The Legendary Thief - Volume 4 - Chapter 108

Published at 2nd of January 2017 06:05:38 AM

Chapter 108

Chapter 108 (The Goddess’s Heart)


Something seemed to be out of place . There was a piece of gray cloth not far from where I stood .

Not right, someone must have been here because the monsters here were all absolutely clothless . This piece of cloth could simply not be theirs .

I stealthily sneaked past through the monsters . Their level was higher than mine, so I tried to avoid them as much as possible not to get close within 5 yards to them, or else they would discover me . It was for the first time that I paid close attention to these creatures and realized that the Shivering Ice Devils didn’t have a face, the Blue Devils had such a big nostrils . But the most exaggerated one was the Yeti, it didn’t even have a genital part .

“Whoosh~ . ”

As I got to the ice wall, suddenly a sword flashed in front of me . Fortunately, I reacted quickly, otherwise I would have lost my head .

“Hey, he has a Silvermoon City Adventurers Guild’s badge,” a voice said . The sword was also pulled back already . Then I saw a group of seven or eight people crouching in front of a small man-made ice cave . No wonder that these smooth walls had weapon marks on it here .

“You are an army from the Silvermoon City,” I said in amazement . They didn’t have their names displayed on top of their heads, so they should be NPCs, and their levels should also be very high that I couldn’t see it . At current situation, there shouldn’t be any players in the game with such a high level yet .

Someone who seemed to be a captain immediately came over and said, “We are the first unit of the Silvermoon City Third patrol squadron . A month ago, we carried out a mission chasing a Yeti King here . Unfortunately, our strength was too weak and we were instead being trapped in this isolated place here . It’s been almost a month, and we can only consume the meat of those disgusting Yeti out there to satiate our hunger . But in the last few days, our magician have begun to get diarrhea . These Yeti’s meat is really too agonizing…”

I stretched out my head to look outside at those genitalless Yetis . These soldiers really had a hard time . The Yeti looked so disgusting, yet, they could eat its meat .

“Sir, are you Kuma? The captain of the Silvermoon City’s East Gate Guards asked me to find your whereabout . ” (TL Note: At the end of chapter 98, I made a translation mistake . Instead of translating to Kuma, I translated it as Cavalry unit . The ‘ku’ in the name means division, and the ‘ma’ in his name literally means horse . After getting to this chapter, I realized that it was actually referring to a name . )

The captain was ecstatic, “I’m Kuma and this is my unit . Unfortunately, only half of them remained… Young man, you’re very brave . Since you have already come to this place, can you do me a favor? One of my soldiers had been poisoned by the Yeti . The doctor said that only the Yeti King’s heart could act as the antidote for the poison . Can you help me kill the Yeti King and take its heart?”

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I quickly selected “Yes”, and the mission followed:

System Notification: You accepted Captain Kuma’s mission . Kill the Yeti King and deliver its heart to Captain Kuma .

Killing another BOSS again . With so many monsters out there, who knew where the Yeti King resided…

I proceeded to sneak out . The monsters out there weren’t too many; only sparsely distributed on the ice path, which was around ten meters wide . The strange thing was that all monsters here were at level 42, from the entrance to here, all the same . Could it be that their levels would still be level 42 all the way down? If so, once I reached level 40, I wouldn’t need to wander here; the Experience gained would be too little .

As I was thinking of that, suddenly my body shook, followed by an “88” red figure popping out from the top of my head . On my right side, a transparent black figure gradually became visible . Two green poisonous daggers flashing with cold light waved up and down .

Damn it . Another stealth-type monster again .

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It was a level 43 Assassin and was somewhat similar with those Japanese Ninjas . Only these Assassin was very tall and fully masked, even its eyes were not exposed .

I unleashed my sword to counterattack and threw out a [Frozen Blade], which unexpectedly caused the Assassin to lose 1/3 of its Health . Such a low Defense and Health . When I unleashed a Combo and Heavy Strike, this level 43 died without any suspense . It didn’t drop any equipment, only 56 silver coins . To get 56 silver coins in a flash, I was more than satisfied .

All the way down, I didn’t see the Yeti King . However, the deeper I went, most of the monsters were Yetis and Assassins . Usually, in online games like this, the Yeti King should be located in the deepest part of this place, or it wasn’t located here at all .

Although the number of monsters wasn’t that many, but as a Swordsman, to fight long-range monsters gave me quite a headache . I kept killing monsters until three in the afternoon and my Experience grew another 12%; it was at 84% now . To get to level 40 in the next three hours should not be a problem .

Waving my sword to cut down the last Yeti, it became bright and clear in front of me . A tall ice monolith stood in the middle of the path . It was carved with complex patterns and images like a totem or some monuments used for ancient rituals . I curiously walked over and then could see the images very clearly and realistic . A snow-white bird was flying in the sky, its two huge wings causing the snow on the ground to scatter up . Weird, it was like an abstract drawn with post-modernism method .

I felt strange inside and couldn’t help but reach out to touch the ice bird . However, the moment my hand touched the icicle, suddenly, I felt a surge of cold air rapidly blown at my direction, causing my whole body to tremble .

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“Ding~ . ”

System Notification: You have triggered the Inscriptions of the Goddess . Use the Goddess’s Heart to unlock the Snow Queen’s confinement .

The giant ice monolith gradually disappeared after the mission announcement . A cold blue gem was placed below where the monolith was standing before . I picked it up to take a look, and it turned out to be the required Goddess’s Heart mentioned in the mission’s brief . I quickly opened the mission pane to see the mission’s detail .

The Goddess’s Heart: The Ice Goddess energy remained in the human’s world in the form of a crystal . Two thousand years ago, the Ice Goddess’s maid violated the law of Heavens . Afraid of getting severe divine punishment, she secretly fled to the world of mortals . In the mountains east of Silvermoon City, she released her power and created the Land of IceWind there . She herself became the self-proclaimed Snow Queen . Feeling it as her responsibility, the Goddess unleashed some divine power and solidified her heart to seal the Snow Queen in the Land of IceWind .

Mission task: You have unlocked the Goddess’s seal . Use the Goddess’s Heart to defeat the Snow Queen and deliver the Goddess’s Heart back to her .

I couldn’t help but suck in a mouthfull of cold air . This was a divine mission . What an outrage . No wonder the mission’s name was printed in deep blood red color . It seemed that this wasn’t a mission that I could accomplish by myself . Who could tell what pervert level this Snow Queen would evolve to . I’ll just kill the Yeti King first for now . Perhaps, to kill the Snow Queen would require some teammates .

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