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The Legendary Thief - Volume 4 - Chapter 107

Published at 2nd of January 2017 06:05:38 AM

Chapter 107

Chapter 107 (The Land of Icewind)

Not right . Since the official made such a map, it shouldn’t be for players to just sightseeing . No matter what, there should be some NPCs, otherwise the players here would be at a loss .

I looked around again but still only uninhabited mist . There was only a pine tree all covered with snow, standing alone in the middle of the path . There wasn’t anything ahead either . I could only walk around the mountain to see if there’s any other way to go .

After another nearly ten minutes of walk, there was still nothing . I tilted my head to look up . Huh, how come there was something on the mountain peaks? Its size was about a square meter . What could it be?

I tried to climb up, but there was too much ice, and I kept slipping down…

After thinking for a long time, I finally came up with an idea . I pulled out the Sword of Darkness and directly stabbed it into the ice to climb up . Halfway to that strange thing, there were finally solid rocks . I almost fell down from the top when I lost my balance as I climbed up . From inside the mountain, there was actually some cold wind blowing out…

I looked up to see and immediately became stupefied .

Inside the mountain was an amazing scenery . Ice crystals formed a path down into the mountain with nothing at all at both sides of the path . I threw an ice cube down and still couldn’t hear any echo after a few minutes .

“Should I go down?”

I was sweating with cold sweats as I was thinking about it . If I were to fall down, there wouldn’t be a single hair left of me remaining . Fortunately, I wasn’t afraid of height, otherwise I would have already fallen into the dark abyss .

Since I had already come all the way here, I would just go on down then…

I just stepped forward and the name in the map had changed to “Land of IceWind . ” Quite a nice name actually . I cautiously walked down along the path . The farther I went down, the broader the ice path became . It was until I could see another creature besides myself that I finally let out a sigh of relieve . This area was really like inside another universe .

It was a level 42 monster called “Shivering Ice Devil . ” Its body was formed entirely of ice crystals and looked translucent . It has two crab-like pincer forepaws supporting it on the ground . No need to think about it, those two sharp claws must be its attack weapons .

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Unleash the sword, attack!

The Shivering Ice Devil had also noticed me and trotted over . Its claws, which was covered in frost, were already raised up as well .

System Notification: You received the Shivering Ice Devil’s frost attack . Attack speed and movement speed reduced by 20% .

This was a type of monster with attack effects .

Fortunately, its Attack wasn’t high . Although its attack frequency was a bit higher, but it didn’t cause me much harm . Besides, its Health and Defense weren’t high either . I only need to hit it four times to kill it . It should be about 4,000 HP, around the same with the undeads in the Silverpine Forest .

Killing all the way down, further down the path, there was another kind of monster, Blue Devils . Its Attack and Defense were about the same with the Shivering Ice Devil . The only difference was that instead of attack effects, it had a long-range attack . Its whole body was blue . With a gold shield on the left hand, its right hand was wielding a copper flying-ax . After carefully watching for a moment, I discover that it attacked by throwing out its ax . However, the weird thing was that right after it threw the ax, another one would appear immediately . I was completely clueless as from where it pulled them out .

I used the Phosphor Powder to go into the stealth mode and immediately unleashed [Frozen Blade] as I got next to the Blue Devil, followed then by [Heavy Strike] + [Combo] to kill it . It dropped a level 33 white armor and 60 silver coins . Well, this monster was still a bit wealthier, it gave quite a lot of Experience and money, and it was easy to kill . Its Defense was terribly low . If Lu Xue Han were to use her fire-type Blazing Rainstorm skill to attack these monsters, it should be much more effective . Unfortunately, the number of monsters were too little . I needed to walk dozens of steps before I encountered another monster . The ice path kept extended downward in a helix form . It was pitch black, I didn’t know what would come next .

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Killing the monsters on the way, in a blink of an eye, two hours had passed . Altogether, I had killed nearly 300 monsters . There wasn’t a single green equipment, only eight pieces of about level 33 white equipment . I wasn’t sure if anyone would buy it . I also got more than 100 gold coins and my Experience was at 12% of level 39 . Overall, it was quite convenient to level up here, only the distance to go back and forth was a little bit too far .

I looked up, the entrance on the mountaintop was already so far away and almost out of sight . The whole cave was full of various ice crystals with strange light refraction . On the cave walls, a cluster of huge icicle hung on the top . I was worried the whole time whether those icicles would fall down and turned me into a hedgehog .

Actually, I was worrying too much . Although those hanging icicles were shaking a bit in the wind, but there was no sign that they would fall down .

“Swish~ . ”

When I was thinking about it, suddenly an iceball of the size of a head hit my body and I immediately lost more than 100 points of health .

System Notification: You have been attacked by a Yeti . You lose 102 points of Health .

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I looked up to see and suddenly felt some urge to laugh . This was called a Yeti?

Long horns, white fur, goat’s face, cow’s hoof-like feet . What a joke . It didn’t resemble a Yeti at all . It was whether I had some problems with my sight or the programmer had some mental lapse…

Its Attack was much higher than the Shivering Ice Devils and the Blue Devils . However, its Defense was even lower . My Attack of 715 points could cause more than 1,200 points of damage with every hit . This could be said as the monster with the lowest Defense since I played this game .

It took five hits to kill the Yeti and dropped 50 silver coins and a Yeti skin . I picked it up for a look . It turned out to be a manufacturing materials . Yeti skin: a kind of material to produce high-level leather armor .

Whether it would be useful or not, I put it in the inventory first . Things like fur could be stacked anyway, it might come useful in the future .

The ice path was gradually getting closer to the ice wall and eventually it merged together . This was also good because at least there was a wall on one side, which gave me some sense of security . The monsters were also gradually getting more cluttered . With the Shivering Ice Devil, Blue Devil, and Yeti gathering together, the difficulty to kill monsters was also increasing . Especially during a situation when a group of long-range attack monsters surrounded me, it’s very troubling . Several times, my Health was almost empty and I had to depend on my stealth skill to escape death .

One hour later, it was time to eat . However, there were still many monsters here . My Experience was already at 72% of level 39 . It looked like that today I would be able to break the level 40, a major breakthrough .

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