The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 858

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Chapter 858: Chapter 858 - Ames“ Actions

Chapter 858 Ames“ Actions

After giving chase for a while, the star map showed that the Arcane Church fleet had left the security perimeter and begun to split up . Tarrokov had temporarily lost contact with the Arcane Church fleet . Because of his previous conversation with Han Xiao, he invited Han Xiao to the main flagship so that Han Xiao could lock onto the locations of the enemy vessels through his Virtual Technology .

Han Xiao walked through the corridors of the main flagship, straight to the command room, with Hila and the others following behind him .

All of the dynasty’s commanders who he met along the way gave him a respectful salute . Han Xiao’s achievements in this battle had earned him the respect of all the participants in the battle . It could be said that their lives had been saved by Black Star, and they were naturally grateful to him .

Han Xiao responded with a smile and turned around to see Hila frowning . He then looked down at her neck only to see a bandage on her neck, which extended down her collarbone . He then asked with concern, “Are your injuries alright?”

Hila shook her head . “Such light injuries will recover in no time at all . You do not need to worry . ”

After the battle, she did not allow Aurora to waste her life force to treat them and chose to recover naturally .

“Does it still hurt?”

“A little bit . The painkillers aren’t too effective . ” Hila frowned . Although she had a stubborn personality, there was no need to act tough for such a small matter .

“Then I need to congratulate you for being alive . ” Han Xiao chuckled .

Their group then arrived at the command room, where Tarrokov was waiting for them . Upon seeing Han Xiao’s arrival, he immediately came forward to welcome him . He then pointed at a location on the star map and said, “This is the last position where the Arcane Church was seen . We have currently lost track of them . Black Star, we shall rely on you . ”

Han Xiao nodded and closed his eyes to enter the quantum network viewpoint .

In the darkness, nodes began to light up in the quantum network with some near and others far . An endless stream of information was being transmitted by the nodes, and an illusory wave of information floated toward him .

The star map appeared in the quantum network in the form of nodes, and Han Xiao could easily zoom in or out . In the quantum network, distance was completely negligible since he could jump from node to node easily . The improvement from [Virtual Creator] strengthened him in all aspects and greatly increased the range of his abilities .

The quantum network viewpoint seems more detailed than before .

Han Xiao immersed himself in this new feeling for a while before getting to work . He then slowly connected to the nodes to feel the subtle traces that the Arcane Church had left behind in the quantum network .

His brain rapidly processed a large amount of information, and Han Xiao opened his eyes abruptly .


A few hundred red dots suddenly lit up on the star map before them . These were the Arcane Church battleships that had concealed themselves .

The locations of all the divisions were marked, and nothing could hide from him!

Tarrokov was overjoyed . “Good job!”

“Haha, I didn’t do much . ” Han Xiao backed out from the quantum network viewpoint and chuckled .

If it was before he learned [Virtual Creator], the traces of his infiltration would probably have alerted the Arcane Church’s artificial intelligence, and they would have cleared it up .

But after learning the Ultimate Knowledge of the Virtual Mechanic class, he had received a huge upgrade and could easily create a backdoor into the Arcane Church’s system without being detected . This was why he had chosen to learn [Virtual Creator] .

Tarrokov stroked his chin and said, “Now that we have their coordinates, the enemy’s movements will be transparent to us, and we don’t need to worry about losing them . Hmm, the enemy has split up their forces, and a portion of them are probably going to be sacrificed . If this is the case, it is very likely that these pawns being sacrificed have fake information about the location of the stargates and wish to distract us . The true location of the stargate should be in the fleet that contains those Beyond Grade As . Black Star, are you able to lock onto the enemy commander and Beyond Grade As’ positions? I suspect that they are not on the main flagship . ”

“I can, but I need to infiltrate the enemy’s surveillance equipment . The risk of being exposed will be increased, and we may lose their locations . Are you sure you want to take the risk?” Han Xiao replied . The security of a Universal Civilization naturally should not be underestimated .

After thinking for a while, Tarrokov shook his head . “We should continue to maintain our current state . As long as we have their coordinates, we can try to capture their entire fleet in one fell swoop . Give EsGod a portion of the intelligence first . ”

Han Xiao nodded and did not say another word . His consciousness then entered his mechanical army . The mechanical army that he had sent out was almost going to come into contact with EsGod’s doppelganger .

A small fleet was currently approaching the meeting point together with an empty spaceship . They had been waiting for a long while, and beams of light suddenly appeared from the darkness of space and stopped before them .

Both fleets came into contact with each other and verified their identities . The Black Star Army then approached the empty spaceship .

A large number of dynasty soldiers were currently pointing their weapons at the exit of the spaceship, waiting for the Beyond Grade A envoy to take over from them .

For a bunch of ordinary soldiers to monitor EsGod’s doppelganger, even if EsGod did not fight back, they would still have an immense sense of pressure . It was as though they were facing a beast that could kill them at any moment . Thankfully, their helpers had finally arrived .


The hatch to the spaceship opened, and Psionic Prime walked in with his spear . Behind him was a group of Mechanical Lives and a large number of mechanical soldiers .

Psionic Prime then looked down at the dynasty’s soldiers and said, “I am the first Apostle of Lord Black Star, Psionic Prime . I am here to take over the mission from all of you and shall watch over EsGod’s doppelganger . ”

“We shall hand him over to you . ” The group of soldiers heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly handed over the mission before leaving the empty spaceship hastily .

Psionic Prime then brought his troops along to the empty spaceship . EsGod’s doppelganger was currently present .

Behind him, Silver Flash looked at the gigantic Psionic Prime and said angrily, “The Lord is too biased . Why does he get to be the first Apostle Weapon?”

“Stop complaining . Psionic Prime is the first child, so this can’t be helped,” a Mechanical Life Protector called ‘Gold Sovereign’ said . He belonged to the first batch of Mechanical Life and had a cold personality .

In front of them was a beastman-type mechanical soldier called ‘Mad Sky Hunter’ . He turned around and said, “The Lord has his own considerations, and we only have to give our absolute loyalty . Since the Lord bestowed Psionic Prime with such strength, it means that there is a limited number of Apostle Weapon slots . Perhaps only a small portion of us will be able to transform into Apostle Weapons . ”

Psionic Prime listened to the discussion behind him without saying a word and arrived at their destination in the spaceship .

The energy core in this empty spaceship had already been removed, and the spaceship was currently short on power . EsGod’s doppelganger was leaning on the couch, and he faced Psionic Prime’s mechanical army .

“Black Star, you’re here,” EsGod’s doppelganger said with a smile .

“I am Psionic Prime . The Lord does not want to meet you now . You can just let me know what you want to tell him . ”

EsGod’s doppelganger sized Psionic Prime up and said with a teasing tone, “Apostle Weapon? Black Star didn’t have such an ability the last time we fought . It seems like he received a great reward from the current battle . Alright, I do not have any interest in talking to you . Get Black Star out to see me . ”

Psionic Prime then held his spear up and pretended that he did not hear anything .

Upon seeing that, EsGod raised his arm out, and his arm stretched out like rubber, sending out a punch that was too fast to follow with the naked eye!


His fists were imbued with Esper energy and crashed onto Psionic Prime’s spear, generating a small shockwave .

Without saying anything, Psionic Prime channeled his energy into his spear, and the spear entered its released mode .

A psionic energy wave then shot out from the spear!


EsGod’s doppelganger had a stunning speed, and he avoided the attack nimbly . However, the couch that he was sitting on was sliced in two, and the entire wall of the spaceship was also sliced cleanly in two .

The mechanical troops and EsGod’s doppelganger thus drifted into space and faced each other in a standoff . The dynasty’s spaceships by the side immediately aimed their cannons at EsGod’s doppelganger .

Psionic Prime stood at the very front, and a surge of Mechanical Force descended on his body from afar . Psionic Prime’s body exploded forth with a blinding light . The other mechanical troops did not receive the boost from the Mechanical Force and retreated under Psionic Prime’s orders .

EsGod’s doppelganger looked at the surge of Mechanical Force and knew that Han Xiao was definitely paying attention to the situation . He knew what Han Xiao’s intention was and could not help but sneer .

Han Xiao wanted him to fight the Apostle Weapon to test the strength of the weapon .

“Humph, on account of the fact that you allowed me to evolve, I shall play with your Apostle Weapon for a while . ”

The next moment, EsGod’s doppelganger made his move, and his arms stretched out toward Psionic Prime like a cannonball . He launched ferocious attacks, leaving behind a series of afterimages .

This doppelganger did not have any powerful Esper Abilities and only had a few abilities to strengthen and modify the physique . However, this EsGod doppelganger still had the strength of a Beyond Grade A and the ability to suppress all Calamity Grades .

Psionic Prime then brandished his spear to fight EsGod, and both their figures weaved around in space .

Psionic Prime and EsGod’s doppelganger were evenly matched with each other in the head-on confrontation!

Psionic Prime’s spear was imbued with blue psionic energy, and EsGod was like a lump of clay, capable of changing his form to avoid various different attacks . At the same time, EsGod’s attacks were also avoided by Psionic Prime by splitting his body up and transforming into various mobile floating guards .

The mechanical troops watching by the side could not help but be surprised .

They were originally no more than cannon fodder in the face of a Beyond Grade A, but Psionic Prime had the strength to fight a Beyond Grade A head on .

“Is this the strength of an Apostle Weapon?”

Silver Flash and all the other Mechanical Life earnestly yearned for such strength .

Both parties clashed time and time again, and both of their figures retreated together .

At this moment, the Mechanical Force on Psionic Prime dissipated, indicating that it was the end of their spar .

EsGod’s doppelganger then stopped fighting after noticing that since he was there to talk .

All of them returned to a Black Star Army spaceship that was by the side . EsGod sat down, and Han Xiao’s long distance projection appeared before him .

Upon seeing that, EsGod’s doppelganger said with a smile, “Black Star, it is all thanks to you that I’ve been able to evolve this time . ”

Han Xiao then snorted . “You wanted to see me just to say something like this?”

“Of course not . ” EsGod’s doppelganger waved his hands and chuckled . “I wanted to ask you if you managed to come up with any results after researching that set of wormhole data . ”

This fellow indeed chose to expose the data on purpose so that he could borrow my connections to help him research the data… Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed .

However, EsGod still thought that he was the only one who knew about the existence of the World Tree Civilization and felt that he had an upper hand in intelligence .

Up until now, EsGod still thought that Han Xiao only researched the wormhole data to be careful but did not know that Han Xiao was also aware of the World Tree Civilization’s existence .

Han Xiao naturally would not destroy EsGod’s illusion as this was the only way to prevent EsGod from being wary .

“Long story short . These are the coordinates that the dynasty wants me to pass to you . ” Han Xiao then got Phillip to show a portion of the data . “If you really want to help the dynasty stop the Arcane Church, the dynasty may reconsider how they should deal with you . ”

EsGod’s doppelganger did not bother responding and started to view the intelligence report .

Upon seeing that, Han Xiao said, “However, I cannot understand why you suddenly chose to work with the dynasty . Angering the Arcane Church has no benefits to you . ”

“You don’t need to worry about this . ” EsGod did not even bother raising his head .

Han Xiao stroked his chin and fell into thought .

He had always felt that this was not EsGod’s intention but he was fooled by someone else .

Although EsGod would be able to curry favor with the dynasty by doing so, Han Xiao felt that his intention was to make use of this opportunity to increase the Arcane Church’s losses . It was as though his targets were Sagman and the other Beyond Grade As .

“If they manage to succeed, who will benefit the most? The Crimson Dynasty? The Federation of Light? Or maybe those Super Star Cluster Civilizations?”

Han Xiao let out a deep sigh .

After the Arcane Church fleet split up to escape, Rogue, Sagman, and the others changed their spaceships and abandoned the main flagship . They then disguised themselves as a small fleet and were currently making their way to the true position of the secret stargate .

Rogue felt that such a method would be able to confuse the dynasty’s forces, but the following event had shocked him .

A portion of their escaping fleet suffered from an ambush . However, the ones ambushing them were not just the dynasty’s fleet but also the Fallen Ark fleet!

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“Is EsGod mad? Why is he attacking us‽”

Rogue panted heavily with an ashen expression and bloodshot eyes .

“That darn EsGod actually arrived at an agreement with the dynasty . This fellow really wants us to help restrain the dynasty for him!”

Sagman was also extremely frustrated . It was one thing for EsGod to go back on his word, but he had even gone a step further to attack them . Although he did not have any expectations in EsGod, he could not help but be enraged by EsGod’s actions .

Psyker then looked at the star map and suddenly said, “The situation is strange . They are accurately ambushing our divisions . Is it because that division was unlucky to run into the dynasty’s defensive line, or has the dynasty grasped our coordinates?”

Everyone’s expression changed greatly the moment these words were said .

Psyker gritted his teeth . “Black Star is a Virtual Mechanic, so he may have done something . ”

Mercer also gritted his teeth and thought to himself, What kind of bullsh*t Mechanic is he?

Upon hearing that, Rogue immediately activated the automatic artificial intelligence scan on the spaceship, but there were no traces of Han Xiao’s infiltration .

“Black Star’s infiltration can’t be detected…” Sagman felt his head ache . He was extremely knowledgeable, and he knew that a Virtual Mechanic capable of bypassing a Universal Civilization’s firewall was not easy to deal with .

Although none of them were certain that Han Xiao had managed to lock onto their positions, they decided to prepare for the worst-case scenario .

“The dynasty’s encirclement isn’t complete yet, so this is our only chance to escape,” Rogue said . “Inform our forces to split up again . I want to see a million divisions . Also, cut off half of the fleet’s quantum network connection!”

He wanted to seize the opportunity before the encirclement was formed to use even more divisions to confuse the dynasty . Forming a million divisions meant that each division would only have a few battleships, and it would be impossible for them to fight back . This was akin to sacrificing even more people .

Cutting off half of the fleet’s quantum network connection meant that these divisions would become deaf and blind . It would be impossible for them to communicate with the other fleets, so they could only escape according to the star map . The only advantage of doing so was that they would be able to prevent their locations from being spotted . Rogue was prepared to cut off his own quantum network connection, and it was akin to giving up command .

Because of Han Xiao’s methods, Rogue had no choice but to make such a decision . It was akin to abandoning everyone in exchange for their survival .

Ninjia looked at him coldly and said, “Sir, you will definitely have to face court martial if you do so . ”

“Hahaha…” Rogue laughed . “After the failure of this mission, what kind of a future will I have?

“If not for Black Star turning the tables on all of you, would I have failed?

“Do I hate all of you? Of course I do!

“But all of you are still the high-level combatants of the Arcane Church .

“These soldiers and troops can be easily drafted and hired again, but all of you are different . It is impossible to easily replicate the existence of a Beyond Grade A, and you still have the Universal Treasure Ten Thousand Deity Scepter in your hands…

“My top priority is to cover your escape . Your lives are more important than any of ours!

“When I was in command school, my lecturer told me that I shouldn’t be a commander if I can’t be merciless . Having perfection in all aspects is an impossible dream, so we have to make sacrifices in order to complete our objective . Everything that isn’t important can be abandoned…

“I have already thought things through! Who cares about the court martial? My only mission is to protect the strength of the Arcane Church!”

Rogue panted heavily after saying such a ‘moving’ speech .

Sagman and the others all narrowed their eyes .

As Beyond Grade As, they would not be easily taken in by the words of others, and Rogue’s intention was not able to escape their eyes .

The five of them looked at each other before looking at Rogue .

“Then let’s go according to your plan,” Sagman said slowly .

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Above Planet Aquamarine, Floating Dragon Island had a lot more facilities a few months ago . There were plenty of spaceships flying in and out, and it was extremely prosperous .

In order to set up their main camp, Floating Dragon no longer allowed scavengers and galactic pirates to land on the island and chased away all the gray organizations on the island . Of course, there was a portion who did not dare approach the stronghold of the Black Star Army and took the initiative to escape .

The organizations entering Floating Dragon were mainly proper financial groups, and under Floating Dragon’s influence, Planet Aquamarine also gained support from quite a few financial groups .

In Floating Dragon Palace, Ames was currently seated on her throne .

Ames looked down at the representatives who had come to visit, and her face remained completely expressionless; no one was able to tell what she was thinking . In truth, however, she was just daydreaming .

Sigh, all these troublesome matters will be taken care of by Jenny anyway .

Ames’ mind had already drifted elsewhere .

I wonder how Hila and Aurora are doing . Tsk, Black Star is truly annoying . You took both my students away and don’t even send some news back .

Beep beep .

At that moment, her communicator, which was floating nearby, rang . Ames then grabbed it with her force field and was a little surprised upon seeing who the caller was .

Curious, Ames picked up the call and Austin’s figure appeared . “Austin? Didn’t this fellow go and search for materials? Why have you called me?”

Austin smiled and said, “Ames, I have a piece of information that may be of use to you . ”

Ames raised her brows . “Interesting . When did you start selling information? Isn’t that Black Star’s hobby?”

Austin smiled profoundly and informed Ames about the battle at Planet Lighthouse .

Ames was seated lazily at the start, but she began to gradually sit up straight with unstable force field energy floating around beside her, bringing about a huge pressure to the financial group representatives below .

“… that’s about everything . ” Austin finished his description and added, “I am only informing you about this because you are Black Star’s ally . Just as I expected, you aren’t aware of this matter, and Black Star hid it from you . Haha, I think he doesn’t want you to be dragged into this storm . ”

“Stop nagging . I know what you mean . Humph, in any case, thanks for the information . ”

Ames hung up and shut her eyes as though she was in deep thought .

Aesop, who was by the side, had heard the conversation and shook his head . “The prophecy was real . Thankfully, I reminded Black Star . If not, he might not have been able to escape this time . Black Star hid this matter from you because he doesn’t want you to be involved in the matters of the Universal Civilizations . However, Austin intentionally informed you about this because he wants to muddy the waters . Ah, he is truly a little brat who wants the world to fall into chaos . ”

Upon hearing that, Ames opened her eyes and said, “I am his ally, not his subordinate . What rights does he have to stop me from participating?”

Aesop had a knowing look on his face . He then shook his head and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“Contact the Crimson Dynasty envoy Zoel . The Crimson Dynasty is probably going to mobilize their forces in the Shattered Star Ring to attack the Arcane Church’s forces and stargate…”

Ames then stood up .

“Black Star, Psyker, Heber, and Austin, everyone is in the Flickering World…

“Thus, I am the only Beyond Grade A in the Shattered Star Ring now!

“I can go wherever I like!”

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