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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:25:13 PM

Chapter 446

Volume 48 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Swaying Public Sentiment

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The central reception room in Aren Castle .

Darius showed up at the place where many Hermes Guild users were gathered .

“He handled the dirty work well and this time it bit him back . ”

“I was lucky compared to him . In the end, it was all exposed . ”

“But Darius has always been favoured by the leaders so will he be punished?”

The users gathered in the reception room spoke to each other in low voices .

The elite group that was the Hermes Guild only aimed for victory! Military commanders who were defeated would be openly punished . Their territory or troops were given back, or they might even be expelled from the guild .

“The death of a thousand people . It is a problem that can’t be overcome without someone taking responsibility . Darius is no different . ”

“Indeed . Draka-nim hasn’t come out since that day . ”

As a commander in the north of the Haven Empire, he was 10th in the rankings .

But after being defeated in a great battle with the Arpen Kingdom, he was thoroughly disciplined and lost a lot of power .

“It is the end for Darius . ”

“He doesn’t have a solid background or strong forces . If a hunting dog who failed to hunt is let go, the guild’s discipline will be destroyed . ”

“I don’t want to see him arrogantly roaming around the Rosenheim Kingdom . ”

Darius’ official censure was done at a gathering of guild leaders, including Lafaye .

“The disaster at Mols Dungeon . You were the leader . No one survived under your command and you failed to eliminate your goal . Wasn’t you goal to kill Weed?”

“Yes . That’s correct . ”

Darius bowed with slumped shoulders . He showed a subservient appearance that reflected his sadness and sense of responsibility .

“But you were so focused on Weed that you didn’t notice the trap in advance . ”

Lantan, one of the guild’s leaders, questioned in a sharp voice .

“The result of the battle was that 1054 people were killed . Compare that to the northern users where only 34 people died . As for the power, it was confirmed through the broadcast that the northern users had fewer numbers . Do you have anything to say about this result?”

“It was because I didn’t know . I was unaware . ”

Darius had no excuse for the battle .

“How would I know if there were 500 or 1,000 enemies without any prior information?”

“You were too busy running away . ”

“We tried to complete the task even when being chased . ”

“Tried? What is the point of trying if there are no result?”

“Are you saying that all the users who participated in the operation are fools? If that was the case, would the results be any different for anyone else here?”

As Darius refuted Lantan’s accusations, a cold aura flowed in the central reception room .

“It is difficult .

“This time we really thought we could get rid of Weed . ”

Lafaye and the leaders talked bitterly as they watched .

From their position, disposing of Darius wouldn’t be a big problem . However, the opinions of the leaders were divided into two .

“It is certain that this operation has failed . In consideration of fairness, we can’t let you go . So I will propose an official punishment . ”

“The Hermes Guild won’t be invincible for too long . The trap to catch Weed has failed…”

“The problem is the broadcast . 16% audience ratings . More than 200 million people saw that the Hermes Guild has failed again . ”

“They won’t stop talking about the deaths . I feel like I really am going to blow up if I hear about it again . ”

“We lost too helplessly . Furthermore, throwing the corpses of the users at a necromancer… It is just nutrients to help him grow faster . ”

“I looked at the dungeon video . They didn’t fight well by any standards . ”

The Hermes Guild users wouldn’t tolerate the mistakes of others .

There was a fierce competition and solid treatment for the winners .

This was the secret behind the Hermes Guild becoming the best among the prestigious guilds .

Lafaye came to a conclusion after gathering the opinions of the leaders .

“Darius has failed to honour the Hermes Guild with a victory . There will be a two months ban on A grade hunting grounds and the taxes of Chegram Village, that he owns, will increase to 30% . ”

* * *

Darius’ heart turned away the moment that he heard Lafaye’s decision .

‘Yes . In this way, don’t they only end up eating sweet things?’

He had struck in the back of the head in the Rosenheim Kingdom . From the time he joined the Hermes Guild, he had no affection or loyalty towards it .

‘I can’t believe in those guys . I have to move from here first . ’

After returning from Aren Castle, Darius secretly disposed of all the assets of Chegram Village .

Properties such as buildings, vineyards and farmlands were handed over through the auction site to avoid rumours .

He used a middle agent so it wasn’t difficult to hide it for a while .

The Hermes Guild’s hunting dog earned a lot of assets but he had to sell it cheaply . However, even that was a huge amount .

Lafaye and the leaders often gave the hunting dog tasks that were difficult to resolve .

The assets disposal took one or two days, and valuable items such as horses and carriages were sold .

Darius quickly gained an interview with KMC Media that evening .

He was notorious among users but the national awareness was lagging behind . He became known to the viewers as the one who was wiped out in Mols Dungeon .

“Are we live now?”

“It isn’t a live broadcast, but will be shown in an hour after some editing . Any problems will be reported to the director who will make a decision . ”

“Yes . ”

Darius laughed, revealing his white teeth as he watched the reporter . It was like his teeth were specifically made to mimic a vampire .

“The contents will be broadcasted right?”

“Yes . It would be good if you comment on the battle against Weed in Mols Dungeon . ”

“Of course, I will be sure to do that but… I would like to tell an important story . ”

“You can do anything . It is all being recorded . ”

The interview was taking place within Royal Road .

Video recording was supported through the basic system .

Darius made a shocking statement to the reporter who was sitting comfortably .

“The Hermes Guild is rotten . ”


“The leaders are shameless and incompetent . ”

The reported was surprised .

“W-what are you talking about…? Why are you suddenly criticizing the leadership?”

The station had down its own prior investigation .

He never thought that the person known as the Hermes Guild’s hunting dog would start criticizing it .

“Lafaye made me a scapegoat to hide his stupid commands . ”

“Ah . You are a victim in this case . ”

“How was falling into Weed’s trap at Mols Dungeon my responsibility?”

“That’s right . ”

The reporter nodded .

Darius had hurried into the dungeon with his whole army but there was some understanding .

‘But it won’t be appropriate to broadcast this excuse…’

Darius said in a loud voice .

“We failed in the information warfare . Secondly, Lafaye and the leaders made the wrong decision . Honestly, it is my responsibility, but isn’t it wrong to move people to a spot where nothing is known about it?”

“Yes . I understand . Please keep speaking . ”

“The invincible Hermes Guild? How funny . They are only cheap shit when associated with Weed . I fought hard and failed, only to be turned into a scapegoat . The ones who are really in the wrong at those who sit up high and give orders . ”

The reporter made an ambiguous expression .

‘He is biting . But how do we edit it?’

He was a hound dog biting his owners . It was certainly a funny sight, although there were a few issues .

Still, it was unclear whether the interview would be broadcasted .

‘We can use an excuse . It is necessary to set aside a major portion of the news . ’

If they put the video on the Internet then they could get more audience attention .

There were many users who liked seeing the Hermes Guild fail!

Darius’ shoulders sagged like a victim .

“The Hermes Guild hasn’t learnt from their failures . It is funny that Lafaye makes wrong commands as he presides over a great guild that keeps on failing . And Bardray curls up like a jerk and doesn’t do his share of the hunting . ”


The reporter’s eyes grew bigger .

‘If he talks to this extent then there will be a large ripple effect on the news . ’

Darius’ unstoppable words continued .

“I acknowledge the ability that Lafaye has shown in the past as he led the Hermes Guild . Yes . Thus, he was able to conquer the continent . But that ability has a limit . It is too bad . ”

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“Yes yes . I think so . ”

Darius continued blasting the Hermes Guild .

The reporter was interested for 10 minutes, but he soon became bored .

“Reporter-nim . Do you know how much dirty work the Hermes Guild has done?”

“Huh? Of course, they have received a lot of public criticism . ”

“That isn’t it . The ugly things they committed secretly . The so-called hidden truths . ”

* * *

Darius revealed the black history hidden by the leaders of the Hermes Guild .

He committed it directly as the hunting dog and gathered his own information . In order to satisfy the greed of the leaders, it was common for them to drive bandits to plunder the merchants in their territory .

“i worked to fix the habits of the powerful lords within the guild . ”

“What were some specific tasks?”

“I spread many false rumours within the guild . It was to instigate fights with specific people or move merchants to other places . ”

“There must be a blow to the lords . ”

“Of course . The lords are in high positions so they have to be tamed from the beginning . Some lords had their economic power weakened and were driven from their positions . ”

“They went that far?”

“Yes . Specifically, I led the rebels in the city of Bordeman . ”

“The rebels . ”

“I was the leader of the troops . I pretended to be a trustworthy person while the rebels turned the city upside down . I also fought with the lord’s army . ”

The truths that were revealed didn’t give any sense of excitement .

Darius-nim, you are saying that this covert operation was done for the purpose of ruling over the city . ”

“A ruling act? It wasn’t like that .

I feel bad standing on the side of those leaders . ”

“Do you have any evidence of what you spoke about?”

“Of course . I have videos of that time . The battle scenes as well as receiving orders from Lafaye are all recorded . I will pass it to you at the end of the interview . ”

Darius released 42 secrets and KMC Mediate broadcasted them .

It had phenomenal ratings and many sites related to Royal Road were full of stories about the Hermes Guild .

-They got caught .

-Really dirty things . I had no idea it would be this much .

-I didn’t know . Were they originally at this level?

-They seem to be getting rid of everyone in the political arena . They are doing politics in Royal Road .

-The Hermes Guild can do that much because of their size .

-It is unacceptable to do such things .

-Is there only one side? The Hermes Guild received a lot of criticism from general users for disguising as rebels…

-Hull . The Hermes Guild is too much .

-Too much . They must be destroyed .

-Let’s move to the free north . I don’t know when I will become a target .

Darius smiled as he checked the reaction of the Internet .

The pubs on the Central Continent were filled with voices of dissatisfied members of the Hermes Guild .

‘This will be a sufficient gift to bring with me . ’

His goal was to become successful and stronger in Royal Road .

He tried to climb to a higher place using the Hermes Guild but eventually failed and fell .

‘I should make an opportunity rather than waiting for a chance . The success of a pioneer . ’

Darius had a plan in his head .

Expose Lafaye and the Hermes Guild to reduce their presence .

In the process, he would earn great fame and favour from users and he would be treated well if he moved to the Arpen Kingdom .

‘A lord of the Arpen Kingdom… There are some level 200 users . Pfft . That is a laughable level . But it is good to gain a position because there are many advantages . ’

He would make another leap in the Arpen Kingdom . However, it remained to be seen if it would go according to Darius’ plan .

-But Darius is the one who looks the worst .

-A hunting dog is only a hunting dog .

-Biting his own master . Now .

-He moves here and there . These hunting dogs make it harder to live in the world . He truly is the tail of the Hermes Guild .

* * *

The Hermes Guild scandal that came from Darius!

The heads of each broadcasting station were in a quiet place .

“Direction Yoon-nim, didn’t high ratings come out? It is too bad . ”

“Huh . We also have an interview with Darius, but it was a day late so we missed the scoop . ”

“But the ratings… It is just a pity that the exclusive was monopolized by KMC Media . ”

Yoon Chang-sun, the new press director of CTS Media, expressed a little bit of annoyance in his voice .

“KMC Media often gets scoops . ”

“They are often associated with Weed… Isn’t it time for us to avoid catching up?”

“Hoh . We need to have knowledge . ”

Yoon Chang-sun, a director in his late 40s was younger compared to the other directors .

Apart from KMC Media, the director of 12 media outlets were gathered .

“The only way is to go back to the basics of broadcasting, live coverage . ”

“Live coverage… That is a good word . ”

“It is always important to work hard . ”

The station directors laughed and waited for the following words .

They were able to overcome the intense politics inside the broadcasting stations to reach the position of director .

Yoon Chang-sun was the one who suggested this secret meeting .

Yoon Chang-sun looked at them and opened up .

“The important thing is the purpose of the coverage . There is an explosive interest in Weed . As you know, just sending a hunting video would have good ratings . ”

“That’s right . ”

The other directors agreed .

They had obtained intelligence that Weed had gone back to the past to hunt .

‘Is such a quest possible?’

‘Another adventure? This might be quite interesting…’

‘Anything can happen on Weed’s adventures . ’

The broadcasting stations were in the process of sending gifts to Weed’s house .

Yoon Chang-sun knew about it but pretended not to .

“But from the viewpoint of the broadcasting station, there are a few ingredients needed to get high ratings . ”

“These ingredients are?”

“Due to this disclosure, I found out that our CTS Media has gathered a lot of information about the Hermes Guild . Is it the same for the other stations?”

“Of course . We have some pretty good information . There is a big one . ”

Han Sang-gyu, director of the online station Royal Spider, expressed interest .

“Until now, the influence of the Hermes Guild… To be honest, I hadn’t wanted to broadcast it because I wanted to cooperate with them for some broadcasts . Shouldn’t we expose the information that was held back?”

Yoon Chang-sun said with a confident expression on his face .

The directors’ heads became complicated .

‘The broadcasting stations will simultaneously expose the Hermes Guild . ’

‘The audience ratings will be high . The Versailles Continent will be turned upside down but we won’t have to worry about their revenge . ’

‘The Hermes Guild doesn’t have the same strength as before . The absolute power of the Central continent is also collapsing . Even without the rebels . ’

The directors noticed that this was the main topic of the meeting .

However, the director of KR Channel shook his head .

“The stations have to maintain neutrality in the dispute between users . Won’t it violate that neutrality if we use the Hermes Guild for ratings?”

“No . The neutrality of the broadcast itself is still important . But if there is news about the Hermes Guild then shouldn’t we have report it?”

The directors started calculating after Yoon Chang-sun’s words .

“We aren’t criticizing or exposing . We are just telling the truth . ”

“We aren’t affecting the sense of perception . I don’t think it is a bad thing to return to the original way of reporting . ”

There was a sympathetic feeling among the directors .

The walls had crumbled due to an unexpected variable called Darius . If the broadcasting station started to report the black history of the Hermes Guild then a flow would be made in an instant .

If the audience ratings rose and they couldn’t catch the flow then the stations would only lose money .

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They had to at least follow behind .

‘There is no objection . Then I will ask . ’

This was the secret to promoting longevity of a worker .

* * *

-The truth of Danang Dungeon .

-The secret killers .

-Being deprived of treasures through coercion .

With the exposure of Darius and the news of the broadcasting stations, the Royal Road bulletin boards became noisy like a beehive had been touched .

“I am also a victim of the Hermes Guild . I was robbed of the racecourse I was running . ”

“They just took it?”

“Yes . They told me to go . If I refused they would kill me, so there was really no other choice . ”

Interviews with the victims were shown everyday by the stations . In the meantime, the stations didn’t stop reporting the information they had kept back .

“They tried to kill me . ”

“The Hermes Guild suddenly guarded the entrance of a novice hunting ground and made me pay 5 gold to enter . Originally it was 1 gold . They killed me when I didn’t have the money . I had to work part-time in the city to get into the hunting grounds . ”

“The Hermes Guild users are really rich and strong . I always wondered about the methods they used to make their money . It is annoying finding out the answer . ”

The actions committed by the prestigious guild piled up at once .

Weed didn’t care about the situation and just focused on hunting .

The battle at Kallapik Castle that lasted one week!

After defeating a crowd of monsters, the party lay down on the ground with exhaustion .

“Uwah… I won’t be able to fight even if I am killed . ”

“My vitality is at the very bottom . It was endless . The invasion of the monsters led to the destruction of the palace . ”

“Ku… This battle . I’ve experienced my limits . ”

His colleagues lay down as they watched Weed leading the undead to hunt the monsters .

Barkhan’s Hell Monarch Robe .

It was a bloody robe with an ominous aura, but the party wearing it nagged at the undead while fighting .

Weed’s colleagues were familiar with the sight but Python was different .

‘God of War . He is strong . ’

He never stopped fighting .

Python confirmed Weed’s brilliant fighting style at Kallapik Castle .

‘I will get tired if I keep eating delicious food . He doesn’t get bored of fighting . ’

He had no thoughts when fighting . He fought as long as his vitality permitted .

An extreme spirit of hard work!

Boredom and mental fatigue were just luxuries .

-Kallapik Survivor has been completed . The war in the Calais Kingdom has finally ended .

The incompetent royal family is safe but the kingship has fallen and the residents are suffering from famine .

Still, there are good rewards for those who have survived the battlefield .

-You have proven your bravery as a warrior . Luck, concentration, fighting spirit and strength has increased by 2 .

Fame has increased by 5,000 .

After the battle at Kallapik Castle ended, everyone’s stats rose . One more message window showed up in front of Weed .

-An ominous power has enveloped Kallapik’s Palace . Concentration, wisdom and knowledge has increased by 2, while dignity, honour, faith and luck has decreased by 2 .

Maximum mana has increased by 300 .

-The achievement of Summon Undead!You have summoned more than 30,000 undead every day .

Waking up the dead!

Thanks to the enlightenment of death, the health of the undead have increased by 5% .

The mana required for Summon Undead is reduced by 3% .

“Anyway, this is good . ”

A change in stats .

He continued to get necromancer achievements while becoming stronger .

He reached level 471!

The wisdom stat that Weed didn’t rely on also reached 500 points .

The current hunting ground was good, but defeating the Hermes Guild in Mols Dungeon gave him great stat rewards .

“Let’s look at this . ”

A spellbook obtained from killing the rebel magicians!

Weed read the spell .

-One day, a dream came to the magician Wodren who liked the wind .

“What if human beings could fly?”

Developing flying magic to travel around the continent…

The spellbook was the history book of a magician!

“Ahaam . ”

Weed yawned as he read the book .

There were notes related to Royal Road written, but most of the details in the spellbook were useless .

There were quest records and basic magic .

There were records about what inns Wodren slept in and even what he said to beautiful women in the streets .

-Wodren courageously decided to make a bet .

“I am a magician . Do you want to fly through the sky?”

“I’m busy right now . ”

“You can feel the freedom of the sky . Looking at the world from up high while feeling the heat of the sun and the cool breeze . ”

“It doesn’t matter if that is true . I have a boyfriend . Mister . ”

-You have learnt the Levitation spell .

Weed’s colleagues all learnt Levitation .

It wasn’t difficult to learn Levitation if they were a magician .

200 knowledge and wisdom was required .

Levitation was advanced flying magic .

Yet they could learn it just by reading up to chapter 16 of Wodren’s adventure!

“Wah . So cool . ”

Weed and his colleagues looked down at the ground from the sky .

The buildings of Kallapik Castle were collapsed .

Thousands of undead were wandering around through the remnants of the war .

There was a fortress that had been destroyed by rebel forces long ago and became deserted . Now nothing survived except for Weed’s undead army .

“We fought in a place like this . ”

“It was great despite being long . I can mainly see the undead . ”

“After going through this, anything will seem like a conventional battle . ”



The earth started shaking then sinking down .

Buildings crumbled as the wave spread out and even the undead disappeared .

It was a really pleasant sight for the group after the fierce battle they fought here .

‘That’s it . Now I don’t have to go down and fighting . ’

‘It is over… This is the real end . ’

‘It feels like it has been 6 hours since I went to the bathroom . This is really cool . ’

Weed felt like he was eating ice cream in the middle of summer .

“Do you want to go on a simple hunt?”

Surka flat out said .

“I won’t go . ”

* * *

The continent’s best tailor Drago .

He made clothes out of cloth and leather that had extreme good magical defense .

“Please make me a skirt . ”

“Yes… Is your occupation a swordswoman? If you wear a skirt then the defense will be lower . ”

“It is okay . Please make it short and it has to stick well!”

Drago also received orders from high school girls .

‘These benefits…’

There were also orders from female poets who boasted model-class beauty .

“i want a dress . Can I have it in time for my performance date next week?”

“i will be happy to . ”

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Sometimes big guys came in as well .

“I want a stylish uniform . ”

“What are the materials?”

“Tiger leather . ”

“A design with tiger leather…”

“It would be nice . It will also be good to have a coat . ”

“Geom…does your name begin with this?”

“You know? I am called Geomchi-240 . ”

The Geomchis were the mascots of the Arpen Kingdom .

There weren’t many users who didn’t know of their existence .

“They are ignorant but fierce people . ”

“They freeze while woman pass by them in the square . It is really amazing . ”

“I wish I had a combat occupation so I could go hunting with them . Wouldn’t I learn a lot? I am just a magician . ”

Drago was still active around Morata .

Although the population and influence of Dawn City, Vent Castle and Vargo Fortress was growing, they still weren’t a match for Morata .

He met with jewellery workers, blacksmiths and merchants in the city .

Drago enjoyed the urban life of a tailor while eating delicious food!

‘I don’t really like the master tailor quest . ’

He had already proceeded to stage 13 of the master quest .

100,000 doll eyes, 100,000 buttons, 100,000 needle threading, knitting a 120 metres carpet .

‘No . Does the tailor master quest have no adventures and is just hard labour? A sculptor has to run around the entire continent…’

Drago sighed at the thought .

Among the local tailors, there were no competitors so he had no one to complain to .

‘I want to do a quest . I…’

Drago visited the Tailor’s Guild every day to receive quests .

“There is an unfortunate girl . She wants to have a wedding… Can you make some clothes for her?”

He had to make a wedding dress but her presence was huge!

A special thread was required for the wedding dress .

‘Will it be an adventure this time?  Finally… If I bring in users that I know from my network then I can win . ’

Drago was a well-known name among the Grass Porridge Cult .

Many users became close to him because he was  a tailor with a high production rate and he could create tricky robes for magicians and priests .

“I have come from Mapan’s Trading Company . Were you looking for a blessed threat?”

“Cough… I’m not sure where you came from but I need thread made from the dew of the dawn and webbing from the tak spider . ”

“I have it . ”

“The amount I want isn’t just one . It won’t be simple to get . ”

“I’ve brought three . The price is a little expensive because it is difficult to get . ”

“Hut . A joke…”

“If you buy the set of three then I will give you a 10% discount . ”

The thread needed for the tailor master quest could just be purchased .

‘It is different from sculpting so I should love it . No? The quests are easy but I can’t boast about it to others . ’

Drago was tired of weddings and hard work . A young girl opened the door to his store and spoke to him while he was making a clothes order .

“Is this the workshop of a famous tailor? One month later, there will be a big flood in Morata . ”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“The king of this place is a necromancer . So Tiron, defender of justice, is angry . ”

“Tiron is angry… . ”

Tiron was the god of justice .

There were several religions in the Arpen Kingdom that defended it .

“You can stop Tiron’s wrath . If you spread a mysterious cloth then it will prevent water from entering the city and will turn back . ”

The girl in front of him disappeared into light like a mirage .


-Prevent Morata from Flooding . Tiron is a god that protects justice and law .

King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom has protected the Versailles Continent and received the title ‘King Recognized by the Gods . ’

He became a necromancer and made the gods angry .

Tiron’s revenge will affect the Yusellin River and Persal River, making them cover the city .

There is still time to prevent a disaster .

Create a waterway with a mysterious cloth .

Divert the water to the sea and the disaster caused by the god’s wrath will disappear .

In order to prevent the flood, you can gather colleagues without any limitations .

If you don’t stop the flood after participating in the quest, everyone who participated in the quest will be punished by Tiron .

Tiron’s punishment: Divine magic can be applied for 100 days .

There will be a significant decline in fame .

Hostility with the Tiron Church .

Level of Difficulty: A

Compensation: Achievement points in the Arpen Kingdom .

Increased fame and intimacy with the residents . Saviour of Water title .

Quest Restrictions: Advanced level 7 Sewing skill .

-You have 5 minutes to decide if you want to accept the quest .

“Keook . ”

Drago was startled .

It was surprising that a disaster would occur in Morata, but the contents were also troublesome .

“I have to create a waterway with cloth . The sea is a great distance from Morata . ”

There was Varna Harbour and Rechad Harbour .

Due to being cities beside the sea, there were nice houses and villas .

Waters sprang up in the water . Sharks hunting for food!

It was very romantic for novice users to sail small boats along with the wind .

“It is a few days away by cattle so this is an impossible quest . ”

-There is 2 minutes left in the quest decision time .

Drago had deep affection for Morata so he decided to accept the quest .

“There doesn’t seem to be any other choice… Anyway, I will try it . ”

-You have accepted the quest .

After receiving the quest, he tried to contact Mapan’s Trading Company .

“A mysterious cloth? It is waterproof, stretchy and can grow up to 2,000 times… Do you have that magic cloth?”

“Yes . That’s correct . Are you asking if it is available?”

“Do you have any available?”

“Morata has the best leather and cloth on the continent . I have everything you need . How much mysterious cloth do you want?”

“I want a huge volume . I can afford it . ”

“The mysterious cloths are piled up because there is no place to sell it . I’ll see it for cheap . ”

“A disaster in Morata…”

Drago explained the situation .

The direction of the Morata branch of Mapan’s Trading Company nodded after hearing the situation .

“Um… This is a big issue so I need to report it to Weed-nim and Mapan-nim . ”

“I thought so as well . We should report to King Weed and move the residents of the Arpen Kingdom…”

“If Drago-nim fails then there will be a chance to sell life jackets and boats for the disaster . ”


“I’ll have to sell the unsold houses quickly . ”

* * *

“Why is this for a tailor? Should an architect build dams or waterways for the flood?”

Drago grumbled but immediately starting sewing the mysterious cloth .

Mapan’s Trading Company announced that a disaster was going to happen near Morata .


Get ready because a disaster will soon occur in Morata!

One month later, a flood will sweep through .

If you want to prevent the disaster then please come to Tailor Drago’s store!

You can earn achievement points in the Arpen Kingdom and fame .

“The Mushroom Porridge unit has come for support!”

“The Sesame Porridge unit is also here!”

“I heard the news . Do you need volunteers?”

“It is my dream to become a tailor . I would like to learn stitching from Drago-nim . ”

The door of Drago’s store couldn’t close due to the incoming users .

The streets, squares and warehouses were filled with people sewing .

“Maybe you need a level 1? I have only been playing in Morata for 4 months . I haven’t left the city yet . ”

“I-I… I can’t kill a bear… But I can get rid of insects . Anyway, if you share the quest then I will fry a few worms…”

“Front legs forward . Hind legs forward . The Frog Porridge unit came here to die!”

Drago, who knew he had to do extremely hard work, was surprised by all the people joining him .

“No . Why are there so many people?”

People gathered for the Arpen Kingdom . The users moved due to their patriotism .

“If the quest fails then you will receive the punishment of a god . Do you still want to join?”

“I’m just playing around . ”

“Hard work? There is no one in the Arpen Kingdom who doesn’t know how to do hard work . ”

“I was fine with digging . ”

“It will be an unconditionally successful quest . Once the Toadstool Porridge… You should wash it down with honey . ”

Hard work was a sacred thing for the Grass Porridge Cult .

The contents of the quest was to redirect the water to the sea using the waterproof mysterious cloth .

It was impossible to cover a large area with the mysterious cloth since there was a limit to the material, so they needed to use the terrain .

There would be no damage if the water swept over a wide, flat plains . In order to protect the cities and villages, they could connect river and streams to lead the floodwater out to the sea .

For this part, the adventurer and cartographer Daywalker came out .

“I will set up a concrete plan . Drago-nim should produce as much of the mysterious cloth as possible . ”

“I have to go to the scene and help…”

“Don’t rest on your laurels . Please make more mysterious cloth in Morata . ”

“Kuhok . ”

Miretas, the continent’s best farmer, also joined the quest .

“Some plants that can absorb a lot of water will help . I will grow large trees around Morata that will protect the area . ”

Miretas was a tremendous help after he joined the quest . He had a good understanding of the land and vegetation, and was the best farmer in the Arpen Kingdom when it came to fertilizing land and producing food .

He looked at the rivers and came up with an idea to prevent the flood .

“If there will be a flood of water… The Yusellin River is quite deep . To prevent the flood, can’t we create waterways around the river to provide a stable supply of agricultural water to Rechad Harbour?”

Morata and its surrounding area had near complete development thanks to Goddess Freya’s blessing .

The land Miretas desired was southeast of Morata, the Nadallia Plains!

In the past, Weed had fought Barkhan’s army there and it was wide plains the size of a small kingdom in the Central Continent .

‘He wants to make waterways in that large area?’

Drago idly listened to the words . He was going to say no and focus on the quest, but Lemon of the Grass Porridge Cult agreed .

“Good idea . If the Nadallia Plains are developed then the lives of the users will become better . As farmers increase their crop yields, the population will grow faster . ”

“Yes . ”

Listening to Lemon and Miretas’ words, Drago doubted the spirit of the people .

‘It is increasing the amount of work involved in the quest . ’

The reason he didn’t object was because many people had already joined the quest .

Instead of refusing, they all applauded like they liked it .

“I will plant buds on the Nadallia Plains!”

“The land of the Arpen Kingdom is wide, but the developed regions are narrow . In this way, there will be a big development at once . ”

“We don’t need experts or high level people . Anyone can participate if they own a shovel . ”

“Most users in the Arpen Kingdom have a shovel . ”

“The Grass Porridge Cult even has 10 million in reserve . ”

“We should collect more people . ”

Thanks to the enthusiastic acceptance of the participants of the quest, the development of Nadallia Plains proceeded .

The next day, an official announcement from the Grass Porridge Cult appeared .

-Thanks to Weed-nim, everyone in the Grass Porridge Cult can participate in the quest .

For the sake of Morata’s prosperity, go to Nadallia Plains in the east!

There is no limit to how many people that can participate in the kingdom quest .

Drago read the official announcement while sewing the mysterious cloth .

“Who is saying this…? Rather, the facts are strangely twisted . Shouldn’t they hate Weed for causing a disaster?”

After the official announcements, users carrying shovels started to exit Morata, Dawn City and Vent Castle .

A huge crowd of people gathered outside Morata!

Base on the numbers, a procession was meaningless .

“A kingdom quest? I have to do it . ”

“We have to do this sort of thing . Will there be another festival after the quest is completed?”

“I’m tired of playing at Puhol Water Park . It will be fun to dig at the ground . ”

“Once this quest is completed, I can get a stamp of Wy-3 . ”

In order to receive the quest, people kept visiting Drago’s store . The quest could be shared even if Drago was busy sewing .

The quest was shared between thousands of people in the square at once .

After the regular users jumped at the task, the animal husbandry experts led the cattle .


An endless procession of cows .

“What is this…?”

“How many cows?”

“Wah . There are so many . I see at least 2,000 . ”

“It is over 4,000 . ”

“Is the number of cattle higher than Morata’s population?”

There were no limitations in raising cattle or horses .

There was the animal husbandry profession, but even farmers, merchants or knights could raise animals as needed . In the Arpen Kingdom, the effect of Yellowy and Goddess Freya’s blessing made it many times more production to raise livestock .

The cows had a high birth rate and abundant food on the wide lands, so the number of livestock naturally increased .

“It is hard to raise a dog in an apartment . Here I can raise hundreds of cows . ”

“Cows are property . Really?”

“I need to make money from my cows . I can earn a huge amount if they grow well!”

It was easy to ride the cows anywhere in the north and they also tamed them for battle like Weed .

As the cattle herds moved, Drago thought .

‘This quest . It definitely isn’t easy . ’

The difficulty level of the quest depended on the number of people involved .

Thanks to the cooperation of the northern users, it was simple to end an event like a national disaster .

Chefs voluntarily gathered to make nutritional porridge for people participating in the quest . And the architects belatedly joined .

“I finished my work at Puhol Water Park… Kuhuhu . Something fun is happening again . ”

Mibullo and the Stone Hammer architects appeared!

“We will connect the road to the mountains and build a village . Villages and granaries are essential for Nadallia Plains to develop properly . ”

“We have to expand the waterways so that larger trade vessels can move . ”

“Let’s make beautiful bridges connecting them . ”

“It won’t be easy since we are in a hurry, but I’ll set up a viewing platform for sightseeing . ”

In addition to stopping the flood, the architects worked on the overall development of Nadallia Plains .

‘It is amazing . ’

Drago had no troubles .

‘If I want to develop a large land, it would be difficult to succeed without an astronomical amount of money and manpower . Yet this just somehow started . ’

If they government or country pursued it then they could just invest money . But the people gathered made up their minds themselves and a miracle occurred .

Seo-yoon, the king’s agent in the Arpen Kingdom, put in various policies and budgets for any possible damage to Morata as well as the development of Nadallia Plains .

Grand Buildings were allowed in the area and she promised to assign lords to the southeast area of Morata according to the achievement points .

The power of the Northern Continent and the Arpen Kingdom was enormous due to the novice users and residents . Something that would be considered a small kingdom on the Central Continent was built on Nadallia Plains .

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