The Lord's Empire

The Lord's Empire
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“Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World.” After hearing this, Zhao Fu’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground.

With bleak prospects in the real world, Zhao Fu’s life is turned around when countless crystals fell from the sky one night, which people could use to enter an alternate, game-like world. After obtaining an ancient Chinese empire’s legacy, Zhao Fu uses his intellect and resourcefulness to develop his own empire from a tiny village. However, with enemies both in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World, he must make brilliant decisions and use creative schemes to survive.

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4 Months, 14 Hours ago

Well to be fair the mc is against slavery, and killing anyone who doesn’t surrender sound better to me than the possibility of a forced labor concentration camp, and what do morals have to do with a good book. It might be a little (quite) dark but it is a great story about a man against the world and his willingness to do anything to get on top. If you aren’t ok with gore or dark themes this isn’t for you, but if you are totally against these types of books and would like to get rid of them then you might as well burn all history books, because most things minus the fantasy aspect did happen, and will most likely continue to happen, and In the history of mankind these dark themes in this book don’t even hold a candle to what we have done.

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

From decent modern people’s POV, this novel maybe a bit gruesome, but so what? Are you going to judge novel’s quality just because if its genre? This novel setting at warfare periode. At that time killing thousand of innocents are norm. You dont have right to prevent other people to read this novel just because you dislike its genre

7 Months, 1 Week ago

If you think it’s fine to be a slaver, read this this novel. If you thiink it’s fine to kill anyone who won’t surrender, this story is for you. For anyone who has morals, don’t waste your time reading this novel.

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