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The Lord’s Empire - Chapter 1303

Published at 25th of November 2019 12:35:22 PM

Chapter 1303

No matter what, the young man would not believe that Zhao Fu had that kind of power . After all, looking at Zhao Fu, the young man felt that he was inferior to even himself . The words he had said were completely pointless, so he laughed at himself .

The Imperial Prince easily withstood the dragons’ might and entered the Emperor Path College, and everyone looked away .

“Hehehe…” A flirtatious laugh sounded out as an intoxicating fragrance spread out, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble . They looked over and saw a beautiful woman with an alluring figure wearing a pink palace dress .

The woman was incredibly attractive and everyone’s gazes were drawn over to her . Many people’s heart rates sped up, and their breathing became ragged as their bodies instinctively reacted .

“Hmph!” However, a cold harrumph caused the entire scene to become an icy field . A cold gust of wind blew over, biting at people’s skin and clearing their minds . They looked away and did not dare to continue staring at that woman, and the entire scene became deathly quiet .

A young man dressed in a snow-white robe appeared next to the woman and coldly looked around, and he put his arm around the woman as they walked towards Emperor Path College .

The people in their surroundings quickly made a path in fear . The woman gave flirtatious smiles as she walked and leaned against the young man as they affectionately walked together .

However, when passing by Zhao Fu, the woman seemed to sense something . Her body stiffened and she suddenly looked at Zhao Fu as her body started to heat up, and a lustful gaze appeared in her eyes .

Sensing the changes in the woman, the white-robed young man frowned and looked at Zhao Fu, preparing to casually kill Zhao Fu .

The woman hurriedly stopped the young man and said coquettishly, “Hubby, what are you doing? I just thought that he reminded me of someone I know; I’m not interested in him at all . Plus, all of me is yours, and my heart is filled with you . Don’t you trust me?”

Hearing this, the young man’s expression softened and he stopped .

The bewitching woman gave a charming smile towards Zhao Fu while squeezing her legs together, trying to stop certain liquids from leaking out, and she walked with the young man into Emperor Path College .

The young man next to Zhao Fu gulped, thinking that the woman had smiled at him . His heart felt incredibly fuzzy, and he introduced to Zhao Fu, “That woman is called Xiang Qianqian, and she is the young miss of the Ten Thousand Desire Palace . Her Charm Art is at a godly level, and no man can resist her . She’s ranked twelfth on the Human Domain Beauty Rankings, but it’s a pity that she’s already someone else’s wife .

“Her husband was that young man next to her . He’s called Cang Kongyue and is the Ninth Imperial Prince of the Blue Day Empire . He’s terrifyingly powerful and can enter the top 30 of this edition of rankings, while Xiang Qianqian can most likely enter the top 40 . ”

The Human Domain’s rankings were split into different editions, and a new edition was going to be recorded .

Zhao Fu understood and nodded, but his expression was quite grim because he could sense something from that smile . Zhao Fu did not want to make any trouble .

He could only do his best to suppress the Six Desires Demonic Qi within his body . Just then, the Six Desires Demonic Qi seemed to have a mind of its own as it floated towards the woman, wanting to conquer the woman .

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The middle-aged man next to Zhao Fu looked quite serious because he could tell it was Zhao Fu that the woman had been smiling at before . For a major figure to act like this, perhaps the cloaked figure next to him was not simple either .


An explosion sounded out as a massive Emperor’s aura spread out . Two people appeared before Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu sensed a familiar aura . He looked over and quickly hid his aura as much as he could and hid in the crowd .

It seemed that enemies were always destined to meet – Zhao Fu recognized one of the two people as they had fought before . It was Zang Mingyue .

The young man next to Zhao Fu once again started to introduce them, “These are two Imperial Princes from the Zang Empire . Zang Wuyue, the one in front, is already a student of Emperor Path College and is very famous in the Heaven Domain . The one behind him should be his little brother . He most likely brought his little brother to take a look in preparation to enter Emperor Path College next year . ”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu’s heart sank – if Zang Mingyue also entered the Emperor Path College next year, things could become quite difficult . However, Zhao Fu had no other choice and he did not have the ability to head to any other Colleges .

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Powerful auras descended as more peerless geniuses arrived, causing countless people to exclaim in excitement . The young man next to Zhao Fu excitedly introduced them, and Zhao Fu gauged their strength . The middle-aged man next to Zhao Fu also occasionally chatted with him as well .

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A sword light containing massive sword qi shot over from the horizon as a beautiful woman in green giving off an almost-corporeal sword intent appeared .

“So beautiful! So strong!” everyone stared at the woman as they cried out .

The woman was tall and slim, and she had jade-like skin . Her looks could be said to be perfect, and her sword-like eyebrows gave off valiant airs, making everyone’s hearts race . Her sword intent seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth, and no one dared to get close .

The young man next to Zhao Fu introduced her, looking quite infatuated, “She’s the second miss of the Sword Sect, Jian Liuyue . She’s most likely able to enter the top 20 in the rankings, and her beauty is ranked ninth . ”

Zhao Fu did not pay much attention to the young man’s words because he could sense a supreme sword intent from that woman . Zhao Fu’s Killing Sword Intent started to violently react, forcing him to do his best to suppress it in order to avoid any attention .

Only after the woman walked into the Emperor Path College did Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief . Jian Liuyue had given Zhao Fu a lot of pressure .

Moreover, even though the geniuses who had appeared so far were quite powerful and were quite famous, the truly powerful experts had not yet come . Not a single one from the top ten had arrived yet .

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Those people were undoubtedly the most brilliant geniuses in the Human Domain and stood at the very top . They were people countless geniuses could only look up at from below .

It was possible that they would not come this time and would only reveal themselves during Emperor Path College’s official examination . The Emperor Path College’s examination would have everyone’s attention, and if someone became famous, the entire Human Domain would know about them .


Another explosion sounded out as a five-colored ray of light landed on the ground, and a powerful aura spread out . Everyone in the surroundings quickly retreated as an elegant young man in white appeared before everyone .

The young man next to Zhao Fu felt quite surprised as he said, “Who would have thought he would come as well? He’s a genius who has recently risen up, and he is the disciple of a higher-being . ”

Even without the young man’s introduction, Zhao Fu knew that person because that was Bai Shengjun . Zhao Fu never would have thought that he would come to Emperor Path College – didn’t he already have a higher-being as a master?

Bai Shengjun disregarded everyone’s gazes and did not detect Zhao Fu in the crowd . He easily bore the dragons’ might and walked into Emperor Path College .

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