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The Legendary Thief - Volume 2 - Chapter 43

Published at 2nd of January 2017 05:46:11 AM

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 (Mission Sharing)

Facing over ten Level-26 Skeleton Warriors, Murong Shan Shan and I had to lure them out 3 whole times to annihilate them . I was fine with it, but Murong Shan Shan, this foolish girl made me speechless . A slight misstep by her had lured in a huge bunch of monsters, causing me to run behind her while letting out screams as they chased us until a small bridge . Not until they all dispersed that we dared to let out a breath .

Murong Shan Shan stared at me and said, “It’s all your fault, if you didn’t nudge me, I wouldn’t charge into that heap of monsters . ”

“Damn, you still have the nerve to say so!”

“Why wouldn’t I!”


We started clearing the map, and after we killed all the monsters around the small house, Murong Shan Shan squeezed in to take a peek through the door gap . But she saw nothing, so she turned and said, “You open the door!”

“What a coward!” I said softly and pulled Murong Shan Shan behind me, and then used my sword to cut off the bolt of the door . With a swift kick, the door opened .


Murong Shan Shan let out a huge shriek . I tilted my head to look inside, but there weren’t any ghost or monsters, only a few human-like workers, looking at us with a terrified look .

“F***! What are you shouting for, you almost scared me to death!” I patted my chest . Murong Shan Shan’s scream had really frightened me, I even thought there would be demon or ghost like Sadako . (TL Note: Remember ‘The Ring’?)

Murong Shan Shan had her whole body lean on my back, two round, bouncy and soft globes tightly pressed against my back, the feeling of the contact felt blissful to me . Interrupting this moment, a system notification popped out asking if I would carry out a sexual harassment warning . I immediately turned it off, being appealed by a beauty of the highest grade like Murong Shan Shan, I would most welcome it!

“Alright, it looks like there will be a mission, let’s get inside and see if we can get it! If there is one, you should accept it first, so you can raise your prestige to 10,000 as soon as possible!” I pulled Murong Shan Shan to the front and shoved her forward .

After Murong Shan Shan spoke with the few humans, she looked back at me hesitantly . At the same time, I also received a system notification: Accepted a party mission . Help the sawmill workers to exterminate the surrounding undead . Collect 100 skeleton leader’s rib bones and bring it back to the worker!

“So this mission can be done as a party!” Murong Shan Shan said happily .

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I was also quite surprised, “It would be best this way . When you obtained an item, I would also get the same!”

“Yeah, let’s go to kill the Skeleton Leaders . There should still be a follow-up mission!”

Murong Shan Shan’s mood was quite good . She worked especially hard to kill the skeleton monsters . Unfortunately for us, the rib bones were really hard to collect . After half an hour, we killed around 50 Skeleton Leaders but only managed to get a few rib bones . Instead, the experience gain was huge . Murong Shan Shan had just risen to Level 20 before and in this half hour, 1/3 of her experience bar was already filled, and I also managed to fill a quarter of my experience bar . At this rate, I might hit Level 28 in a single night . Of course, when everything went smoothly .

Killing monsters straight from 10 o’clock in the evening till 7 o’clock the next morning, we had finally managed to collect our mission items . After that kind of tough grinding, I reached Level 27, and so the experience gained from the level-26 monsters decreased drastically . Murong Shan Shan’s progress left me even more speechless, she actually rose from Level 19 to Level 25 in just one night! This was the kind of matter other players wouldn’t even dare to dream about . Any regular players would only have average equipment and had to be very careful when killing monsters, unlike Shan Shan, a wealthy girl who used a red potion whenever her health got low, as if money is nothing . In fact, most of the time, I became her meat shield . Thus, monsters were cleaned up fast!

Back to the small hut, Murong Shan Shan went to complete the mission . At the same time, the system notification rang beside my ear: “You have successfully completed a mission – The Lumberjacks Request . You gained 62,000 Experience, 5 gold coins, and Prestige +520 .

“Wow, in a short while, my prestige had increased by 520!” Murong Shan Shan exclaimed surprisingly .

“Yes, me too, but too bad there are no equipment rewards . ”

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“It’s OK . Right now, Prestige is most important . Ah! There’s a Follow-up Mission!”

System Notification: After the sawmill was taken over by the Undead, no more humans have entered the place . The remaining poor workers had been trapped in the house for more than two weeks . From what they understood, these scary Undeads were summoned by a Necromancer, and by killing it, the crisis in the sawmill would end . Rumors say the Necromancer is in a storage room, deep inside the sawmill . You should be careful! (Unique Mission, can be shared, party members cannot exceed three persons)

Shit, a unique mission for the both of us?

Murong Shan Shan giggled and said, “This Necromancer is probably a BOSS . Great, let’s go finish it .

I gave my equipment a quick check and realized that most of them were at the brink of destruction . After almost 10 hours of tough battles, the most worn-out equipment only had 1/10 of its original durability remaining . However, it should still be more than sufficient to kill a mere BOSS . If we didn’t fight it now, the monsters near the entrance will respawn making it more troublesome .

Murong Shan Shan pointed her sword to the front, “It’s in that direction, that round construction should be the storage room . ”

I reached out to push her forward, “Lead the way . My equipment’s durabilities are very low, I have to be thrifty with it . ”

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Murong Shan Shan shot me a conceited look and then charged forward with her sword . Luckily, most monsters in this area had been cleared out by us a while ago, and right now, only a sparse amount remained . Before long, we arrived in front of the storage room . This time, Murong Shan Shan opened the door without hesitating . A faint whiff of dark energy drifted out from the room .

Murong Shan Shan peeked inside, turned back and said, “Lin Fan, there are five Level-30 Armored Skeleton Warriors inside while the Necromancer is in the most inward area . I can’t see its level . You lead or should I?”

The Necromancer was a Level 32 BOSS . I barely managed to see its level, and those Level 30 Armored Skeleton Warrior would not be weak either . We had no idea how their Attack and Defense would compare to those Level 27 Skeleton Leaders outside .

“Shan Shan, how many red potion do you still have?”

“I still have four bottles of medium red potion, and also one blue potion . ”

“Mmm, give me 3 of the red potions . I reckon this Necromancer has the ability to revive those Armored Skeleton Warriors . I will withstand all their attacks, we’ll focus on taking down the Necromancer, and ignore those 5 Skeleton Warriors at the meantime . ”

“Alright, shall we begin?” Murong Shan Shan traded the three red potions to me, with a hint of nervousness appearing on her pretty face .

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