The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 950

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Chapter 950: Chapter 950 - Showing Oneself, Entering the Scene!

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Chapter 950 Showing Oneself, Entering the Scene!

With the bystanders spreading the word, the news of Black Star’s battle against the Tyrant quickly spread throughout the Shattered Star Ring and even to other major star fields.

The grievances of the two were dug out like melons by the crowd, adding an extra gimmick to the battle and attracting widespread attention.

It was not like conflicts between allies in the advanced civilizations had not occurred before. Although they were working for the same civilization, their alliance was not bound, and it was all for mutual benefits, with the resources ultimately divided. This would inevitably create a conflict of interests.

So long as the friction between allies did not cross the line and did not result in any serious internal strife, the advanced civilizations would not come forward to mediate. They did not plan to make sure all their allies had a good relationship with each other. Furthermore, competition would bring forth vitality. The issue of resource distribution was also too troublesome for the civilizations to mediate.

As for the challenge Black Star issued to the Tyrant, this was at the very edge of their limits. Thus, the dynasty could choose whether they wished to interfere or not.

This incident was brought up to the upper echelons of the dynasty.

“A few days ago, Black Star officially issued the Tyrant a challenge for a battle in twenty days. The Tyrant has accepted, and now the news is spreading like wildfire. Everyone, what are your views?”

At the head, Urranrell tapped her slim fingers on the table, surveying everyone present.

“Well, Black Star did not discuss this with us first, moving before he asked for permission. This will affect the dynasty’s influence in the Shattered Star Ring, which is not good for us,” a senior official said seriously.

“Indeed, the external environment of the dynasty is now worrying. For us, maintaining the stability of the star field is the most important. I feel we should intervene in his matter,” another echoed.

Some others had a different opinion. “We can’t put it like this. Black Star’s approach is justifiable, as the Tyrant proposed the duel years ago to Black Star when he had just entered the Beyond Grade A realm. Black Star wishing to resolve this grudge now is completely understandable.”

Hearing this, an official from the neutral faction added, “It’s true. At that time, we didn’t stop the Tyrant because Black Star had only joined us after accepting the duel invite. A Beyond Grade A’s promise cannot be taken back easily, so we cannot interfere with Black Star’s duel now, or it would be unfair.”

“Yes, not to mention that the recent actions of the Bloodshed Land have affected the interests of the Black Star Army. If we are biased toward the Bloodshed Land, this will greatly affect Black Star’s perception of the dynasty.”

“But the reputation of the Tyrant…”

The officials present were divided into two sides, one supporting interfering and one supporting standing by to watch. However, those that were talking were only the pawns in charge of conveying the intentions of each faction.

As for those leaders of the factions, none of them had spoken up till now.

Urranrell listened quietly before gazing at the Chief Commander of the Exploration army, Tarrokov, and asking, “Tarrokov, what do you think?”

Once this remark came out, the audience tacitly quieted down, knowing that it was the time for the bigshots to display their stances.

“Black Star… I’m very acquainted with him already.” Tarrokov smiled. “I believe he knows his limits very well.”

“Hmm.” Urranrell nodded before gazing at Bekorodi, who was representing the opposite end. “And you?”

Bekorodi’s expression was calm like a mirrored lake, and he only smiled before slowly saying, “I… choose to remain neutral.”

Hearing this, a flash of doubt passed through Urranrell’s eyes, along with some surprise.

She knew that Bekorodi had always been against Black Star, as though that guy had cuckolded him.

But to think that he gave such an unexpected response. This implied that Bekorodi was taking Black Star’s side this time.

Supporting neutrality right now was akin to supporting Black Star because everyone there knew that if the battle were to proceed, the reputation of the Tyrant would be severely damaged, and Black Star’s reputation would skyrocket.

What Heber did not know was that, in the eyes of the dynasty’s upper echelons, the chance of Heber winning against Black Star’s avatar was less than ten percent!

This was because, not too long ago, the outpost had delivered the observation report of Black Star when he advanced, and this report had caused a sensation among the upper echelons of the dynasty.

Black Star had only entered the Beyond Grade A realm a few years prior, and the battle at Planet Lighthouse as well as the fall of the EsGod had shown his growth. The dynasty originally thought that he would remain quiet for a while, but it was as though Black Star had drunk some high-energy motor oil, setting his buttocks on fire and shooting him straight up into the sky. He actually grew once again in such a short time!

Compared to the normal speed of a Beyond Grade A, these few years were far too short!

While they were unaware as to what extent Black Star had grown, based on ‘Dark Lord’ Clotti’s hypothesis, Black Star should be near or even at the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm. He had achieved this hundreds of years ahead of the projected time, and even the Dark Lord had been shocked, saying how he had never met someone so perverted in his entire life.

Thus, in the eyes of the dynasty, the Tyrant’s odds of victory were so low that they could be considered pathetic. To that end, they even wondered if Black Star sending an avatar to battle was merely to infuriate the Tyrant further and let him think that he had a chance of victory.

The outcome of this war was already set in stone, and Black Star would likely become the new spokesperson for the dynasty in the Shattered Star Ring. The Tyrant could still grow his influence, but it would never reach the same level as before Black Star challenged him…

In the eyes of the outsiders, it meant that Black Star would take the head seat of the Beyond Grade As within the Shattered Star Ring!

Urranrell was naturally willing to see this happen, so all those within the Ruler’s faction sided with Black Star. She originally thought that someone would jump out today and insist on interfering in the battle, but she did not expect Bekorodi, who would usually give her trouble, to change his position!

Frowning secretly, Urranrell then looked toward Ludwell.

“I also support neutrality.” Ludwell’s expression did not change. It was not because he was grateful to Black Star but rather because he typically followed the direction of the Ruler’s faction.

Moreover, he was not as radical as the hardliner faction. Containing Black Star would be a strategy for the future. right now, it was more important to gain Evolution Cube uses or to buy Evolutionary Totems.

Today is a weird day. Why are all of them suddenly speaking so nicely? Urranrell grumbled to herself.

By the side, Bekorodi lightly closed his eyes, casting a deep look at Ludwell.

Just a few days ago, Sorokin, whom he had a deal with privately, had sent him a message, hoping for him to interfere in the battle. If they allowed Black Star’s name to continue rising, Sorokin’s plan would become more difficult.

Normally, he would definitely have interfered in the battle, but the situation now was different. Ludwell had spoken to him about half a month ago, and the deep meaning between his words had made him wonder.

Thus, Bekorodi could only ignore Sorokin’s opinion and temporarily sheathe his weapon, observing the situation. Acquiring the Evolution Cube would be good, but protecting one’s life was more important.

The conference room’s atmosphere was a little heavy, and after the senior officials of the factions sent out a unified reply of their opinions, no one dared jump out to object.

Urranrell only felt that this was too successful and slowly said, “Since no one has any objections, let’s make it as such. As long as Black Star doesn’t act unreasonably, like killing Heber, we will not interfere.”


Everyone nodded while having their own inner thoughts.

“Black Star and the Tyrant are duelling?”

In the group chat of the Dynasty’s Beyond Grade As, Beyoni excitedly posted that question and blew out all the lurkers within the chat.

Milizaus snorted. “I knew that both of them would fight one day.”

“No need to talk any further. Start the bets.” Beyoni rubbed his hands.

“I’ll put a small bet to not hurt any feelings. Black Star, fifty million Enas.” Ravenlaude laughed, not even the least bit embarrassed at selling out the Tyrant.

“Oh, I’m close to Heber and understand his strength quite well…” Viru stroked his chin. “I’ll bet on Black Star too, ten million.”

“Black Star, two hundred million,” Lotus Swordsman indifferently commented.

“Oi, how are we going to open the bet if all of you bet on Black Star?” Milizaus was unhappy.

“Simple, you can go call all The Ancient Ones out, and I’ll pull in those from the Federation of Light and the Arcane Church. This will make it more interesting.” One of the lurking three National Pillars of the Dynasty could not take it any longer and surfaced, joining in the fun.

“Ingenious, ingenious plan.” Milizaus laughed out loud.

While the Arcane Church had hurt him, the other party had lost even more, so he did not have much of a grudge against them.

The Beyond Grade A circle was only this big, so while they belonged to different civilizations, they would still have their own private dealings.

The Ancient Ones along with those in the three Universal Civilizations made up more than half of the entire population of Beyond Grade As in the explored universe. This could be said to be a grand event.

Regarding the battle between Black Star and the Tyrant, not only did no one worry, they even riled up the matter. Only those that belonged to the direct line of the Dynasty’s Beyond Grade As would carefully consider the matter from the viewpoint of the dynasty.

Everyone was a Beyond Grade A, and there was no good drama without fighting!

On a blood-red planet in a distant star field, an endless beast tide rushed toward a red figure like a black ocean. Countless broken beast carcasses fell to the ground, their blue blood infiltrating the soil, leaving the red land splattered with blue.

The beasts were a ferocious galactic life form that could sleep and drift through the universe. Once they fell to a planet, they would quickly multiply and consume everything on the surface, forming a catastrophe.

In the prosperous star fields, these sorts of galactic creatures had long been eradicated, but there were still some nests in the remote and wild areas of the universe.

At this moment, from the center of this beast tide, a rich crimson energy continuously exploded. Wherever it passed, the energy swept through, harvesting all life.

Hila’s eyes were frosty, and she took in nothing except for the incoming beast tide. Her death energy radiated out from her as though it was free, and the soul energy of the beasts that died to it was absorbed by her body, constantly strengthening her abilities.

In the sky, Ames was suspended in midair, overlooking Hila who was slaughtering the beast tide with no intention of helping.

The goal of this trip was not to have fun; Hila needed to improve her Esper ability quickly, and the fastest method was through slaughter. However, their targets this time were the brutal beasts.

It was not known how long the battle lasted. When the last beast fell, Hila was covered in blue blood, and she gasped for air as she looked around.

As far as she could see, the carcasses stretched over the horizon, and the earth was dyed blue.

The blood of these creatures smelled like curdled milk, sour and smelly. Hila held her breath and dragged her tired body to Ames.

“The efficiency is quite high.” Ames lightly nodded.

Lowering her head to look at the situation, Ames clutched with her palm.


The earth trembled and rose up, like an earth dragon that was stretching itself. Ridges of earth protruded out, twisting around the ground, creating a spectacular scene.

The force field churned for a while, and when the sand and dust gradually settled, all the carcasses were buried in the ground, like the land was being plowed.

If it was Ames who acted, destroying the beast tide was just a matter of flipping her hand.

Her jade white hands retreated into her black sleeve, and with a smile on her face, Ames said, “When you can achieve this level where you can reap the lives of hundreds of millions of creatures with a wave of your hand, then you can be considered to have reached the Beyond Grade A realm.”

Hila only mutely nodded, her face passive, as though her whole body was not covered in grime and blood.

“By the way, I saw the news just now.” Ames took out her communicator as she lightly laughed. “Black Star challenged the Tyrant to a duel, and just like the previous time, he even set the date to be twenty days later. What a wicked sense of humor.”

The previous time, Ames had welcomed the battle with him, so her memories of that were especially clear.

“Eh?” Hila frowned, and a frosty air exuded out from her. “Shall we go and help?”

“Hehe, relax…” Ames indifferently laughed. “The current him does not need any assistance.”

The major organizations of the various star fields were all paying attention to this matter. Due to the continued fanning of the news, more and more people around the universe got to know about the battle between the two.

The gambling industry had also started its own operations. Originally, Black Star’s odds were very high, but because he did not participate personally and only sent an avatar along with two million mechanical soldiers, the win rate comparison was adjusted and set to six to four in favor of Heber.

Ordinary people had no way to understand the actual combat power of the Beyond Grade As. In the eyes of many, while Black Star had an impressive record, many still felt that the Tyrant was no pushover. In the heart of the citizens, many felt that a Beyond Grade A who did not turn up personally would never be an opponent of the same level. Many of them still bet on the Tyrant.

Under this bubbling atmosphere, twenty days passed in a flash.

Planet Black Tyrant was originally a barren and desolate planet. Ten days prior, when Heber chose this spot, Klent had given this planet the name and put it on the star map.

Maybe Klent had plans to make this place into a tourist attraction in the future, but the spectators that came did not think this way. After the battle, it would be hard to say if the planet was still there.

Black Star did not mind having the duel in Klent territory. He wanted to let people see his confidence, and there was no need to be afraid of any possible losses since he was only using mechanical soldiers.

Because of this, the Beyond Grade A mechanics felt a huge headache. As long as his wallet could support it, he could take all sorts of unbridled risks.

Many people had flocked to Planet Black Tyrant.

With what happened a few years ago as the lesson, the majority stayed far away. No one wanted to be the unlucky person that would be accidentally killed.

The Bloodshed Land’s fleet was suspended in the surroundings to guard the area, while Heber stood alone on the surface. His eyes were closed as he readied his mindset, and his burly body stood ramrod straight, giving off a pressuring aura.

“Can he win?”

On the spaceship, one of the Vanguard Officials could not help breaking the silence.

“Are you doubting His Excellency?” Fosters coldly glanced over.

“Are you not?”

Fosters gritted his teeth, glaring at the offender before turning his head back. He had no comeback.

In reality, his palms were already slick with sweat.

If the Tyrant could not defeat Black Star himself, he would definitely feel disappointed, but he had already mentally prepared himself for that. However, what would come today was just an avatar, and if the Tyrant could not even defeat that…

“That’s not possible. In just a few short years, how could Black Star become so strong?”

Fosters shook his head fiercely, muttering to himself. It was unknown whether he said that to convince others or himself.

Jorde turned his head around. He gazed at the worried expressions of the other Vanguard Officials, and his face turned pale.

When did the eight Vanguard Officials under the Tyrant that had unwavering loyalty become like this?

When did this trust start to shake?

That’s right. It was when Black Star first reached Beyond Grade A. When the Tyrant dueled with him and did not obtain a clear victory, that was when the seeds of doubt were planted.

If they had known of this, they should have gone against the Tyrant’s wishes and killed off Black Star during the secret war.

Black Star… was really a poison that struck the core.

You have to win, Your Excellency… If not, it will be hard to keep the hearts of the people.

Jorde sighed.

A pity, there are no what ifs in this world.

At this moment, Heber suddenly opened his eyes, glancing at a distant location.

Di di di…

The Black Star fleet slowly appeared on the horizon, neither quickly nor slowly, just on time.


Heber’s eyes were cold, and the hands that were behind his back suddenly clenched tight.

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