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Chapter 3.5

Chapter 3 . 5

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“You Na Castle” is simple and nicely decorated, complete in accordance with Xing Yu’s mother drawing . Outside, the floor is decorated with row of bamboo . An old wooden bookcase is located at the door, with popular magazines placed above it . Not far from the bookcase is a brown decorative fireplace with plated cloth fireplace, giving a kind of intimate feeling . The furnace is placed with a lot of Xing Yu’s father homemade jam .

Then, there is a glass display facing the door, filled with all kinds of bread and cake . Behind the glass display is the baking kitchen . Looking around, you can see the gray-white wall that hangs several European castle sketch . On the wooden floor, there are thirteen wooden table with four or double seats . There is also a wicker chair .

Indoor, the light is soft with rich coffee aroma conveying the warm atmosphere .

Hanging on the door, bell sounded a string of pleasant sound . Standing behind the counter, the girls are busy selling the remaining bread .

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“Welcome… . . how come you are here?” Xing Yu eyes wide open, surprised to see Wu Heng .

“I come to buy a cake ah . Is it necessary to be so surprised?” Seeing Xing Yu dressed in a black round neck dress with a white apron and scarf, Wu Heng could not help but chuckled: “You look very cute wearing this . ”

“Oh, this is the store uniform . ” Wu Heng’s praise caused Xing Yu a little embarrassed . “But Qing Hai said, if I paint my face darker, and then put on this, I will look like a foreign maid . He is so hateful, right?”

“Hahaha… . Only he would come up with such idea . ”

“Whose birthday? Which cake flavour do you want to buy?” Xing Yu picked up a pen and fill in the date on the order form .

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“My sister . Since she had your cake last month, she specifically mentioned that she only want to eat your Black Forest cake for her birthday . ”

“Really? A really loyal customer… . Ah sorry, please wait for a moment . ” Xing Yu took the bill that was handed over by the guests and went to the cash register with the invoice .

“Where is your father? How come did not hire any helper?” Wu Heng looked around casually asked . This is his first time stepping into “You Na Castle”

“Daddy is in the kitchen baking . Once after dinner time, most of the customers are here only to buy the bread . So that time, there is no need for any helper .

“Do you always come here after school? Really tiring . ”

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“Not too bad . I am used to it . Total is four hundred dollars . Receive four hundred from you . This is your invoice . Thank you for your visit . ”

The bells at the door sounded again .

Wu Heng stood in place with the eyes implying a trace of appreciation . “So, you can also bake cake?”

Xing Yu nodded, one hand pointing to the side of the glass window .

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“That eight-inch black forest cake was made by me this morning . But you should take six-inches should be enough . ” The students after meal like to gossip . Xing Yu has some ideas on the background of Wu Heng .

“No, I want the eight-inch . ”

Xing Yu is surprised . “Not too big? It is not fresh after overnight . And can only keep for a few days . ”

“Do not worry . I also like to eat cakes . The cake you bake, I can finished it all . ” The mouth raised a beautiful arc, Wu Heng smiled warmly .

Suddenly, a cold voice interrupted behind him .

“Tooth decay, head to the dental clinic next door . Say my name, can enjoy a 10% discount . ”

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