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The Legendary Thief - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

Published at 2nd of January 2017 05:28:58 AM

Chapter 11

A Quiet Village – Chapter 11 (Leveling)

I opened the map and it was just as Lu Xue Han said, the Wild Dog Village and the Wild Wolf Village were close to each other . It would not be more than a ten-minute trip .

I conveniently killed all the monsters on the way there and when I reached Wild Wolf Village, I had already reached Level 6 . The experience points from the Level 9 monsters were really something!

Right, I probably made it to the ranking list!

Looking at the ranking list, all China top ten players were at level 6 . The leveling speed in this game was quite slow, otherwise someone certainly would already accomplished a class change after this 9 hours!

I looked carefully at the top 50 list, but I couldn’t find my name there . So their experiences must be higher than mine! At the bottom of the ranking list was a line printed with small characters: You are now ranked 98,652 in the world and ranked 60,231 in China .

I was stunned . I only ranked in the world’s top 100,000 and ranked 60,000 in China . The competitions were indeed like crazy!

At the village gate, a gorgeous girl was standing there looking around . It was obviously Lu Xue Han’s pretty face, with no changes at all! This girl, wasn’t she afraid that someone would recognize her in real life?

“It is you, Lu Xue Han, right?” I went over to ask her .

The name Qing Cai Keke showed up above her head . I said in embarrassment, “I’d better call you Keke, that would be more natural . I won’t call names in the future . ”

Lu Xue Han nodded while giving my sword an envy look . I then remembered that I needed to give her something . I immediately pointed to open a trading screen and listed two pieces of equipment:

[Mantra Robe] (Green equipment)

Defense: +6

Intelligence: +4

Required Level: 6

Enlightenment Staff (White equipment)

Attack: 4-6

Required Level: 3

I was lucky to get a drop of this staff when I killed some low-level monsters on the way here . Lu Xue Han was obviously still wielding her damaged sword with Attack: 1-2 . It was good that she could change it to this staff now .

“You are now at Level 3 and can’t wear the Robe yet . But this staff, you can already equip it . Don’t you want to confirm the transaction?”

Lu Xue Han was hesitating, she said, “This robe would probably sell for about a thousand RMB, yet you are giving it to me?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “You fool . Our clan had decided this Robe for you, it’s not a gift from me . So you don’t need to feel bad . With good equipment, you can level up faster . Didn’t you understand what sister Lin had said?”

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At last, she accepted the robe, but interestingly I got 100 copper coins from this transaction . It looked like that this was all the money she had gotten . I wondered that she managed to get this sum of money . She wasn’t like Xin Yu who with her beauty manipulate the men to take her practicing together . This was Lu Xue Han’s hard-earned money . When she had changed her class later on, I could still give her the money back . Now wasn’t the time to argue with her, that way she would also feel better, I thought .

“Well, let’s go practice to level up then . You should stay close . Since my equipment are better, when we encounter a monster, I would be the tank . After I hit the monster, you should also follow up with a hit . ”

“Ok . ” Lu Xue Han complied .

Now partying with Lu Xue Han, once again I went to the Wild Wolf Valley . There were still no other players here, but down the hill we saw players grouped together to fight against Level 8 Wild Wolves . It was laughable to think that often we heard someone’s screamed and died turning into a while light to revive again .

“The place we are going to kill monsters, is it still further from here?” Lu Xue Han showed a sign of fear when she looked at those white lights, her voice trembled .

“Of course! Here, we will only encounter Level 8 monsters . What we are going to kill are Level 9 monsters . Don’t worry, I can manage it . ” I said with a calm voice . Lu Xue Han also calmed down quickly . She followed close behind me when we entered the forest that was covered with thick fog .

With the experience from last time, I tried nothing fancy this time and killed the monster in the most direct way as soon as possible . If I weren’t also observing and studying the monsters last time, I would probably already reached Level 7 by now . Getting in the world’s top ten ranking wouldn’t be too hard then .

When my sword hit a gray wolf’s head, a red ’64’ popped out . Lu Xue Han gaped full of amazement .

“Why didn’t you attack?”

As I reminded her, Lu Xue Han also joined the fight . Her short staff hit the top of the gray wolf’s head .


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I couldn’t believe the number that I just saw . Lu Xue Han should have at least 8 points of Attack, why did she only inflict 2 damages? It was probably because the level difference was too big, a whole 6 levels!

It didn’t seem to bother Lu Xue Han, and she continued to attack seriously, so I also concentrate on the battle .


The gray wolf collapsed and dropped two teeth!

I was surprised, but Lu Xue Han just smiled and said, “I had also received the mission, so the mission item drops are doubled . ”

That explained . I immediately picked up the item, but then also found out that I could only take my share . I could not take Lu Xue Han’s share . After a while, Lu Xue Han suddenly cried out .

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Xue Han with her mouth wide open, “I… My experience bar is suddenly filled half full!”


With 6 levels difference, such an experience gain wasn’t strange at all . But probably because of Lu Xue Han’s damage was too small, the wolf didn’t drop any equipment, which was quite disappointing .

I proceed to move towards the next opponent . Lu Xue Han followed me eagerly .

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“Lin Fan, your sword’s Attack must be very high, right?” The high damage I caused once again had arisen Lu Xue Han’s curiosity .

“Mm, Attack: 7-12 . Although not very high, but it’s not bad either . The reason your damage is so small is because your level difference with the monster is too large . ”

“In that case, then I also need to level up quickly!”

“That’s right . When you reach level 6 and can equip the robe, you should also be able to defeat the monster here single-handedly . ”

Lu Xue Han nodded but then asked, “Why don’t I have any mana now?”

I gave it a thought and said, “Maybe after the class change, it will appear . ”

“OK . ”

Because we slaughtered monster while we also chatted, this training session didn’t feel boring at all . Lu Xue Han’s skill had also quite improved . I also taught her the guerilla tactic I used before, which she could apply very well .

Before we realized it, four hours had already passed and it was already one o’clock in the afternoon . Lu Xue Han had amazingly risen her level to Level 6 . But since her level was much lower than mine, I still got the most experience and had rapidly risen to Level 8 . I opened the rank list to see that I had entered the world’s top 10,000 . There were so many strong players!

When Lu Xue Han equipped the Mantra Robe, her appearance transformed into such an astonished figure . Under the robe now stood such an attractive tall figure showing her big cleavage, with round and ripe buttocks . Who would not be tempted?

Seeing me entranced looking at her, Lu Xue Han’s face blushed . She said with a low voice, “Let’s get back to our mission . ”

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