The Love That Remains - Chapter 23

Published at 10th of January 2019 10:18:13 PM

Chapter 23

I have been walking in loops for hours .

I am not tired of walking . The walls keep shifting colours and patterns . Sometimes, there are even words in languages that I can't read . I guess that those are hints, but the person forgot to write them in Chinese or English .

I listen to the sound of ticking . With each tick, I feel heavier . I glance at my hands that have lost all colours . I am slowly dying .

How long have I been here?

I scratch the back of my neck and find it sweaty . When I look at my hand, I find blood .

Well . . . this is not good .

Someone is laughing at my situation .

I look up at the black ceiling to find the owner of the voice . I find two giant purple eyes painted on the ceiling . Those creepy eyes blink at me with surprise and laugh again .

"You can see me?" I hear a voice .

"Why I am here?" I ask nonchalantly .

"This is a prison . " The 'creepy eyes' snickers . I am sure that this thing has a bad habit of giggling non-stop .

"My master brought you here," It speaks with expectant voice .

I have no idea who this master is . I have been walking around for hours . The maze keeps changing, but this is the first time that I find someone to talk to . . . though, this person doesn't have a mouth . It's not even a person . It doesn't matter . I will compromise .

At least, I can speak to this thing .

"So, what type of creature are you?" I sit down on the floor and lean on the wall . I rest my arm on my knees and wait for the 'creepy eyes' to answer .

It doesn't reply . The eyes shift to the right and left . It's strange . I am surprised that I didn't have a heart attack yet . It seems to be watching out for something . Is it afraid of its master?

"Why are you not asking about the master?"

"Your master isn't as interesting as you . " I smile at it . "You have pretty eyes . "

"Really?" The 'creepy eyes' perks up . "You are the first prisoner to say that . The others always scream when they see me . "

Can you blame them?

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"They don't have good eyes . " I chuckle softly . "It takes good eyes to measure the value of a beauty . You have beautiful eyes . "

I can lie to save my life .

"I know . " The 'creepy eyes' is proud .

"My master doesn't understand my value . I am the only one of my kind . I am the watcher and the guard of this prison . No prisoner ever escaped this prison under my eyes . "

I don't know whether it's trying to be funny . I am literally under its eyes .

"They tried so hard . Some of them even broke down the walls . " The 'creepy eyes' laughs like a maniac . "They don't know . "

"What do you mean?" I look up innocently .

"The only way to escape is prison is . . . . " The 'creepy eyes' pauses for a moment and squints . I wait quietly and try to look like a fool .

"By saying the passcode . There is no door in this dimension . If the person speaks the passcode, then they will immediately teleport out of this place . "

It narrows the eyes on me, waiting for me to ask the passcode .

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"Don't you get bored of this place?" I change the topic .

There is an immediate change in the atmosphere . The creepy eyes are full of tears . "I do . It's boring here . It's only fun if someone is here . But master only brings someone when he wants . The prisoners don't even last for a week . I live here alone for a long time . . . waiting for the master to bring something . "

I guess it's hard for this thing . I will also get bored like this .

"Why don't you leave?" My neck is itching again . I don't scratch . The blood on my hand is dry .

"I can't . . . My master will kill me . . . " It starts to rain suddenly . I am wet in the tears of 'creepy eyes' . I can even taste the salty tears . Why the hell is it crying?

"Don't cry . " I try to stop it from crying . If it keeps crying, I will drown in salty tears . "How about this? You say the passcode and leave for a while . I will stay here and guard the prison . If your master comes, I will take the blame . "

The 'creepy eyes' stops crying, but the eyes are still moist . "Why do you want to do this?"

"I feel bad for you . You have such pretty eyes . Someone like you should see the world . There are a lot of interesting things . . . You should go to Paris . It's a romantic city . "

I feel a little bad for the people of Paris .

"You will really take the blame?" The dumb 'creepy eyes' is surprised and excited at the same time .

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"You are my best friend from today . " It suddenly blurts out .

In your dreams!

I grin at it and say, "Yeah, we are best friends . Tell me about Paris when you come back . "

So easy to trick . . .

"I will tell you everything about Paris . " The creepy eyes are full of triumph . "I will be quick . Master will not know that I am not even here . Just stay put and don't attract attention . "

Like I will be here when you come back .

"Go and have the fun of your life . " I wave my hand . "I will be waiting for you . "

"See you soon, Best friend . "

I hear it mumble .

"Peek-A-Boo . "

It disappears from the ceiling .