Calamity Grade stationed at the logistics transit station . He was supposed to be fighting in outer space, but he had landed on the satellite surface, seemingly having been blown there .

The battlefield was constantly changing . The expressions on the people of the boarding team all suddenly changed as they immediately turned toward this new Calamity Grade enemy, preparing to guard against his attack . There were no Calamity Grades among them .

As everyone was getting extremely anxious, another meteor landed from the sky and heavily clashed into this Calamity Grade, pushing him dozens of miles away, creating a ring of sonic impact . The impact blew away the Thousand Beast Soldiers around, and the violent wind tipped Sylvia and the others off their balance .

“It’s His Excellency Marian!”

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“How timely! I almost thought we were going to die . ”

Sylvia heard the exclamations from behind . She regained balance and looked over . The ‘meteor’ that had blown the Calamity Grade enemy away was levitating . It was the Grade A Mechanical Pugilist that had joined the Black Star Army three years ago, Marian .

Marian was covered in a black Super heavy mechanical suit like a heavy armored knight . He turned and looked at the boarding team . He nodded to signal for the boarding team to continue going forward and not worry about anything else .

Then, he accelerated and disappeared, chasing the enemy Calamity Grade Super and focusing on his own opponent .

“I wonder how’s the battle above going…”

Sylvia looked up at the sky again . Her vision seemed to be able to penetrate the darkness . She knew that her teacher was in the fleet overlooking the entire battle .

Meanwhile, Section Zero’s fleet was attacking the logistics transit station aggressively, destroying the enemy battleships one after another .

Han Xiao was in the command room of the flagship, observing the real time battlefield projection, moving the troops, and overlooking the overall battle . A circle of staff sergeants stood around him .

Compared to three years ago, Han Xiao gave off a sturdier vibe . He had short hair, an angular face, and stubble on his chin . He wore a compressed orb necklace and a black windbreaker that could not cover his built body . The charm of a mature man was emanating from him, head to toe .

His current position was the top commander of this fleet .

This was a standard mixed team . Forty-five percent of the fleet belonged to Han Xiao, the largest force present . The rest were from a few other Section Zero members, all under Han Xiao’s command .

Over the last three years, the Black Star Army had become the top member among Section Zero . A year ago, Purple Crystal had finally made the Black Star Army their long-term partner . The Black Star Army had then been the officially acknowledged leading organization of Section Zero . Therefore, Han Xiao had become the commander .

With Purple Crystal’s arrangement, Han Xiao led this team that was responsible for destroying the Bloodshed Land’s logistics transit station . He had been doing so for half a year .

As a commander, it meant that he could not easily join the attacks personally . Han Xiao no longer led the battle and let all his subordinates do their jobs . The new Grade A Supers that he had recruited three years ago were all very useful and reliable talents . This made up for the lack of high-level combatants under his command .

As long as they did not meet anyone whom they could not deal with, Han Xiao would not have to battle anyone personally .

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He had to nurture his officers and give them opportunities to contribute . After all, if he attacked, his subordinates would have nothing to do .

At this time, a few staff sergeants were observing the battlefield projections and loudly discussing the battle .

“The enemies are still resisting and covering the logistics teams, trying to reduce their losses by transferring the resources in the transit station through stargates . If we don’t stop them, the enemies will be able to retrieve most of their resources in about twenty-seven minutes and retreat through the stargate . ”

“Twenty-seven minutes? They can barely last ten more minutes . Their line of defense is already completely shattered . ”

“All we have to do now is destroy the stargate . That way, those enemies that have yet to retreat will be done for . ”

Listening to their discussion, Han Xiao caressed his stubble and did not say anything .

The logistics transit station’s core facility was a stargate built by the Star Cluster civilization that led to the Seoul Star Cluster on the other side . The enemies had deployed protective shields and fleets to protect the stargate . When attacked, they retreated while guarding themselves .

As soon as the enemies retreat, Han Xiao would not be able to chase further . The other side of the stargate was the enemy’s territory . If the stargate closed after they passed through, they would be heavily surrounded . Therefore, the victory condition was to destroy the stargate before the enemies successfully retreated .

The stargate was bidirectional, so the enemies’ reinforcements could arrive through the stargate . The enemies would need time to gather reinforcements, so the attacking side had the upper hand . As long as they destroyed the stargate first, the battle would be decided .

The Black Star Army had received tons of resources over the past few years . Hence, Han Xiao had expanded his fleet, which was why the size of this expedition fleet was so huge . They demolished the defense team of the transit station . The battlefield projection showed that the enemies’ line of defense had shattered, exposing the stargate .

A staff sergeant smiled and said, “The enemies have no chance . We’ve won . ”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the blue vortex at the center of the stargate rippled, spitting out one battleship after another . The Bloodshed Land’s reinforcements had arrived and quickly joined the battleship, stopping the attack of Han Xiao’s fleet .

Speechless, Han Xiao glanced at the staff sergeant that had spoken . That person coughed awkwardly, avoided Han Xiao’s gaze, and stared at the battlefield projection, putting on a focused expression, as if saying, I’m analyzing the battlefield situation, don’t disturb me .

“This is exactly why I don’t like to talk when we have the upper hand . ” Han Xiao sighed .

The appearance of the enemy reinforcements caused chain reactions . On the other side, streams of light bolted over from the desolate region . An enormous armed fleet stopped at the edge of the battlefield, surrounding Han Xiao’s fleet in the middle together with the reinforcements .

“An ambush?” The expression on the officers’ faces changed .

“Oh, it seems like this logistics transit station is a trap . ” Han Xiao raised his brows . He was calm and not at all surprised .

The battle had been going too smoothly, so he had noticed something wrong long ago . After so many logistics transit stations being destroyed by him, how could the Bloodshed Land not respond?

The battleship model of this ambush fleet was different from the Bloodshed Land-it belonged to another organization . Over the past three years, organizations that wanted him to die before he grew even stronger had joined forces with the Bloodshed Land secretly one after another, entering the secret war . Han Xiao had already met this kind of ambush set up more than ten times, so he was used to it . Any day that no one was attempting to assassinate him, he would feel that something was missing

Beep beep!

This time, the flagship received a video message from the attacking fleet . A man with metallic skin appeared on the screen . He looked like his entire body was made of metal .

“Black Star, come and fight me!” he said with a strong desire to battle in his eyes .

“Tsk, this guy is here again . ” Han Xiao sighed .

This man was also a Beyond Grade A seed, Hadavy, a battle fanatic . One year prior, he had entered the secret war during a certain battle, specifically looking to fight with Han Xiao, then was defeated and escaped .

However, Hadavy did not give up . After escaping, he joined forces with the Bloodshed Land and used the chances during the war to keep fighting Han Xiao, treating Han Xiao as an opponent to better himself . He fought Han Xiao again and again, losing again and again . Furthermore, he escaped extremely fast when things were looking bad . In Han Xiao’s eyes, he was basically a sh*t stirrer .

In the past three years, Han Xiao’s network list had become longer, and his list of enemies had increased proportionally .

“I’ll leave the commanding to you guys . I’ve got work to do . ”

Han Xiao casually stretched his neck with a calm face and walked toward the hatch with wide strides .

“Hopefully, they can give me some fun this time . ”

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