The Love That Remains - Chapter 85

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:30:11 PM

Chapter 85

"The trick is to defeat the demon lord . " I look around . After a few minutes, we have been transported out of the lust domain . This blank space is the region between the lust domain and the next one . I have not seen the monk and the others . It looks like we have been transported to different locations when we entered the lust domain . I don't know whether they survived or not .

"I think, there are no rules to get out of the circle . You just have to get out by hook or crook . But, it seems that defeating the boss is directly breaking the circle's lock . " My young fellow pokes the spongy wall . "This place is different from the last one . "

"What's that?" I point at his upper arm .

"Noona, it's proof that we crossed two circles of hell . " He points at my arm . "You have those too . "

I pull up my sleeve . There are two similar rings on my upper arm . "Will we get nine of them?"

"Maybe . " He looks up at the ceiling . He seems to be concentrating on something .

"Can you hear someone else?" There is only two of us here . The door to the next circle hasn't appeared . For a place that has no rule, this 'five people rule' is rather weird .

"I can't hear anyone," He tells me . "Noona, the five people rule is just a way to delay us from getting to the next level . It makes no sense that we can't even fight as a team when we pass through the door . "

"You knew that they would separate us?" I narrow my eyes on him . The kid is young, but he is smart and mature . "Is that why you decided to hold my hand?"

"Yes . " The kid keeps poking the spongy wall . It makes funny 'Oink-Oink' sound like the pigs . "I knew that the magician has a weakness for women . The Fae doesn't like humans . The monk was a good option, but I would rather stay beside you . It looked like you needed my help . You are someone who can't cultivate heaven's energy . However, why aren't you cultivating the dark energy here?"

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"Oh!" I seem to have forgotten . This is hell . It's full of demons . It should be my playground . I should be able to raise my rank here . I slap my forehead . It will become tough when we reach deeper levels of hell .

"You should become stronger, Noona . " He sits down the floor . "I am relying on you . "

I give him a nod and sit down on the floor . The floor is spongy, warm, and comfortable . I have never imagined hell to be comfortable . I can sense the dark energy around me . If there is spiritual energy, there is something that is opposite to it . This energy is wild and chaotic, unlike the spiritual energy that is calm and serene . The flow of this energy is smooth . It flows inside me, rushing through my veins like a river and filling me . It doesn't take long before my energy sea is full . I stop before it leaks out . Adding more will hurt my human side .

A cultivator can become a demon or a god depending on what he chooses after crossing the hell . If he chooses the path of darkness, he becomes a demon and cultivates the dark energy . If he chooses the path of the light, he becomes a sage and cultivates heaven's energy .

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Things are different for a part demon . Rather than a one big bucket to hold spiritual energy, a part demon has two smaller buckets . One bucket can carry the spiritual energy and the second bucket can carry the dark energy . Only demons can cultivate this dark energy . My demon side can let me cultivate this energy, but the real problem is that my human side cannot store heaven's energy .

It's more like heaven doesn't want its energy to stay inside my body . Instead, spiritual energy hurts me more than anything . I have been abandoned by heaven because I am a lawbreaker like Reis . He turned back the time . I am someone who came back from death . In heaven's eyes, I should have stayed dead and the time shouldn't have been turned back . Though Reis has done his penance and taken responsibility, things are difficult for me .

When I use your powers too much, there is nothing to take the recoil of the dark energy . It's my human side that's hurt because the human side cannot bear the intensity of that energy . It's like punching someone, then hurting my hand because you used too much strength . If I break my fingers each time I punch someone, my hand might become useless someday .

"Noona, you think that the spiritual energy can protect your body with from the recoil of your demonic energy . How about this? You fill your both buckets with the dark energy and create a shield of dark energy that can take the recoil . Then, you can use your powers without any limitation . "

"But, my human side cannot tolerate the dark energy . " I frown at him . "If I fill both buckets, then my human side should get hurt . "

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"Have you tried it though?" He turns his head to me . "You have been cultivating slowly, but you have not died . Instead, the spiritual energy can hurt you because of the heaven's will . If heaven has abandoned you, you should also turn away . "

It makes sense . Why didn't this occur to me before? "Are you really ten years old?"

"I should be thirteen years old by now . I have been stuck here for the last three years . I have not grown at all . . . " He looks bored . "Noona, have you thought what would happen if you are stuck here for years? The time flows differently here . Your husband might be dead already . He might turn into an old geezer when you go back . If that's the case, you should marry me after we leave . "

I laugh at his words . "He is a cultivator . He has already reached the king rank . I am sure that he will be alive when I go back . "

If I can survive until the end, I will be able to see you again . You better not die, Sung Jun .