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The Lord’s Empire - Chapter 1268

Published at 6th of November 2019 12:55:09 PM

Chapter 1268: 1268

Zhao Fu calmly nodded and accepted this title . Finally, he went to the place where Fallen Angels were developed .

This was a very large stage that was nine meters tall . The stage was black and seemed to be made of steel . This place did not have a roof, and there were 24 black spears and an orb of light giving off intense black light in the sky .

The orb of light was ten or so meters wide, and there was a hazy figure inside it, which looked like the Fallen Angel from before .

The 24 black spears seemed to be made out of crystal, and they were three meters long . There were black runes on them, and they gave off powerful might, seeming like precious treasures .

Zhao Fu gave a delighted smile; this place would be the first step to Great Qin’s rise in the Heaven Awaken World . If he could greatly develop Great Qin, they would no longer have to fear the Outer Domains’ factions, and Great Qin would be able to solidify its position in the Outer Domains .

Because Great Qin had now formally entered the Heaven Awaken World, this was its new first step .

Due to its lack of foundation, Great Qin had often been forced into a passive state . If they could make up for this, Great Qin could take more initiative, and this would be the first official step to Great Qin’s rise .

“Your Lordship, you must be hungry after doing it for so long with her Ladyship . Do you want me to prepare some food for you?” Nossi asked considerately .

Zhao Fu nodded; even though as his cultivation became higher and he needed food less, he still had a desire for food .

Nossi lightly smiled and bowed before leaving to prepare food .

Following this, Zhao Fu sat at a low table and started to enjoy the food that Nossi had prepared for him . They were all essentially demon beast flesh, as well as a very fragrant grape wine . Because he had control over the Darkness God Palace, he was not worried about Nossi doing anything .

Zhao Fu now acted as if this was his home and did not hold back at all . After having a large meal, Zhao Fu reclined against the chair while Nossi brought up some exquisite desserts and waited by the side for any orders Zhao Fu had .

After a while, Zhao Fu felt rested and prepared to leave the Darkness God Palace .

“Your Lordship, her Ladyship still hasn’t recovered yet . You need to treat her Ladyship tenderly and not ravage her like before,” Nossi said gently .

However, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, still feeling somewhat angry . That Fallen Angel had wanted to devour him, and him not killing her was already merciful . How could he treat her with tenderness?

Nossi did not understand why Zhao Fu was angry . She thought for a moment before squatting down and servicing Zhao Fu, saying flirtatiously, “Your Lordship, do you like this? You can ravage me whenever you want, but you need to treat her Ladyship more gently; you’re her first man . ”

Zhao Fu looked down at the beautiful Nossi; compared to that Fallen Angel, he liked this considerate and seductive maid much more .

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“This God’s going to kill you!” Suddenly, a voice filled with hatred sounded out . The Fallen Angel had put on a dress and furiously stormed over .

Hearing the hatred in her owner’s voice, Nossi felt that she had misunderstood something . It seemed that this handsome man was her owner’s enemy, so she did not hesitate to choose to stand at her owner’s side . She prepared to attack Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu had already locked down her body .

Zhao Fu looked at the Fallen Angel condescendingly and smiled as he said, “Do you have the ability to kill me? Don’t you feel those restrictions within your body?”

The Fallen Angel did not care and tried to forcefully release her power, blow apart Zhao Fu’s body, and annihilate his spirit . Otherwise, she would not be able to quench her hatred .

A darkness aura exploded out from her body and her 24 wings gave off intense black light . A powerful might spread out, and the terrifying power caused the hall to fall into silence .

The Fallen Angel stretched out a hand, and her Darkness God power gathered, preparing to attack Zhao Fu . However, in the next second, her body heated up and she collapsed to the ground . Her face was red and her breathing became ragged as a slight look of lust appeared in her eyes .

The Fallen Angel did not know what was happening, but she furiously yelled at Zhao Fu, “You bastard, you dare to use such underhanded methods on This God . This God’s going to kill you . ”

Zhao Fu went over to her side as he coldly laughed and said, “Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? You don’t have the right to say that of me . Before, you wanted to kill me, and me not killing you is already extremely merciful . I will now give you a chance to submit to me . ”

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The Fallen Angel vehemently glared at Zhao Fu and said, “You want This God to submit to you? Keep dreaming . ”

Zhao Fu ignored the Fallen Angel’s words and activated the Six Desires Demonic Qi within her body, causing her body to become even hotter and for her face to become bright red . He also activated the power of the Emperor Killer Curse, and the immense pain caused her to cry out in pain .

On one hand, there was the humiliating reaction from her body, and on the other hand, there was immense pain . The two sensations were enough to drive anyone mad .

Zhao Fu sat back down and ignored the Fallen Angel’s cries, and he started to leisurely eat the desserts on the table .

Nossi looked at the Fallen Angel struggling on the ground and tears flowed out of her eyes . She looked at Zhao Fu pleadingly, hoping that he would let the Fallen Angel off .

Zhao Fu ignored Nossi because he definitely would not spare the Fallen Angel if she did not submit . Zhao Fu needed her to create a large number of Fallen Angels for Great Qin; that was something that would allow Great Qin to fight with the outside world, and Zhao Fu had to obtain it no matter what .

A few hours later, the Fallen Angel’s voice became hoarse and Nossi’s face was covered with tears .

Finally, the Fallen Angel gritted her teeth and said hatefully, “This God… is willing… to submit… to you…”

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Zhao Fu lightly laughed and walked over to the Fallen Angel’s side, and he stopped the Six Desires Demonic Qi and Emperor Killer Curse . The Fallen Angel regained control over her body, and she pushed Zhao Fu to the ground and started to rip his clothes off .

“What are you doing?” Zhao Fu asked teasingly .

The Fallen Angel’s face was red as she glared at Zhao Fu and said angrily, “You bastard, hurry up and give it to This God . ”

Nossi looked at the following scene with a reddened face, and her body could not help but react . She watched with admiration and craving; soon, her wish was fulfilled and she was taken by Zhao Fu on the table .


A few hours later, an explosion suddenly sounded out, stopping Zhao Fu . The Darkness God Palace had released a black energy barrier, as it seemed that someone was attacking .

Zhao Fu put on his clothes and took the Fallen Angel and Nossi outside, and he saw that it was Wu Five attacking .

Zhao Fu withdrew the barrier, and Wu Five flew in with a look of confusion as he looked at Zhao Fu and the two red-faced women behind him . One of them was actually the Fallen Angel .

He had been extremely worried about Zhao Fu and risked everything to attack this place, yet this fellow was enjoying himself in pleasure . He had even made that Fallen Angel submit to him; just who was this person?

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