The Legendary Thief - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

A Quiet Village – Chapter 12 (Mission Rewards)

Checking the inventory, I had collected 50 wolf teeth . We completed three missions, and the durability of our equipment was low already anyway . So, together with Lu Xue Han, we walked back to the village . Currently, she could already single-handedly fight a Level 9 monster, so our leveling speed would increase considerably .

Lu Xue Han returned to her village to complete her mission, whereas I went back to my village to complete mine .

“Young man, have you killed all the wild dogs around the village? Oh, you did it! This is your reward, please accept it!”


System notice: You have completed the <Defend the Village> mission . You received 1200 Experience, 10 Silver coins! Prestige +10!

Sweat, so much Experience and money! I also gained prestige, but that was not important . What I wanted was money . Money!!

Next, I went to the west side of the village to visit Ahua’s house to give her the 10 tomatoes .

“OMG, you collected the tomatoes . Thank you, brave warrior . This is your reward!”


System notice: You have completed the <Collect Tomatoes> mission . You received 2800 Experience, 40 Silver coins! Prestige +20! And since you are the only player to complete this mission, you received special rewards: Mrs . Ahua’s Tomato Ketchup x30!

Mrs . Ahua’s Tomato Ketchup: Increase the maximum Health by 100 points for the duration of 30 minutes . Restore 3 points of Health per second!

I looked at these 30 Tomato Ketchup, and for a moment feeling the enjoyment for the blessing I had received . Such a valuable medicinal item . Although at later stage, restoring 3 HP/second is nothing, but for starters, this is undoubtedly the leveling and life-saving potion!

Still feeling the joy, I pushed myself to go to the village chief’s house to deliver the wolf teeth . I didn’t know what kind of surprise I would receive here!

“Young man, you succeeded! Now, the villagers could go to the valley again and do their work . You are really a savior sent by the Heavens!”

I held myself back from telling him that the wolves would re-spawn again . The chief continued, “Young man, to express our gratitude, I would pass the deceased village guard captain, the brave soldier Ai Mi’s belongings to you . I hope you could fulfill his last wish: to eliminate the wolves leader . Only then would the villagers be safe once again!”

A Follow-up Mission?

Haha, well done!


System Notice: You have completed the <Bloody Counter Attack> mission . You received 10,400 Experience, 80 Silver coins! Prestige + 30! You also receive this equipment: [Soldier’s Armor]!

You acquired the mission: <Ai Mi’s Last Wish!> (Unique)

Congratulations . You are now at Level 9!

With all the nice surprises, I didn’t bother to check out my stats and immediately took a look at the new armor .

[Soldier’s Armor] (Green equipment)

Defense: 22

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Stamina: +4

Strength: +3

Required Level: 8

Wow! Incredible armor . Not only was the defense higher, but the additional attributes were also exceptional . Fit perfectly for close combat! Currently, less than half of the players in the village wore green equipment, but I wore three pieces of green equipment by myself . Others would die of envy if they saw this . Understanding this, it would be better for me to avoid the masses . I didn’t like crowd anyway, there was nothing wrong being a lone wolf .

As I immediately put on the armor, I could feel my vitality risen . And when I looked at my stats after I add the bonus attributes from the leveling to my Strength, I almost lost my heart from shock!

[Qing Cai Baiyu Tang]

Level: 9

Health: 304

Attack: 30-48 (Sword of the Beast 7-12)TN

Defense: 43 (Soldier’s Armor +22)

Prestige: 60

Luck: 0

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I could only say one word, Super!!

Next, I looked at the new mission:

[Ai Mi’s Last Wish]

Mission Statement: Fulfill the village guard captain, Ai Mi’s last wish . Kill the wolf leader at the Wild Wolf Valley, and bring back its head to the village chief!

I wandered in the village searching for another mission, but I couldn’t find any . It seemed that the final mission of this beginner’s village was to kill the wolf leader .

I had all the equipment repaired which had cost two silver coins . But it didn’t bother me since I now had money summed two gold coins . Didn’t know whether Lu Xue Han had any money to repair her equipment . But since we killed so many monsters before, and the money drop was split, she should at least also have 50 silver coins!

Once again, I went back to the Wild Wolf Valley where Lu Xue Han and I agreed to meet . When I arrived, she was already waiting for me patiently .

“Come on, let’s continue the mission to kill the wolf leader!” I said with high spirit .

Lu Xue Han was puzzled, “What wolf leader? I didn’t get such a mission . ”

I suddenly remembered that this mission was a unique one . It was probably given to the first person who completed the first mission . So Lu Xue Han didn’t complete it before me!

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Fearing that she would feel jealous, I said in a hurry, “Oh, never mind . I got a mission where I need to go deeper in the forest . You could kill Level 9 monsters by yourself here so you could level faster . ”

“OK, be careful . ”

I nodded . Watching Lu Xue Han went to the area where the Level 9 monsters were, I also entered the deep forest . It was said in the mission introduction that according to the legend, at the end of the Wild Wolf Valley lived a mighty wild wolf leader which lead its armies of beast to invade the lands of the villagers and viciously attacking the cattle .

A ‘Beep beep~’ sound rang . I wondered who would call me . I took a look; Xin Yu messaged me:

“Young lover, I’m tired and want to get some sleep . Don’t forget to call me for dinner~”

I responded fast, “Damn it big sister . Are you going to tell me every little thing? Are you also going to let me know when you change your tampon?”

Xin Yu initiated a voice call, she smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, calm down . I was just worried that you will get bored while you’re practicing, so I tease you a bit . Don’t be so rude . ”

“OK, then just say what you need . I’m busy on a mission now!”

“Well, actually it’s nothing . I just really want to sleep . Don’t forget the dinner thing . See you later, BYE~”


I remain quiet for a while to calm down . The forest ahead was growing darker, and the sound of howling wolves could be heard from afar .

Continued following the path, I finally arrived at an open field . It was a sunny day, so the lighting also became brighter .

At some distance, a pack of gray wolves were gathering, moving in groups . Those wolves were bigger than the Level 9 wolves, and their fur were also paler .

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