The Love That Remains - Chapter 78

Published at 14th of January 2019 05:55:07 AM

Chapter 78: 78

After what feels like an eternity, we finally manage to reach the shore . As soon as I climb off the shore, the boatman spreads his skeleton hand for the coin . I give it the silver coin and bow to him respectfully . He never speaks, but he leaves a certain impression that he must never be messed with .

When I lift my head, the boat and the boatman are already gone . I take a breath of relief . The river is also gone . I am the only one standing in front of a black door with no doorknob . There is no wall or anything around the door . This must be the entry to the hell . I can wait here for eternity, but the door won't go or change . I push the door and enter .

"Welcome to the Limbo!" Someone shouts as soon as I enter the office . It's a man dressed in corporate clothes . He is short, fat, and wearing thick glasses . His eyes are brown . He looks quite human to me .

I can't help but feel weird . Is it supposed to be like this?

"Let's see . " The corporate man sits opposite to me and puts my document on the table . "You are a special case, aren't you? That's why the higher up decided to send me . "

"Who are you?" I ask .

"My name is JJ . I am your counsellor . " He winks at me "We do not share our true names in hell . "

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"You know my name?" I point at the document .

"That's not your true name . It's your given name . Unlike us, you humans have many names . So, you can tell your name or not . It's up to you . "

He picks up the first sheet and adjusts his glasses .

"You have died once, but you were taken by a god before you could go to the afterlife . Then, he decided to turn back time and chose you as his representative . You do not have any original sin . Just a minor here and there, nothing that can't be resolved in a few hundred years of hell . But you didn't die this time . You came here to challenge hell to achieve immortality?"

He raises his eyebrow . I shake my head .

"I didn't come here to challenge . I was sent here without my permission . "

"I see," He pushes his glasses again . "In any case, you are enlisted as a challenger . Since you do not have any original sin, You will start here . But there is one complication . "

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"What might that be?" I sigh .

He narrows his eyes at me . "You are also a part demon . We don't like to hurt our kind . We can ignore your human part and accept you as one of us, but the child in the womb is also a blessed by the heaven . "

"Child in my womb?" I look at my flat stomach . When did I get a child in my womb? How did it happen? It's only been a few days that Sung Jun and I . . . Ah! Last time, I got pregnant after one night .

"I am pregnant again?" I ask in horror . I am in hell while I am pregnant . Crap! This is too bad .

"Ah, yes . " JJ looks at me solemnly . "I guess, I am the first one to give you this news . Did your sponsor god not tell you? He might not have known it at the time . "

"How could he not know? Isn't he a god?" I press my palm together .

"He sent you here in a hurry . He might not have noticed . Besides, times run differently in hell . In the human world, it might have been a day, but here it can be months or years . "

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He glances down at the paper thoughtfully .

"As a challenger, your body is frozen in your current state . It means that neither you or your child will grow as long as you are a challenger and do not fail . If you fail, nothing is guaranteed even if you are a part demon . "

"I can't lose this child again . Please send me back . "

JJ becomes quiet . He rereads the papers and says, "You have lost your child in your previous life . I am sympathetic with your case, but . . . um . . . there is only one way out of the hell . That is, you have to cross the nine circles of the hell and achieve immortality . "

"What will happen to my child?" I touch my stomach . I can't lose my baby again .

"You can give up on being a challenger and become the citizen of the hell," JJ speaks in a solemn voice . "You child will lose the heavenly blessing . You and your child will be given a home and a job here . See those doors?" He points behind me . I find five grey doors on the wall .

"Four of them goes to the four cities of Limbo where demons and the souls are currently residing . You will find your kind there . You can also stay there with your son and live a good life . In hell, Limbo is only placed where there is no violence or pain . "

"Is it like heaven?" I ask him mockingly .

"Of course not, it is just like any other human city . The citizens of the cities vary . Your child will become a demon here and have a life like any other human . He will be born as a lower demon . You will also slowly turn into a full-fledged demon . But your lives will be good . Limbo demons are more accepting than the demons of the deeper levels of hell . "

Giving birth in the hell is out of the question . I have to get out of here as soon as possible . I cannot let my child grow up with freaking demons .

"Thank you for the offer," I close I have decided that I will cross hell and go back to my world . "

"I see . " JJ takes back the orange tag and gives me a black one . "You and your child will be in a frozen state . If you survive and cross hell, you and your child will achieve immortality . If you fail, you will lose your body and soul to the depth of hell . If you are lucky, you might become a lower demon . Your child has no chance in this case . I will inform you about the rules of the contest . "

He pauses for a moment before he tells me,

"There are no rules . "