The Lord’s Empire - Chapter 1463

Published at 12th of February 2020 12:50:06 PM

Chapter 1463: 1463

Thinking about nurturing Saint Realm demon beasts, Great Qin would no longer have to fear anything, and it could easily destroy even billions of Stage 3 soldiers . Great Qin would no longer have to fear any Royal Kingdoms in the outer Domains and could even face Kingdoms of the Heaven Domain .

However, even Empires did not have Level 10 Dens; could he really obtain one so easily?

Zhao Fu examined it carefully and soon looked quite disappointed because he found that this was a damaged Den and was missing a few pieces, and it was essentially irreparable .

However, Zhao Fu thought about it and became quite excited because he could fuse it with the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den; perhaps it would create a new creature, a fusion of the Heaven Awaken World and the Outer World .

“You can’t take this; the things in this secret room are for my son in the future,” Yue Mu came up and said .

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged her as he said, “Even if I left it for him, it would be useless; can I trade it for a few demon treasures?”

As he spoke, Zhao Fu took out a few demon treasures, and after looking at them, Yue Mu happily kissed Zhao Fu a few times as he said, “My good man! Tell me, just who are you? Not only do you have such strength, but you also have so many good things . If you support my son, I’ll be yours – how about that? Just come and find me if you decide to accept . ”

Zhao Fu smiled but did not reply, and he instead said, “Go and find some way to injure the Emperor Heaven Realm expert; as a faction in the Heaven Domain, you should have the ability to do so . Leave the rest to me . ”

Yue Mu smiled and nodded because she had great confidence in Zhao Fu . Following this, the two of them started to act .

Outside You Qianyue’s room, the elder was hidden in the air and could appear at any time to attack . At the same time, he was recovering from his injuries .

Suddenly, a formless and tasteless aura spread to where the elder was concealed . The elder’s expression fell because this aura contained lethal poison .

The elder revealed himself and did not hesitate as he unleashed a defensive barrier to block off the aura . However, the aura easily permeated through the defensive barrier and entered the elder’s body, starting to destroy his lifeforce .

The elder had already been injured and had now been poisoned, causing him to become severely injured . Blood sprayed out of his mouth and his face became much paler .


In the end, he was still an Emperor Heaven Realm expert . He exploded out with his body’s power, and massive amounts of world energy entered his body, defending against the poison that was destroy his lifeforce . It formed a defensive barrier made out of world energy to resist the poison .

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!” Four massive monsters suddenly appeared, giving off terrifying auras as they charged towards the elder, seeming to want to devour him .

The four monsters were Evil Flower Demons – Arms, Wolf, Demon, and Demon God . The Demon God Evil Flower Demon was from Zhao Fu recently eating the demon god corpse .

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The Demon God was quite tall and muscular and had a pair of scaled wings and two sharp horns . It did not have any eyes and its enormous mouth seemed to cover its entire face . It contained many sharp teeth and it looked quite terrifying .

After creating a fourth Evil Flower Demon, they could now grow up to dozens of meters tall and Zhao Fu could control them within 1,000 kilometers . Their individual abilities had also greatly risen .

Facing the four monsters’ attacks, the elder looked quite disdainful . He took out a long saber and vigorously slashed out an enormous sword light that contained shocking power as it hacked towards the four monsters .

However, the ferocious sword light passed through the four Evil Flower Demons’ bodies and did not harm them at all . This showed how terrifying they were – they could ignore even an ordinary attack from an Emperor Heaven Realm expert .


The elder’s expression fell and exploded out with terrifying world energy, causing massive spatial ripples to blast out and send the four Evil Flower Demons flying back .


A shocking sword hum suddenly blasted out as a bronze sword light rushed into the sky . The world seemed to be covered by the bronze sword light, causing countless people’s hairs to stand on end and an icy chill to spread through their hearts .

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Zhao Fu had already entered Celestial Mode and his body was surrounded by rainbow light, and a ring of rainbow-colored rings circled around him . He held the Emperor Killing Sword and released the full power of his Nation Armament . Six worlds’ power entered the Emperor Killing Sword, giving it terrifying power .


Zhao Fu’s sword descended and the bronze sword light that had shot into the sky descended, bringing with it a massive sword wind . It was extremely sharp and seemed as if it could split apart the land .

The elder looked incredibly shocked and there was a trace of terror in his expression, and he barely raised his defensive barrier in time .

However, the defensive barrier only stopped the sword light for a moment before it was shattered . The elder was sent flying backwards and crashed heavily onto the ground, smashing open a crater, and a bloody wound appeared on his back .

However, the elder was not dead and was only heavily injured . It could be seen how terrifying Emperor Heaven Realm experts were – he had already been injured, then poisoned, and then had been hit by a full-powered sneak attack by Zhao Fu, yet he was still alive .

The elder was now on the verge of death, and Zhao Fu did not hesitate and rushed over to pierce his chest with a sword strike .

At the same time, he discovered two figures running away: They belonged to You Qianyue and the Second Madam Chang Qianling . Their faces were covered with terror and had never thought that someone could kill an Emperor Heaven Realm expert .

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Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and a massive bronze hand caught the two women, and he then turned into a ray of light and flew away with them .

The battle had lasted for less than two minutes, and by the time others had reacted, Zhao Fu had long since left . Moreover, after sensing the remaining sword energy, most people did not dare to come near .

Within a hidden mountain cave, there were already many people gathered . There was not only Ye Ye and Zhao Fu’s original group but also the You family’s Third Madam and two others .

Seeing the Third Madam and her daughter affectionately leaning against Zhao Fu, Yue Mu angrily cursed, “Why did you bastards bring me here? Also, did Qiu Xueli and her daughter become yours long ago?”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and brought her into his embrace as he said, “I did it for your good . You were involved in this so they might discover your part in it, and I’ve taken away all of the You family’s women . If I left you behind, suspicions might have fallen onto you .

“Now, I’ve attracted all of the attention on myself and that Empire won’t do anything to the You family . The You family is just a victim and has been humiliated, so it will remain safe . Your son is still the main Young Master and no one can touch him!”

Hearing Zhao Fu’s explanation, Yue Mu happily smiled and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you . I’ll properly serve you later . ”

By the side, You Qianyue’s expression was quite cold as she cursed, “A group of sluts who don’t know any shame . My father treated you all well, yet you’re doing this . ”

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