The Love That Remains - Chapter 76

Published at 24th of August 2019 12:18:15 PM

Chapter 76

Since there is life, there is death .

Arius is the god of death . A primordial god . A high tier god . Even the other gods are afraid of him . He hates anyone who cheats him i . e . the Death itself . Recently, he came out of his home to check out the earthlings . It's been fun so far .

He has been keeping watch on things . His aloof brother who keeps disappearing . His crazy sister who is currently cleansing the accumulated karma in heaven . In hell, he sees his brother's pawn diligently cultivating . It looks like she has found a solution to her problem . The esper boy is interesting .

But, there is another character who turned out to be interesting . Reis has planned this . What is it that his brother want? Now, Sung Jun has memories of other life . He didn't follow Fang Aisa as Arius expected him to . He is actually going to meet Dabria .

Arius doesn't like Dabria, though she is his ardent worshiper . He is death . She keeps cheating him . That doesn't mean that he would let a measly human kill his precious, but an annoying follower . He will take care of her by himself .

"This . . . " Arius looks down at his feet . He has walked into a trap . A trap to catch a god . Sung Jun stops walking and turns around with a straight face .

"You caught me . " The mouse has caught the cat .

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"It was easier than I thought it to be . " Sung Jun crosses his arm . "Why is the god of death following me?"

"I was merely taking a stroll . " Arius tries to break free of the trap, but he can't . Heaven's energy is blocking his path like a barricade of thorns . That's why he strongly dislikes heavenly blessed individual . Heaven is unfair . It gives them too much power . They can even trap a god and make them do whatever they want . Heaven bends its laws for its beloved and blessed individuals .

"I see . " Sung Jun turns around . "Carry on . "

"Wait!" If this boy leaves like this, he can never get out of this trap . Sung family has been heavenly blessed for centuries . This boy is born with extra blessings and love from heaven . The trap has a pure and angry spiritual energy . If he tries to fight it, it will become stronger . The other gods can't free him either .

"Aren't you going release me before you leave?" Arius asks with a bright smile .

"No . " Sung Jun's answer is straightforward and short . He takes another step .

"I will tell you about Fang Aisa," Arius yells . "I will tell you about my siblings' plans . "

Yes, he will rat out his siblings . Anything for freedom . He has no interest in being stuck in this trap until moody heaven decides to free him .

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Sung Jun turns around and shows him the same bright smile . "Now, we are talking . "

Arius is death . God of death . He usually creeps other people out . His siblings are afraid of him . This is the first time that someone's smile is creeping him out . This is how it feels . He won't try to creep others out . . . much .

Sung Jun looks at him with expectation . His looks are clearly saying, 'Start talking . Why are you staring at me and wasting my time? I have to go and take care of my evil mother in law . I don't have much time to play with a God who has infinite free time on his hand . '

'I am a god of death . ' Arius' lips twitch in annoyance . 'A measly human is treating me like this . If he wasn't heavenly blessed, I would have taken his soul and threw him in the deepest pit of hell . '

"Will you talk?"

"Yes . " Arius takes a deep breath . Patience . "Fang Aisa is in hell . She has passed the two circles of hell . "

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Sung Jun nods after hearing him . He has expected something like this . He has tried to trace her energy in the world, but he couldn't find her anywhere . After getting his memories of other life, he understands somethings . The gods are deeply involved in their lives .

Arius tries to read Sung Jun's emotions, but he can't sense anything . This guy is blocking him from reading .

"Why did the god of time send her to hell?" Sung Jun asks with a quiet voice . "She wasn't prepared . He made the decision suddenly . "

"He didn't want her to commit sins . Dabria had sent someone to observe her . If they met, there was a high chance that Fang Aisa would commit a mistake accidentally . My dear sister was also planning to use Fang Aisa to kill your father to make you the council's president faster," Arius tells him nonchalantly .

"Fang Aisa was perfect for that role . She was planning to kill her after she killed your father . Heaven has already abandoned your wife . If there was another mistake, it would become impossible for her to enter heaven later . "

"Fate . " Sung Jun remembers her from the other life . "She is the one . "

"Yes, she is the one who screwed your life . You see, Fang Aisa was not supposed to be born . Fang Qi should have died in the accident . But, my sister cheated me and Fang Qi survived . The seal was broken . He met Dabria and she was born . Your father hated her because of her demonic blood . Then, it was a tragic love story . . . . " Arius makes a sad face . He likes tragic love stories .

"It's easier to control a heartbroken tragic hero . Your previous life was entirely orchestrated by her . She gave me a quite a show . . . until Reis interfered and turned back time . "

Arius shows him a toothy grin when he sees his pained expression .

"He protected Fang Aisa . He is even sponsoring her to become a god . You know what that means, right? If she survives and crosses the hell, she won't be able to come back to earth before she reaches godhood . If she fails, she will die and her soul will disappear completely . That's the contract between her and Reis . "

Sung Jun sucks the cold air . "She doesn't know that yet, does she?"

"He didn't tell her the terms completely . I will tell you why she agreed to the contract . "

Arius is delighted to see the distress in Sung Jun's eyes . Finally, he is showing that he is only a human .

"Eight years ago, she agreed to the contract in rush . She wanted to run away from the council and her mother before they found out about her broken seal . If Dabria came, she would use the people who are close to Fang Aisa . " He adds, "She asked Reis to take the curse away from the Fang bloodline and show her the truth of her previous life . In return for something that small, she agreed to such a contract . "

If she fails to become a god, her soul will dissolve into the oblivion . She will completely disappear .