The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 945

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Chapter 945: Chapter 945 - Heart Sucking Demon

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Chapter 945 Heart Sucking Demon


As though a storm swept through the place, an illusory figure gradually appeared. Its facial features were not distinct; it only looked like a shadow. Its shape was extremely odd as though it was a creature with many arms. Its shape was still transforming, and it was emanating a frightening aura.

“Delicacies… delicacies…”

A mental energy was spread out in all directions, and everyone could understand the intention of this illusory being.

A strange sense of fear rose in their hearts, and even Han Xiao and the Black Star Guards were no exception. They just were not as badly affected.

“What kind of a beast is this‽”

Raymond and Slade had a look of fear on their faces. They did not know that such a beast had actually been hiding within the Box of Enticement!

They could feel a sense of fear in their hearts, and they started to feel a wave of dizziness.

“It is a special creature from the secondary dimension. You can treat it as a parasite that is born together with the soul. It is one of the reasons the Psychic Current exists in the universe,” Han Xiao said calmly.

This was a boss from the secondary dimension called the Heart Sucking Demon. The thoughts of every living being in the universe formed a universe consciousness, and the Heart Sucking Demons would crawl at the bottommost layer of the universe to feast on the universe consciousness.

The bottommost layer of the universe was the nest of these Heart Sucking Demons, and there was an almost endless supply of them in the bottommost layer of the universe. This Heart Sucking Demon was at the Lord level, but it had been caught by a powerhouse and sealed in this box.

Han Xiao knew that the Heart Sucking Demon boss’ main attacking methods were to attack the souls of its targets. It also had many different types of resistance and was almost immune to mental attacks. Most mental attacks would only be food for it.

It was because of this that the corpse of a Heart Sucking Demon was a huge supplement to one’s mental strength. However, the side effects of it was an explosion. Only a Psychic and some Mages were able to make use of it without any side effects. It could increase the mental defenses of a Psychic and also cause one’s attacks to have the [Chaos] status.

However, the Heart Sucking Demon was extremely difficult to catch and extremely rare in the universe.

The instant the Heart Sucking Demon broke free from its seal, a notification popped up on Han Xiao’s interface.


Destroy the Heart Sucking Demon

Mission Introduction: The Heart Sucking Demon is an extremely dangerous secondary dimension being that feasts on human thoughts. This Heart Sucking Demon was brought into the universe because of some reason, and it would be a hidden threat if ignored.

Mission Requirements: Kill the Heart Sucking Demon

Reward: 10,000,000 Experience

Rewards for the highest damage dealer: [Mental Defense] Talent and [Magic Resisting Body] Talent.

[Mental Defense]: +40% Psychological Resistance. You will be immune to [Chaos] and [Shock] statuses.

[Magic Resisting Body]: Your body has additional resistance toward magic. +45% Magic Resistance. You will have a 5% chance of being immune to a magical attack. Cooldown: 10 mins.


The players would definitely form a party when killing bosses, and the player who output the most damage would gain the kill of the boss. Even with Han Xiao’s current ability, he felt that the effects of these two talents were not too bad, so he had come for these two talents.

The box was just a sealing device, and the Heart Sucking Demon had been trapped in it for a long time already. It could not come into contact with the outside world and was extremely weak at the moment. It was currently in a starving state, and it immediately rushed toward the members of the Punisher Alliance to fulfil its thirst the moment it was released.

These people were a group of walking delicacies in its eyes.

“Hurry! The beast is coming over!”

Raymond, Slade, and the others immediately drew the weapons and unleashed a wave of attacks toward the demon.

However, although their attacks struck the Heart Sucking Demon, the effects of their attacks were limited. The defense of the Heart Sucking Demon was similar to that of the Interstellar Beast, and the attacks of a Grade B Super were unable to break through its defenses.

Despite enduring a large number of attacks, the Heart Sucking Demon was unharmed, and it slowly approached Raymond.

Upon seeing the strange beast about to stick on him, Raymond’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly backed off.


Right at this moment, a ray of light pierced through the back of the Heart Sucking Demon, and the Heart Sucking Demon immediately froze in place.

A spherical floating cannon floated beside Han Xiao with multi-dimensional energy being released from the sphere.

This was a multi-dimensional weapon that Han Xiao had created after obtaining his new Ultimate Knowledge. It was extremely effective in dealing with the beasts from the secondary dimension and could be used to kill the Heart Sucking Demon.

The ray of light rapidly expanded in the Heart Sucking Demon’s body, and the Heart Sucking Demon trembled as though it was trying to struggle for its life.

An intense sense of despair was sent out from the Heart Sucking Demon’s mental waves, and everyone present was also affected by its emotions.

It had just left the wolf’s nest to enter the tiger’s mouth. It was truly unlucky!

Everyone then saw the Heart Sucking Demon explode like a bubble being burst. The Heart Sucking Demon disappeared without a trace and only left behind a black, palm-sized item on the ground. This was the corpse of the Heart Sucking Demon.

Han Xiao then sucked the corpse into his hands and threw it to Feidin casually.

“Deal with it. You helped me find it, so this item shall belong to you. You can go and discover its use on your own.”

Feidin was stunned. “You’re giving it to me? You don’t want it?”

“It’s useless to me.” Han Xiao shook his head. He was a Mechanic and did not need the corpse of the Heart Sucking Demon.

His goal was only the two talents. A mission completion notification popped up on his interface the instant he killed the Heart Sucking Demon; he had already obtained the two talents.

Although the resistance of the Heart Sucking Demon was high, Han Xiao’s strength stood at the peak of the universe. Even if the Interstellar Beast from before appeared before him right now, killing it would only require a single cannon.

That reminds me, I seem to be even tankier than the Interstellar Beast…

Glancing at the members of the Punisher Alliance, Han Xiao did not bother giving an explanation and left the spaceship. Feidin shook his head with a smile and followed behind Han Xiao.

After being together for such a long time, he realized that he was becoming increasingly fond of Han Xiao’s personality.

He is truly a friend who I am willing to serve.

Raymond and the others opened a path and watched as Black Star left. Slade then came to a realization.

“Such a terrifying creature was hidden in the Box of Enticement. If it escaped someday, we would have been…”

Upon hearing those words, the members of the Punisher Alliance came to a realization as well and felt that they understood Black Star’s intentions.

Black Star knew about the existence of the Heart Sucking Demon and thus came just to destroy this demon that should not have appeared in the universe.

They had personally experienced how terrifying the Heart Sucking Demon was. If the Heart Sucking Demon had been allowed to escape in the future, they would have suffered heavy casualties for sure!

Did this mean that they had all been saved by Black Star‽

To think that they had misunderstood such a bigshot…

Understanding this point, Raymond and the others had complicated feelings in their heart. They were filled with both gratitude and a sense of shame.

After struggling for a while, Slade rushed out of the spaceship and wanted to catch up to Feidin and apologize for his previous attitude.

When he left the hatch, he realized that Black Star had already disappeared and left the planet.

Upon seeing that, everyone looked at each other and sighed.

Black Star’s level is too far away from us, and we will never be able to repay this favor.

The event that Feidin had triggered came to an end, and Han Xiao learned his lesson. He no longer allowed the fleet to stop near any planets, lest Feidin ended up meeting another fortuitous event and disturbing his training.

Thankfully, Feidin hid in his room to research the Heart Sucking Demon’s corpse and did not run around anymore.

After absorbing the corpse, Feidin’s psychic energy was strengthened, and Han Xiao had a strange feeling in his heart.

No matter how he looked at it, suddenly gaining a treasure was like the treatment of a protagonist.

Although he had also gained some talents, Feidin seemed to have benefited more.

After travelling for a few more days, Han Xiao’s energy level finally reached Lv.19.

His level 300 Promotion Mission was finally completed!

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