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The Legendary Thief - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Published at 2nd of January 2017 05:28:58 AM

Chapter 2

A Quiet Village – Chapter 2 (The Planning)

When I entered the room, Xu Lin immediately started the meeting .

“All of you know that you can only work this current job because of your youth . Hopefully, you’re not thinking to depend on this job for long-term . And since I know pretty well about everyone’s background here, I believe that none of you would do this kind of job, had you have another choice . I certainly would not . ”

Xu Lin showed a dark expression, and then said, “I think all of us have already heard the news about the soon to be released online game <Moon Monochrome>, that many players have waited for four years?”

“Of course! How would you not know it? They pasted its poster in every public restroom . You would not miss it unless you never use the public restroom!” A beautiful woman with a huge breast said laughingly .

She was Xin Yu, our number one mistress here and very popular . You would need to reserve beforehand to book her for the night .

And Xin Yu was correct to say that . The famous online game – <Moon Monochrome>, had started its planning and development four years ago in a joint program by the world’s three biggest online game developers . Moreover, in the recent months, its popularity burst when it was announced to be released soon . With the company posted the ads everywhere, even kindergarten children would know about it .

“But … I do not know . ”

A shy voice was heard from beside me . Everybody immediately looked at Lu Xue Han as if she was an alien .

The young woman was blushing . She looked at us shyly and said, “Really … I never heard about it . ”

Xu Lin lost her patience, went on to say, “Never mind if you don’t know . Let Lin Fan tells you about it in detail later . I’ll get to the point . I have observed this game for a while . And based on my business experience, this game has the potential to give us a good fortune . But, of course, all of us have to work on it together!”

Xin Yu laughed so hard that her breast was jiggling . She mocked, “Big sister, come on! You have done so many businesses before . But … when did you succeed? Only this Foot Massage Center is showing some prospects . And you ask us to go with you gold digging in an online game?”

Xu Lin glared at her, unhappily said, “If you’re not looking for a way out, are you telling me that you want to spend the rest of your life under men’s body?”

Xin Yu exposed her thigh and said playfully, “But, without men, how are you going to let us make a living?”

Lu Xue Han blushed when she heard that . She had only been here for less than two months and was not immune yet to this kind of scene .

Xu Lin didn’t want to argue with Xin Yu, immediately changed the subject: “There are still two days left before the launching of <Moon Monochrome> and I have checked and made some calculations . The game device along with the helmet together isn’t too expensive, approximately only around 5000 Yuan . And I have already decided to invest all my savings in this game . If it’s possible, I wish that everyone will participate as well, thus we can all take care each other . I’ll give you one hour time to consider . ”

Seeing everyone looked perplexed, Xu Lin added, “From what I know, some of you already have experience with games; it shouldn’t be a problem to begin with . I will take care of the helmet and game device . As long that you promise to join my group, I will give everyone a free set of the game equipment . In addition to that, I will also add a bonus of three months salary!”

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Ridiculous! A bonus of three months salary in addition to a 5000-Yuan game equipment? Altogether, here were eight people; that would cost 40,000 RMB . Could Xu Lin really be that confident that they can profit in the game?

“I’m in!”

Xu Yin, who was opposing just a moment ago, was the first to raise her hand . Beside her, Li Qing wondered and asked, “Are you really that simple-minded? Do you really believe that you can make money playing online game?”

Xin Yu smiled: “I don’t . But, I have spent all of my earning for this month . If I don’t take this three months salary bonus, then I have to sell myself again!”

“Shameless! You are always selling yourself anyway!” Li Qing said with a mocking face, already forgot how loud the XXX sound she made last night that I could not even sleep .

Xin Yu ignorantly said, “I have no problems with playing the game . I used to accompany my boyfriend playing games a long time ago . ”

That her boyfriend now is being kept as a boy-toy by a rich woman, was a public secret every one of us knew .

Li Qing straightened up: “Even though I’m no expert, but I used to play CS and was selected to joined the school team . With my hand skills and reaction speed, playing this virtual game shouldn’t be a problem . ”

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The other girls, one after another, were also telling their own experience in playing games . Lastly, everyone’s sight fell down on Lu Xue Han and me .

Lu Xue Han looked at everyone and whispered, “I used to play Bubbles . Does it count?”

Everyone laughed .

Xin Yu touched Lu Xue Han’s snow-white thigh, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Oh, silly girl . No need to mention a game that you played in your childhood . ”

Lu Xue Han’s snow-white face turned bright red, and she became silent .

Now, all eyes were staring at me . After Xin Yu gazed at me from top to toe, she teased me, “Could it be that Lin Fan is still a virgin?”

Both Lu Xue Han and I gaped . Xin Yu smiled . Wrapped in her bathrobe, she pushed herself to me, seductively said, “Lin Fan, how about this . I’ll give you a special offer . You give me twenty Yuan, and I will let you have your first time . Ok? … Ah, you can’t afford it? Then, how about ten Yuan for a night? … What, still can’t afford it? I really never expect that this young fellow won’t even spend a dime for this . Alright, I’ll do you for free then!”

I just smiled and remained silent .

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“No way! This young fellow wants to play with this big sister and still expect this big sister to give you money? … Ok! Consider me good-hearted . How much do you want?”

Xu Lin looked at me profoundly, said: “Cut the joke already . Lin Fan certainly doesn’t have a problem . ”

I was surprised, but smiling faintly I said, “Yes, I am not skilled . Even if I have to play, I would only be a noob . ”

“Do you think you can hide it from me?” Xu Lin slowly put down the coffee that she was holding in her hands .

“What am I hiding?”

“Lin Fan, current age twenty-three, was a third year student at XX University, got expelled six months ago for some reason . In 2014, together with his close friend, Ye Qiu, they founded the TOT Warcraft team . At the same year, they won the bronze medallion at WCG Nanjing regional . In 2015, runner-up at CEG Shanghai regional and in the same year in July won the WCG Shanghai regional championship . They also qualified for one of the three spots in the 2015 Chinese WCG team . But for some unknown reason they didn’t show up, causing the Chinese team to lose their winning chance . These rising star of WAR3 that many people had great expectation for, suddenly disappeared . One month after their disappearance, Lin Fan however appeared in a foot-massage center in some urban district . Are these incorrect?”

Yeah, was it so?

I thought I had forgotten all of this…

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