The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 948

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Chapter 948: Chapter 948 - Causing Trouble

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Chapter 948 Causing Trouble

A harsh alarm rang in a dynasty military outpost that was not far from this ancient battlefield planet.

“Alert! Alert! High frequency reaction source detected, burst frequency of 9.17b/ms! The energy spectral shift index is between 78.7 and 134.5. Calculating energy fluctuation model and matching with database… Match complete. The possibilities are as follows: 42% chance of [Dimensional Fracture Opening], 31% chance of [High dimensional being descending (Void Spirit)], 4% chance of [Supernova], 24% chance of [Primordial Psionic Energy Pollution], 88% chance of [Beyond Grade A detonation]… Executing Order K-0081 and immediately dispatching an unmanned spaceship for field exploration.”


With the alarm, the soldiers in the outpost immediately took action, returning to their respective positions. The unmanned drones were activated, turning into streams of light as their virtual pilots activated the hyperdrive modules to the coordinates of the energy explosion.

They quickly arrived at the scene, and from afar, they could see a fleet stationed in the planet’s orbit. At this moment the horrible energy fluctuations surged through the planet repeatedly, warping the entire ancient battlefield into a mess.

“This is the dynasty’s unmanned reconnaissance force. Please report your identity immediately!”

As soon as they made contact, the dynasty’s sentries immediately broadcast the signal to them, asking to verify their identities as well as activating a 3D scan toward the fleet.

Upon inspection, they got a shock. It was actually the fleet of the Black Star Army!

At this moment, Aurora connected to the communication channel. “This is Black Star’s personal fleet. What are you guys doing here?”

Hearing that it was an ally, the soldiers finally relaxed, and their attitudes got much better.

“We’ve received reports of a high energy fluctuation. What’s happened?”

“This was caused by Black Star. He’s on the planet surface now.”

“That was Black Star?”

The dynasty’s soldiers were shocked at the revelation.

Was it really the most likely prediction, the Beyond Grade A detonation‽

Black Star self-imploded‽

Thinking that, many of the dynasty soldiers sighed with pain in their hearts, and a wave of sadness surfaced.

“His Excellency Black Star… was he killed because of his business?”

“Huh?” Aurora was left stunned.

What was this situation? Why were they cursing at someone?

Only after explaining the situation did the dynasty soldiers realize that they were overthinking the matter.

In fact, it was no wonder that they had misunderstood things. The database matching had never made a mistake before. In the past, the sublimation of a Beyond Grade A had been very subtle, and they had not recorded any cases of a Beyond Grade A stepping into a higher realm.

However, Han Xiao’s promotion by the system condensed the evolution process countless times. Thus, the energy fluctuations caused by it stacked up to an extremely terrifying level. Since this was the first time the dynasty had encountered this situation, there was no corresponding example in the database, so a misjudgment was generated.

However, from that day forth, Han Xiao had become the first reference case in the database… probably the only one as well.

Since they were already there, the dynasty soldiers did not immediately leave. Instead, they simply moved to where the Black Star fleet was to observe the anomalies and collect data.

Aurora originally wanted to chase them away, but after thinking about it, she decided not to restrict their actions.

With the Black Star Army under pressure, it needed some opportunities to increase its prestige. With the dynasty now coming to investigate, not only would it increase Black Star’s importance to them, it would also improve his standing within the dynasty. The longer Aurora followed Han Xiao, the more her thinking became similar to his.

After a period of time, the high energy response passed its peak period and began to dwindle.

The process of metamorphosis came to an end, and the cells slowly quieted down from a highly active state. The energy that was uncontrolled and escaping from his cells gradually decreased, and the pain faded like the receding tide.

Opening his interface, Han Xiao summarized his advancement process. In terms of Race Evolution, the Racial Talents of the Black Star Race had been further improved, bringing more bonuses.

Even an improvement of 0.1x to the total affinity coefficient should not be underestimated. At Han Xiao’s level, this could increase his Machinery Affinity by hundreds of points, not to mention that he still had a +1 effect to all Mechanic skills.

The two Racial Talents brought by the evolution were the core abilities of his species. They were all growth-type talents. [Void Power] brought a total of 4,500 points and +30% to strength of abilities. This was also an ability that a Void entity would develop after undergoing metamorphosis.

[Tyracles Mechanical Legacy] currently provided 360% addition Machinery Affinity, but the main point of this talent lay in the unique blueprints that could be unlocked at different levels. These were the essence of scientific research accumulated by their entire race.

Han Xiao looked through some of the unique blueprints, and all of them were very high-quality equipment, broadening his own blueprint library. There were also several techniques saved within, which surprised him. He would have to carefully study them in the future.

The Saint Tyracles Race died during the exploration era for the same reason as the Evolutionary Civilization, but their data was not lost. Most of the technology left by their civilization was received and digested by the Federation of Light, which added a piece to their technological tree. Their huge technological tree was said to be partially made up of the technology from the Saint Tyracles, especially when they built the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device.

The unique blueprints unlocked at level 300 involved multiple fields of expertise, and the manufacturing was difficult, but none of them were Gold Equipment. Han Xiao estimated that it was likely that their Universal Treasure blueprints would only appear when he reached level 360.

In terms of his Class, he was already on the same starting line as ‘Mechanic Emperor’ Manison, but there was still a gap between their strengths. The [Divine Throne Mechanic] that he held was also held by Manison, but what Manison had, Han Xiao did not have… For example, there was his greatly coveted [Perfect Mechanical Sense], as well as his exclusive talents.

But in terms of their fleshly bodies, Han Xiao was definitely in the lead, far ahead of Manison. Although his mechanic abilities were inferior to Manison’s, his abilities in other areas shortened the gap between the two sides.

However, due to the talent [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus], the true strength of the Mechanic Emperor was unfathomable. For so many years, Manison had been recognized as the pinnacle of the Mechanic class in the explored universe, and he had gained God knew how many believers of this Mechanic religion. His position was rock solid.

The [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus] provided an all-rounded improvement. Be it in basic attributes, Machinery Affinity, manufacturing efficiency, creation performance ,or ability strength, there would be a percentage bonus from it.

Upon thinking of the huge believers within the Mechanic Empire, Han Xiao felt the pressure. Only when he approached the level of others could he truly appreciate just how strong they were.

“If I want to bring out the effect of this talent, I have to wrestle away the Mechanic Emperor’s position within the Mechanics. Only through fighting against him as a Mechanic can I then take away the believers on his side…”

Han Xiao shook his head. He originally did not wish to antagonize Manison, but now Manison had become the obstacle in his road ahead.

Most likely, Manison himself would also see him as a threat once he realized that he had reached this realm.

Two tigers cannot share one mountain.

“It’s too early to talk about all this now, and I also need time to get accustomed to the new abilities. It’s not the time yet to break all ties with Manison.”

Han Xiao exhaled, suppressing his troubles and throwing the Free Attribute Points that he had obtained through [Mechanical Evolution—Creator’s Heart] into his Intelligence.

After completing this step, Han Xiao took a look at his character interface.


Total Level: 301

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Black Star Race

Attributes: 6,736 STR, 6,405 DEX, 9,664 END, 17,453 INT, 5,230 MYS, 1,368 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 15

Potential Point: 7

Health: 9,695,991

Stamina: 7,832,880

Energy: 128,410 [Lv.19]

Lv.19 Energy Stat Bonuses: +2,026 STR, +2,488 DEX, +3,120 END, +3,425 INT, +1,923 MYS, +681,520 Stamina Limit, +2,712% Machinery Affinity

Energy Rank: 71,130

Grade: SS

Grade S Bonuses: +100 END, +35% All Resistances. +32% Highest Attribute, +20% Other Attributes, +750 Free Attribute Points, +50 Potential Points

Remark: You have already touched on the peak of an individual’s strength. On the road ahead, there will be no more forerunners, you are your own pioneer!



Seeing the huge changes on his interface, Han Xiao sucked in a breath involuntarily.

When he was level 280, his Energy Rank was 53,000, but now it had actually shot up by almost 20,000. However, not all of this was due to the changes brought about by his evolution.

During this period, he had learned all the class knowledges to activate the extra talent, and he had obtained the talent [Heroic Wrists] from Dragon Emperor Ames. Plus, he had even trained his Energy to Lv19… These various factors supported each other to create his huge growth.

The changes within his attributes were also frightening, with his Intelligence almost doubling. This was thanks to his [Almighty Mechanic] and [Divine Void Power], as well as the talent [Mechanical Evolution—Creator’s Heart], which all gave him attributes for free, providing a huge increase.

Even his endurance had also become frightening, his HP value approaching the ten million mark. Among the currently recognized Beyond Grade As, probably only the old dragon had more HP than him. Even Ty-Ty had to step aside.

“My realm has reached SS…” Han Xiao nodded to himself.

With his Energy Rank skyrocketing, his S rank bonus had also increased. The bonus given to Endurance had been changed from fifty to one hundred, and other effects had also increased to a certain extent.

This realm was normally known as the pinnacle of Beyond Grade A.

SS was naturally higher than S+, but it still belonged to the realm of Grade S. It was not a qualitative change like the Calamity Grade evolving to Beyond Grade A. What EsGod pursued was breaking the boundaries of the SS rank and opening up a whole new realm.

Gazing at the experience needed to level up, Han Xiao was not surprised that it had increased significantly.

The experience he had accumulated throughout Version 3.0 was almost exhausted. With this little reserve, he could only level up three to four times, which was of little significance.

Therefore, Han Xiao decided not to level, instead leaving it to upgrade his skills, finding it more cost-effective.

It will not be possible to level up during the version update. I need to stabilize myself, digest my abilities, and start to accumulate, Han Xiao thought to himself.

The biggest difference between him and the Mechanic Emperor was the many years of accumulation.

After arranging his benefits from this advancement, Han Xiao stretched before flying back to his own fleet.

The officers were all waiting there, staring at him with expressions of shock, envy, and surprise.

Han Xiao’s evolutionary process really subverted everyone’s cognition, leaving a shock in their heart.

“How did you do it?” Hadavy could not help but ask. His eyes glowed green, like a wolf, as if he wished to see into Han Xiao’s insides to check carefully which part was different.

Glancing at him, Han Xiao quipped, “If you took the time you use to play cards to train, you might have long reached the Beyond Grade A realm.”

“Like hell I believe you.” Hadavy was embarrassed and angry.

Aurora pursed her lips before asking worriedly, “Will there be any side effects?”

She felt that this method of evolution was contrary to common sense, too violent, and it might have undesirable consequences.

“Side effects, hmm…” Han Xiao thought about it. “If you count being handsome as a side effect, then I might really be ill.”

“Please just die.” Aurora rolled her eyes. While you are really charming, I still have to say… I’ve never seen someone so shameless!

But the worry in her heart also lessened.

Black Star knew of her skills. If there was really something wrong, he would have long requested for her [Life Essence] skill.

Feidin walked up, lightly hugging Han Xiao as he smiled. “Congratulations.”

During the secret war period, he had personally witnessed Han Xiao stepping into the Beyond Grade A realm, so he was the calmest person among all of them present. His trust in Han Xiao far outstripped everyone’s imaginations.

At this time, the dynasty fleet also sent over a message of greeting.

“We pay respects to you, Your Excellency Black Star.”

“Oh, when did you guys come?” Han Xiao had been too absorbed in his new abilities earlier to notice.

“We’ve been here for a while,” the soldier said before hesitating. “Your Excellency Black Star, just now…”

“Hehe, nothing big. I just had a small increase in my powers.” Han Xiao laughed it off.

Hearing this, all the soldiers were speechless.

You created such a huge commotion, but you’re telling us it’s a weak increase? Do you think we’re five-year-olds‽

“Cough, Your Excellency Black Star, regarding this, we’ll report it up as per normal. Do you have any objections?” The soldiers could only swallow any insults they wanted to spit out and carefully get back to the matter at hand.

If it was a normal period, he would have immediately reported it up, but having witnessed the entire process of Han Xiao’s promotion, he had to request Han Xiao’s permission.

Han Xiao nodded, not taking it seriously.

“It doesn’t matter. You can just report it as it is.”

Anyway, this thing could not be concealed. He could not wait for the dynasty’s upper echelons to know that his strength had grown again. It would be better if the dynasty spent more money on him.

The dynasty soldiers thanked him with expressions of joy before leaving the area, activating their hyperdrive systems to return to base.

A flash of steel passed Han Xiao’s eyes as he watched them depart.

Now that his promotion was complete, it was time to proceed with his plan. He was going to go bully the Tyrant and save his businesses!

It was in line with his plans to check how much his combat power had grown.

Heh heh, Ty-Ty, I’m coming to play with you!

In the Black Star Army headquarters, the sound of mechanical devices came from within the Army Commander’s previously-silent, exclusive warehouse.


An equipment maintenance box was opened from the inside, and two dazzling lights emerged from the darkness.

A mechanical host stepped out, its eyes shining like the midday sun, carrying Han Xiao’s consciousness.

Looking back, he flicked his fingers, and a dazzling blue-gold Mechanical Force swept out, activating all the equipment boxes within the warehouse.

Ka ka ka!

One box after another was successively opened, and the stocked up mechanical soldiers were activated.

The mechanic host took a big step, and with its huge mechanical army behind it, it walked out of the warehouse.

The Lord had descended!

At the same time in the Bloodshed Land…


Two wine glasses clinked together, letting out a crisp sound.

Within the palace hall was a long and luxurious dining table, full of hearty dishes.

At this moment, only two people were within this room, and the consciousness of Heber and Sorokin sat opposite each other, raising their glasses to toast each other.

This was a celebration meeting.

“Thanks to the influence of Your Excellency Heber, our cooperation is on the right track. It’s a joy to work with you.” Sorokin wore a slight smile as he sipped on the wine.

“Hmm, I just did my part.”

While Sorokin was a money scattering mascot, Heber did not have a great impression of him, so he did not say much, only draining his wine glass and placing it down.

However, the wine glass was placed too close to the edge, and it fell off onto the ground.

Just as Heber was about to reach out to grab it, he suddenly paused, watching as the glass dropped.


The glass smashed on the floor, turning into shattered pieces.

“Eh? What’s wrong?” Sorokin was suspicious. With their skills, there was no way he could not have reacted.

Heber stared at the shattered wine glass, his brows furrowed tight.

He did not know why, but in that instant, he felt his heart palpitating.

It was as though something bad was about to happen.

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