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The Lord’s Empire - Chapter 665

Published at 10th of January 2019 11:45:05 PM

Chapter 665: 665

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Zhao Fu inwardly cursed, immediately got up, and turned to run . If he did not run, he would definitely die here . Zhao Fu had witnessed the Corpse Soul Lord's power, and because he was not a match for it, he did not dare to stay at all .

Seeing that Zhao Fu was not dead, the Corpse Soul Lord's expression did not change at all as it once again stretched out a finger and pointed at Zhao Fu .

A gray beam of light shot out, flashing through the sky .


A ten-meter wide crater was blasted open on the ground, but Zhao Fu was ready this time, and he narrowly avoided this attack .

The Corpse Soul Lord continued to icily look at the escaping Zhao Fu expressionlessly . This time, it stretched out a palm and pressed against the air, causing a formless palm, which gave off an incredibly powerful aura of suppression, to fly towards Zhao Fu .

Zhao Fu felt immense shock and ran as fast as he could, trying to dodge this attack .


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Another massive sound rang out as the ground trembled and a ten or so meter wide handprint appeared on the ground .

Even though Zhao Fu had dodged this attack, the shockwaves from it still sent him flying ten or so meters .

Blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's mouth, and he once again got up from the ground . His soldiers had mostly been killed by now, and if he could not escape, he would be surrounded by 100,000 soldiers, and he would definitely be killed .

However, just as Zhao Fu got up, a figure appeared before him .

Seeing the Corpse Soul Lord in front of him, his heart sank, and he knew that he would not be able to escape . He sighed – could it be that he was going to die like this and fail the trial?

He did not have time to think, as the Corpse Soul Lord drew its blood-red sword and was preparing to attack .

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly got an idea and half-knelt down before offering the City Creation Stone, saying loudly, "I'm willing to serve the glorious Corpse Soul Lord!"

As Zhao Fu had always been conquering and having others surrender, he had never thought that he would one day have to surrender . However, even though he did this, it was possible that the Corpse Soul Lord would not accept .

The Corpse Soul Lord had quite high intelligence, and it looked at Zhao Fu and walked over . Zhao Fu felt quite nervous because if the Corpse Soul Lord wanted to kill him, he had no way of resisting .

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Luckily, it had walked over to take the City Creation Stone, and it did not do anything else, allowing Zhao Fu to let out a sigh of relief .

"I… accept… your… surrender!" a hoarse voice sounded out .

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that the Corpse Soul Lord could speak . Even though it could not speak very well, Zhao Fu still nodded .

The Corpse Soul Lord took the City Creation Stone and walked towards the old Town Hall while Zhao Fu followed behind . After Zhao Fu had surrendered, all of the fighting had stopped, as they all now belonged to the Corpse Soul Lord .

Following this, the Corpse Soul Lord re-established the town and brought Zhao Fu to the Corpse Soul City . The Corpse Soul City was an even bigger gathering place for monsters . Apart from the Corpse Soul Lord, which had relatively high intelligence, the others all had relatively low intelligence .

Afterward, Zhao Fu found out that the reason that the Corpse Soul Lord did not kill him was because he could speak well . It wanted Zhao Fu to continuously talk to it, treating him like a toy .

Now that Zhao Fu's profession was a Corpse General, his aura was not much different to Corpse Soldiers . Without this aura, he would have been torn apart by the countless Corpse Soldiers .

Zhao Fu could only stay within the Corpse Soul City . Now that he had stayed alive, he needed to find an opportunity to escape . However, the Corpse Soul Lord seemed to know what Zhao Fu was thinking, so whenever it went out or rested, it would use iron chains to bind Zhao Fu, making it impossible for him to escape .

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"Ai!" Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh . He could only stay here for now and look for other ways to escape .

A week later, Zhao Fu gave up on escaping because he obtained some information about the Trial Space and found that his original plan would not have worked .

Before, Zhao Fu had planned to conquer an Advanced Town and level it up into a Basic City . However, he found that one could only level up villages into Basic Towns, and after that, they would not receive any more EXP .

This Trial Space only had four Corpse Soul Cities and four Corpse Soul Lords . The relationships between the four Corpse Soul Lords weren't good, as they frequently attacked each other . It was said that only by unifying this place could they leave .

There was also a possibility of a miracle happening, allowing them to have everything they wanted, but there was only one spot . As such, the four Corpse Soul Lords attacked each other, but none of them were able to do anything to each other .

As such, Zhao Fu decided to stay to see if he could somehow obtain the City Lord Seal . Since he could not level up an Advanced Town into a Basic City, he would have to steal a City Lord Seal .

As such, Zhao Fu could only wait, and days passed until Zhao Fu finally found an opportunity .

On that day, the Corpse Soul Lord once again went to find Zhao Fu to talk, but suddenly, two Corpse Soul Lords brought their armies to attack . The situation was incredibly dire, and the Corpse Soul Lord had no time to bind Zhao Fu as she directly took her army to defend .

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity to go to a high place, and he watched the armies of hundreds of thousands of Corpse Soldiers clash together . The scene was incredibly grand, and it was abnormally intense and horrifying . The Corpse Soldiers roared and rushed up without any regard for their lives .

The three Corpse Soul Lords started to battle in the air . Of the two attacking Corpse Soul Lords, one looked like a teenager, while the other looked like an elderly man . The female Corpse Soul Lord was incredibly strong and not at a disadvantage at all when facing the two Corpse Soul Lords .

Zhao Fu did not have any intention of participating in the battle, and he only hid, waiting for an opportunity .


The female Corpse Soul Lord slashed out a massive blood-red sword light, which brought with it an intense sword wind, sending the teenager flying back .

The elderly Corpse Soul Lord did not seem to care for the teenager and grasped this opportunity to slash at the female Corpse Soul Lord . This attack broke open the back of the female Corpse Soul Lord's Corpse Soul Armor and slashed into her body, sending blood everywhere .

The female Corpse Soul Lord endured the pain and also slashed out, causing a clear sword hum to be heard as a massive sword light rushed at the elderly Corpse Soul Lord .

The elderly Corpse Soul Lord howled . Even though it had defended with all its strength, the sword qi had opened up cuts all over its body, causing him to be covered with blood .

The female Corpse Soul Lord stabbed towards the elderly Corpse Soul Lord, wanting to kill it . The elderly Corpse Soul Lord was greatly startled and hurriedly retreated .


A muffled bang sounded out as the teenager appeared behind the female Corpse Soul Lord's body, using its staff to hit the female Corpse Soul Lord and causing her to fly away .

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