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Published at 22nd of May 2017 07:07:34 AM

Chapter 10

10 . Chapter 10

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Maybe it was because she was able to make Boss Li laugh, but Zhu Yun was finally fortunate enough to see the project details this day .

The task list was very long . Zhu Yun looked over it quietly as Li Xun got up and leaned on the table next to her .

“You can earn up to two credits towards practical training . 0 . 2 for general items and 0 . 4 for special ones . ”

Zhu Yun raised her head and asked, “What counts as a special item?”

“Things that make money . ”


Boss Li was standing very close to her, so she had to turn her head up to see his face .

How was his skin so nice when he pulled so many all nighters?

A frown on his face, Li Xun continued smoking, his eyes unable to stay open .

Zhu Yun asked, “So, do the students get to keep all the money from this project?”

“Keep dreaming . ” His hangover made his voice a bit coarse . He turned and looked at her, his still-wet shirt gently folded and resting in a heap below his waist . “Do you know what a school-enterprise co-op is?”

The classroom was still as a park in the early morning . Even the sun hadn’t been there to disturb them . Zhu Yun was curious as to how they’d chatted so natually until day arrived, as if they’d been old friends .

“Yeah,” Zhu Yun said . “Every department has something like it . Working together with an outside business . ”

“Mmh . Of course, this would generally be an opportunity to earn some money, but the system isn’t exactly an efficient one . By the time the money reachers the school, there isn’t much left, and then that has to go towards the venue and management fees . ”

“So all the money this project earns will go to the school?”

“Not quite . We get a split too . ”

“How much?”

Li Xun didn’t answer . He pressed his cigarette butt onto a sheet of paper and then said, “You want to earn some money?”


Did I come here just to earn money?

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Zhu Yun politely replied, “No, no . I was just asking . ”

Li Xun sat on the table, his long legs dragging on the floor . In his lazy way, he said, “You’re starting again . What are you pretending for? Just say what you want to say . ”

Zhu Yun had been acting courteously, but after Li Xun pricked at her, she automatically reacted . “At the mention of money, you’re suddenly so guarded . Just like your hair, your character is so crude . ”

After she spoke, the two of them were both dumbstruck .

Flabbergasted, Li Xun said, “Say that again?”


“The refined and outstanding ** Zhu, say that again . ” (t/n: In all cases that asterisks appear, it is because they were present in the original text . )

A single slip could cause her everlasting sorrow . Who would come save her .

“It was a mistake . ” In a quiet voice that couldn’t be any quieter, Zhu Yun said, “I need to go to the restroom . ”

With his long arms, Li Xun grabbed onto Zhu Yun’s collar, nearly choking her to death .

“Why are you running away?” Li Xun asked from behind her .

In a situation such as this, Zhu Yun truly felt that a man was a man and a woman a woman—she was speaking to physical strength . Zhu Yun couldn’t pull free . Li Xun pinched at her neck, and she stiffly turned around .

Those monolids again .

Are you some kind of fucking god .

“What was that about my character? And my hair?”

Zhu Yun blocked her neck and said, “They’re great, both of them… I was just being ridiculous earlier . It was a mistake, really . A mistake . ”

A sound came from the hallway, giving Zhu Yun a fright . She whispered, “Someone’s coming! Let go!”

Li Xun scoffed . “Am I afraid of being seen? Or are you?”

His grip was as stable as Mount Tai, calm and leisurely, no concern for the approaching sound .

Just before the door opened, Zhu Yun gave a great push and strode back to her seat, burying her head in the project task list . Wu Mengxing walked into the room and saw Li Xun and Zhu Yun . He waved and greeted them . Then he grabbed a broom and started cleaning the room .

Li Xun yawned . Then he said to Zhu Yun, “Forget that . Bring your things over here . You’ll work with me . ”

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Zhu Yun lowered her head and responded shortly, “Okay,” before flipping closed the papers in her hand .

One after another, people drifted into the room . When Gao Jianhong arrived, his face showed his exhaustion . He’d wanted to sit and rest a bit, but Li Xun pulled him up and also called Zhu Yun over for a meeting .

Zhu Yun finally saw the contents of Li Xun’s laptop . His desktop was very clean . No games, not even project files or school documents . Zhu Yun suspected that his computer was just filled with compilers and software plugins .

Zhu Yun already knew that the project was for Languan Company, so Li Xun gave her a rundown on the progress so far .

“You two can work on the functions a bit . They don’t have to be too detailed yet . Just make sure to have a clear vision with them . We can work on them more in depth after getting the contract with the company next week .

Zhu Yun looked at Li Xun . “The contract hasn’t been signed yet?”

Gao Jianhong responded, “Not yet . But I’ve already looked into our biggest competitor, and they are of very mediocre quality . We should be able to win the contract . ” With a laugh, he nudged Li Xun . “The great chief engineer, we’ll count on you . ”

Zhu Yun looked over to see Top Score Li give a composed smile .

After she returned to her seat, Zhu Yun suddenly had a thought—so, right now, she was part of the core development team?

In the following days, Li Xun concentrated on planning the framework while Li Xun and Gao Jianhong prepared a website template . The pile of books on Zhu Yun’s desk grew larger while the hours of sleep she got descreased . And yet, her excitement only increased .

On Wednesday, Li Xun arranged for the three of them to be excused from class . Together with Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong, the group headed to Languan Company .

Languan’s factory was located in the suburbs, so Zhu Yun had looked up the bus routes in advance . But the day of their meeting, Young Master Li hailed down a taxi and spent 500 dollars on it for the day .

They left at 7 in the morning, and twenty minutes later, the taxi got off the Second Elevated Loop (Highway) and started heading down a small road . There was construction on the roads, so the group spent more than an hour being shaken to and fro, as if riding on a boat .

Zhu Yun had worried that they’d be very busy in the morning, so she’d padded her stomach with two buns before they left . In the end, she threw everything up halfway through their journey . Fortunately, the taxi driver stopped for a bit, so at least she didn’t vomit in the car .

Gao Jianhong crouched down beside Zhu Yun and asked with concern, “Are you okay? How can you vomit this much?”

Zhu Yun’s face was very pale . “I-I’m fine . ”

Li Xun stood further away, his arms crossed . “Must be the nerves . ”

Zhu Yun’s eyes were red from vomitting . She raised her head and glared at him .

Li Xun said, “Just look at yourself . ”

Gao Jianhong couldn’t help jumping in, “Can you just be quiet? She’s already suffering . ”

Zhu Yun’s breathing was uneven . She’d already thrown up everything inside her stomach . Otherwise, she would have saved a bit for his face .

Li Xun tossed a bottle of water to her . “Hurry and finish vomitting . Let’s go . ”

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After their journey continued, Zhu Yun’s stomach started feeling better . She looked up and saw Li Xun in the passenger seat, continuously yawning . Zhu Yun took a deep breath . This time, he was right . She was a bit nervous .

They finally arrived at their destination around 8:30 . The scene outside the car was a large, open space . The factory was made up of three buildings . The inner most one was the tallest and it seemed to be the office building . While the factory was large, it didn’t seem particularly conventional . The passing workers moved without hurry, much like people out shopping .

After they got off the car, Li Xun made a call . Shortly after, an employee came out to escort the trio .

“Everyone’s here already . Why are you so late?”

Gao Jianhong quickly spoke up, “We apologize . There was construction on the road . ”

The employee said, “We’ve been waiting all day . Hurry up . ” He led the group to the innermost building . It was very empty, and when they stepped inside, they felt a chill . Standing in the corridor, you could see the dust against the sunlight .

This was a food processing plant…?

When they arrived on the third floor, they finally felt a bit of liveliness . On either side of the stairs sat a flower pot with twisting wealth plants . They walked into the conference room from the back door . Inside, someone was making a presentation .

There were 20-something people inside the room . Sitting at the front were four men in suits and formal attire . They were the boss(es) of Languan and top-level engineers . Behind them were rows of software company employees, waiting to make their pitch .

After arriving to the room, the employee who escorted them took his leave . Zhu Yun sat down and listened attentively to the current presentation .

When her nerves started to dissipate and she calmed down, Zhu Yun noticed a problem… The man at the front was presenting a cool user interface (UI), talking about powerful function analysis, and the company’s bright future . But…

You’re trying to land a programming contract . What do you mean by giving a Powerpoint presentation?

The material they’d presented had all been downloaded from the net; their functions were ripped from other sites . They didn’t have any vision whatsoever . Zhu Yun frowned as she looked at the spokesperson with saliva spitting out from their mouth . Finally, she realized that he didn’t even have the most basic of plans set .

She felt warm air by her ear . Zhu Yun turned her head to see the blond devil at her right, his arms crossed, leaning over to her .

Quietly, she asked, “What are you doing?”

Upon closer inspection, Zhu Yun discovered that Li Xun’s eyelids weren’t strictly monolid . At the edge of his eyelids, they split a bit . Thin and delicate, they looked really nice . When soft, they were like a swallow’s tail . When intense, they were like a scissor’s blades .

He smiled and asked her, “Still nervous?”


Doesn’t seem like it .

As the presentations continued, Zhu Yun relaxed . Because she’d already seen Li Xun’s code .

It was finally their turn . Top Score Li pulled his laptop out from his backpack and got up . He walked to the front without a single warning, so Zhu Yun wasn’t even able to say “good luck . ”

He was at the front making his presentation . That carefree voice that was neither high nor low eased all her emotions . As Zhu Yun listened, she started to forget what he’d said, and she just watched him .

How many nights had it been since he’d slept? Often times, Zhu Yun would leave the practice base, and Li Xun would still be working . Like he’d said in the beginning—”There’s no set time . When you’re free, come by . I’ll be there . ”

He was dressed in an ordinary grey shirt, and his head of hair was the only bright point on his body . Li Xun’s stature was tall, shooting up like a young bamboo tree . Only, he never raised his head properly . When he sat, he would curl up and nestle into his seat . When he stood, his back would be slightly hunched over .

Zhu Yun looked at him . And then, she pulled her phone out from her jacket and took a photo .

Gao Jianhong looked over at her . “What is it?”

Zhu Yun put down her phone and said, “Nothing . I just thought… this would be a good momento . ”

Gao Jianhong smiled and turned back to the front . “Yeah . ”

Aside from the initial commotion at his hair, Li Xun’s presentation progressed without a hitch . Their presentation was the shortest, but they earned the most technical questions . Li Xun’s vision was very clear and thorough, so he was able to answer all the questions satisfactorily .

The old boss didn’t understand programming . With a frown, he said, “Your interface doesn’t look very attractive . ” The engineer beside him quickly whispered a few sentences into his ear, and then the boss nodded, brows still furrowed .

Li Xun grabbed his laptop and walked back to his seat . Zhu Yun shot him a thumbs up . The corner of Li Xun’s mouth curved up, arrogant as ever .

They were the final group to present, and then the boss gave a final speech . He spoke seriously for a bit . After letting everyone know that they would be contacted at a later date, he dismissed them all . Zhu Yun and co followed the crowd out . Suddenly, she noticed a man .

Standing at the side was a thin, young man .

Then her collar was pulled by Li Xun . “You’re going to walk into the wall . ”

Zhu Yun quietly whispered to Li Xun and Gao Jianhong . “Look at that guy over there . ” She slyly pointed over to the young man . “Don’t you think he looks familiar?”

Gao Jianhong shook his head . “Never seen him . ”

Zhu Yun frowned . “Why do I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before . ”

Li Xun said, “If you like him, go ask him . Your taste is pretty bad though . ”


As they made a turn, Zhu Yun suddenly stopped in her steps . “I remember . ”

Li Xun squinted at her .

Zhu Yun said, “I saw him when I went with Fang Shumiao to her meeting . He’s a graduate student in our department . ”

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