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Published at 26th of August 2017 08:01:20 AM

Chapter 30

Overgrown Grassland

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30 . Chapter 30

School started .

To Zhu Yun, who’d returned to school half a month earlier, working every day until the moonlight shined through the windows, the start of classes didn’t leave her with any special feelings .

Maybe class would be more relaxing?

Since they’d finished the project for the auto parts company, the project base was on a vacation . During class, her phone vibrated . It was a text from the bank, notifying her of a balance change on her payment card .

Not bad, Boss Li . At least he was never late with payment .

Zhu Yun raised her head; she sat at the back, so she was able to look around the classroom . Li Xun hadn’t come to class . It’d be his bad luck if the teacher took roll . No one would dare to cover for him . His presence was too obvious, so the entire class might get in trouble .

After class, someone came to to find Zhu Yun . It was the programming class rep from Class 2 . “Teacher Lin wants you to stop by his office . ”

“…Okay . ”

What was this about? School just started three days ago, and she hadn’t even had a class with him yet .

“I think it’s good news,” the class rep said . “Teacher Lin looked very happy . ”

Not knowing the purpose of her visit, Zhu Yun carried her bag over to the office . Even from afar, she heard Old Lin’s flustered voice . “What am I supposed to say? Why are you so lacking in sense?!”

Zhu Yun stopped . …This was called being happy?

She slowly walked up to the door and peeked inside the open gap .

Oh .

Wasn’t that their great Top Score?

Old Lin and Li Xun were the only people inside the room . Li Xun had obviously lost all his patience, but since Old Lin was blocking his way, he couldn’t leave . He leaned against the desk and stared at the flower pot on it .

Zhu Yun knocked lightly .

The two people inside the room turned their heads . Li Xun reached out and grabbed Zhu Yun inside .

“Her . ” Li Xun pushed Zhu Yun in front of Old Lin .

Zhu Yun wanted control of her body back, but Li Xun grabbed her neck, forcing her still .

“Have her go . ”

Go where? Let go of me .

Old Lin came to her rescue . “Release her . Don’t take such liberties with others’ bodies . ”

Li Xun moved his hand . He straightened up, planning to leave, when Old Lin shut the door . “Wait!”

After a slight struggle, Zhu Yun finally understood what was going on .

Class 2’s rep was correct . There was good news . The software they’d created for Languan had won the first place award for nationwide technical innovation .

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“Ah, seriously…” Li Xun looked entirely helpless as he stuffed his hand into his pockets . Zhu Yun immediately knew that he was reaching for a cigarette . She kicked him and he looked at her .

This is the teacher’s office . Don’t act so arrogantly!

“……” Li Xun seemed to have received Zhu Yun’s silent message, and he pulled his hand back out .

“It’s just one event . How much of your time will it really take up?” Old Lin pled with Li Xun .

Li Xun pointed his chin at Zhu Yun . “Tell her to go . ”

“You must both go! Gao Jianhong as well . You will form a three member team!”

Zhu Yun was taken aback . Forming a team for what?

Li Xun turned his body, only to be pushed back by Old Lin .

“Go to the event and meet some outstanding scholars . Speaking with them will bring you many benefits and no downsides . You can also prepare for the mid-year computer security competition . It’s such a good opportunity, so why aren’t you taking advantage of it?”

Competition? What competition?

Someone, explain it to her .

“I’m not interested,” Young Master Li replied, not giving any face .

Old Lin stared at him blankly . Then he turned to Zhu Yun and complained, “What’s he saying?! What do you think he’s saying?! Do you think you’ll definitely win if you go?”

Zhu Yun replied, “No… . ”

Li Xun, “Yes . ”

Old Lin’s face had turned completely red . He screamed towards the ceiling, “Li Xun! You rascal, you’re too out of control!”

Zhu Yun quickly brought over some tea, to try and smooth the situation over . “Teacher, don’t be angry . Let’s talk about this slowly . ”

Old Lin took the cup and panted as he drank the tea . Li Xun took advantage of this break to step out the room . As he left, he exchanged a glance with Zhu Yun that meant, ‘You take care of it . ’

When Old Lin put down his tea, he was surprised to see Li Xun had disappeared . His blood pressure soared .

“He’s infuriating!” He stared at Zhu Yin . “I’ve seen many talented students, but this is the first time across all heaven and earth that I’ve met someone like him!”

Zhu Yun stood at the side and quickly replied, “It’s my first time too . He’s really quite hateful!”

Old Lin sighed and then sat down . “Such a good opportunity…”

Zhu Yun didn’t say anything .

After Old Lin calmed down, and started again . “Even if we forget about the competition for now, he has to make an appearance at the awards event . Your software was so well made that we’ve already had several medical institutions inquire about it . What kind of contract did you sign with the foods company? Was there any mention on improvement of the core software? Give me a copy of the contract later, and I’ll have someone look over it . ”

Zhu Yun was completely taken aback . Wasn’t it just a small piece of software? Had it received such a great welcome?

“Don’t get too complacent!” Old Lin immediately poured cold water on her thoughts . “Zhu Yun, don’t ever learn from that rotten brat . Arrogant, headstrong, and condscending!”

“…Yes sir . ”

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Old Lin frowned and angrily grumbled, “…With that temper of his, he’s going to suffer later . ”

Zhu Yun pushed open the door to the project base and walked directly over to Li Xun . She stuck a note onto his laptop, listing the schedule for the awards event .

The note just happened to cover his compiler, but it didn’t seem to have affected Li Xun one bit . Expressionless, he continued typing .

He could type without looking . And he could plan without looking . And he could place breakpoints (for debugging) without looking .

You’re truly a god .

Zhu Yun admitted defeat . She took the note off and sat down beside him .

“It’s just one small event . Go get your award . Teacher Lin fought for this . ” Zhu Yun stressed, “He fought for this for you . ”

Li Xun rubbed his eyes, clearly not wanting to say anything more .

Zhu Yun tried to go at it from another direction . “There’s a prize . ”

Li Xun yawned . “Not enough . ”

“No matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat . ”

Zhu Yun looked at Gao Jianhong, who replied, “Right . And we just happen to have finished our project, and we haven’t accepted a new one yet . Just treat it like a free vacation . ”

Zhu Yun had never tried so earnestly to persuade someone before .

“Go . Teacher Lin is already angry about it . ”

Li Xun lazily shot a glance at Zhu Yun . She silently looked back at him .

Save us some trouble, won’t you . Teacher Lin helped you so much .

After a long while, Li Xun finally put out his hand toward Zhu Yun . She put the note in his hand . Li Xun narrowed his eyes as he looked it over, and Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong waited cautiously for his decision .

Finally, Top Score Li looked up and asked dispirited, “What’s the weather in the capital like now?”

Though he was very much unwilling, Li Xun finally gave in and agreed to go to the event . But he was too relaxed, unconcerned about the itinerary .

That meant the job of coordinating was left to Zhu Yun . First, she contacted the others—from there school, there were eight people total who would be attending the event . Aside from the three of them, there were five older students . There was aso a teacher for a year 3 class who would be accompanying them .

In order to avoid missing too many classes, their flight was the morning of the event .

Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong sat together, and Boss Li sat behind them . Gao Jianhong had the window seat, so he glanced at Zhu Yun and asked, “Do you want the window seat? We can switch . ”

“That’s okay . I’ll just sit here . ”

Because it was still early, after the plane took off, the passengers quickly slipped into sleep mode .

Zhu Yun didn’t sleep though, and neither did Gao Jianhong . He stared out the window, and finally Zhu Yun whispered, “What are you thinking about?”

Gao Jianhong came back to his senses and replied, “Nothing… You’re not sleeping?”

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“I can’t sleep during the day . ”

Gao Jianhong nodded .

After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, “Zhu Yun, what are your thoughts about the competition?”


“The mid-year college info security competition . Teacher Lin told you about it, didn’t he? He wants the three of us to enter as a team . ”


Zhu Yun hesitated as she replied, “Li Xun… It was already difficult to get him to come to this event . I don’t think he’s interested in the competition . ”

Gao Jianhong laughed . “You’re probably right . ”

Zhu Yun saw his expression, so she asked, “You want to participate?”

“I’ve thought about it . You?”

To be honest, Zhu Yun had no plans for it . Her personality was one that required a bit of prodding . If there was no compelling reason, she wouldn’t participate in these kinds of competitions .

“It would be beneficial for us,” Gao Jianhong said . “If we win an award at the competition, whether we want to study abroad or do postgraduate studies, it will be very helpful . ”



Zhu Yun fiddled with the seat buckle, getting lost in her thoughts .

When the plane landed, it wasn’t yet 8 o’clock .

The event started in the afternoon at a university downtown . Their accommodations were inside the school . When they arrived, the teacher split them up into rooms . “You can rest in your rooms upstairs . We’ll meet up at 12:30 . ”

Zhu Yun followed one of her seniors up to their room . When they entered the room, the other girl turned on the air conditioning and started going over her program .

“Your group won first place, right?” she asked .

Zhu Yun replied, “Mmh . ”

The senior student glanced at her again, but didn’t say any more .

Zhu Yun looked out the window and saw students walking to and fro on the campus .

She started wondering what Li Xun was up to .

Probably having a nap…

A bit past 12, Zhu Yun and her rooommate headed to their meeting place . The event wasn’t small, so there were people giving directions along the way .

The group was meeting in the lobby of the administrative building . There were posters all around the door, welcoming the guests . Since the event hadn’t officially started yet, many of the school’s students were around, still preparing .

“Zhu Yun!” Gao Jianhong called to her in the crowd . Zhu Yun turned but didn’t see a single sign of the golden head .

“Where is he?”

“When I left, he just woke up . He said he’ll be here soon . ”

Their accompanying teacher walked over to Zhu Yun and told her, “Your award is early in the program, so you should sit up front . Make your preparations . ” The teacher seemed to finally realize—”Eh? Where’s Li Xun?”

“He’ll be here soon . ” Zhu Yun didn’t dare to tell the teacher that she’d made several unanswered calls .

The teacher frowned . “Tell him to hurry up! Send someone over first!”

Outside, in front of a small grove, a teacher stood on top of a stool, shouting instructions . Zhu Yun told Gao Jianhong, “You wait here . I’ll check in first . ”

“Okay . ”

She waited patiently . After awhile, it was finally their turn . The teacher stretched their neck . “Project group for medical and health function development!”


Zhu Yun had a mental lapse .

Who picked that name . Was this actually the health product recommendation software they made?

“Team leader, Li Xun!” the teacher shouted . “Are you present? Li Xun!”

She tried to raise her hand inside the crowd to grab the teacher’s attention . “I’m—”

“Here . ” The answer came, grandly again .

Zhu Yun paused . This scene felt very familiar . She turned, and then she couldn’t help covering her mouth . Young Master Li had washed his face and styled his hair messily . He’d changed into a casual suit, unbuttoned, revealing a clean shirt .

She looked up…

Under the afternoon sun, he’d also donned a pair of sunglasses . His outfit looked fresh and relaxed . He was really treating this like a free vacation .

As Zhu Yun looked at him, her emotions suddenly grew complicated . She both wanted to straighten up and flaunt, while at the same time, lower her head for fear of shame .

While everyone’s attentions had been drawn to this blinding character, someone tapped Zhu Yun’s shoulder . She turned and saw the boy behind her give a lively smile .

“It really is you . I thought I was mistaken . It’s been a long time, Zhu Yun . ”

A long time indeed .

“How have you been?”

I’m fine, but why haven’t you died yet?

“How’s Teacher Liu (Zhu Yun’s mother)? I haven’t seen her since graduation . If I had the chance to visit… Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t recognize me?”

I recognize you . How could I not . Even if you turned to ashes, I’d still recognize you .

Her necklace suddenly felt hot—the cross necklace she often forgot about felt like it weighed 500 kg .

“Zhu Yun?”

She finally smiled and extended her hand . She and the boy shook hands . “It’s been a long time, Fang Zhijing . ”

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