The Lust System - Chapter 116

Published at 12th of September 2019 04:25:08 PM

Chapter 116

Now that Max finished up his climax, his lust-filled mind turned clearer .

Max was now in an awkward predicament . With Layla sitting on him and Lydia standing at the door watching them, Max was unable to speak .

He wondered why does this keep happening to him, asking himself whether he was just unlucky this day .

When he turned to Layla, knowing she would have to explain herself with him, Max became more confused .

Layla panted, catching her breath, she didn't show any signs of panic, not minding even if Lydia was on the door watching them .

Max's exhausted dick slowly slid out of her, and when it did, a large amount of fluid flowed down, staining him and the bed .

However, none of that mattered in the situation Max was currently on . He would like to explain to Lydia what was happening, but even he doesn't have an idea himself .

Max only mistook Layla for Lydia in the showers then all of this happened . Layla never gave a reason why she would do it with him except that she likes how he blocked the sword for her?

Max stopped for a moment and thought,

'Was that it? She thinks I saved her from the sword and she was repaying me by giving me her first time?'

'That might be one of them, but there should be other elements that made all this possible . '

Maybe seeing his lost expression, a seductive smile made its way to Layla's face as she moved closer to his ear,

"We had a talk and decided to share you between the both of us . "

"What? How?"

Max, with widened eyes, asked . What he heard from Layla was too unbelievable and too good to be true . Max could only react by asking for an explanation .

He was genuinely bewildered though his inner mood showed out by how his dick hardened straight away, hitting Layla's sensitive spot, sending shivers through her body .

. . .

Smooth white skin . That was the sight before Max when he pushed Layla back down the bed . Their conversation went to the best way Max could have imagined .

Max ran countless scenarios on his head, but none of that accurately guessed what Layla just said .

With his lower body getting too excited, Max temporarily stopped his thoughts, deciding to think about it later .

Max looked at the attractive figure below him . Blushing skin from their exhausting yet intense activity, and the two mounds that were sticking out of her chest .

The entrancing bright red dots that he had played with his tongue were in the middle of her two rounded flesh .

Sweat trickled on different areas of her body as her legs were spread open on each side of his legs .

Layla watched what Max was going to do next . She had been nonstop on teasing him; now, she was only waiting on his next moves .

Their previous heated activity left her tired to make a move . Layla will have to let Max do the work this time .

Lydia was now on the bed sitting on the side, her eyes not leaving them even for a second . She and her sister had confessed about wanting to be with Max and agreed to share them for themselves .

Since she had her time with Max in the past, Layla would have her turn this time . She would only be watching from the side .

That didn't stop her body from reacting to the scene in front of her . The arousal was growing stronger in her body, her breathing becoming faster, and her lower body becoming moist .

Layla shot Max a provocative glare, but her irresistible body and mesmerizing appearance only further hardened his member, raging to be soaked in her warm insides .

Lying below him, Max had a clear view of her delicate place that he soiled with his fluid . Her pink opening was glistening, tempting him to dig in and thoroughly enjoy it .

Her silence didn't help . Max only thought about taking this chance to dominate this enchantress lying below him .

Max's hand reached to grab his impatient rod, guiding it into her moist lips . Although this was her first time, Layla never feared his seemingly inexhaustible body .

Max rubbed his swollen dick against the entrance of her pussy, teasing her while pleasuring her sensitive folds .

Then Max began to lower his body, sinking his dick into her warm walls .

"Mhh . "

Layla softly moaned out . She grabbed the bed cover with her hand, experiencing a powerful wave of pleasure .

Her body shook in anticipation of another wave of mindblowing sensation on her lower body .

She closed her eyes, feeling Max sliding inside of her, pushing his everything in until their legs hit each other .

Her tight and warm insides welcomed Max, moving around him like they were alive .

Max slowly thrust his dick into Layla's tight pussy . He put his hand on her moving breasts and played with them while pinning her down on the bed .

Layla tried to move her body along with Max, wanting to feel him more inside . Max put one of his hands on her waist, pulling her against him to meet his thrusts .
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Soon, Layla was able to meet his thrusts on her own . Her pussy walls slid back and forth on his dick while Lydia watched this unreal scene before her .

Max and Layla were lost in their pleasure, forgetting that someone was watching them from the side .

Although Lydia already experienced this herself, watching it in front of her made her face burn hot and her pussy wet .

Max slowed down the rhythm, not wanting to end it fast, controlling the pace to feel more of Layla's flesh around him .

Each thrust he makes, he would hear barely audible moans from Layla, stirring him to move faster, forcing his dick deep inside then slide back almost out of her .

Having another idea, Max reached down to stroke her clit simultaneously with his movements . Not long after, Max could feel her pulsating pussy around his dick .

Layla was cumming . She hugged him and connected their lips as Max felt her body shake, and her walls clamp down on him .

Slowly, she lied back down . The intense climax made her body weak, and her mind hazy in pleasure, taking time to rest, waiting for her strength to come back .

However, Max never stopped, taking the initiative by grabbing her hips and pushing his dick in and out of her ravishing body while she lay down on her back .

Her fluids flowing out from her recent orgasm made Max even more aroused . He could feel his cum rising in his balls from the sensations of her tightening pussy on his dick .

Max started to move faster, grinding their hips together, thrusting his raging dick inside her soaked flesh, filling her up completely with each thrust .

Her walls contracting around him made him feel ecstatic . Max was then engulfed with her warm sensation .

Feeling his dick sliding against her soft and wet walls with her pussy lips spread open by him, Max used his hand to hold her down while he accelerated his movements, forcing out moans from Layla .

By this time, she was moving along with Max again, regaining some of her strength . Max could feel her pussy tightening, pleasuring his dick .

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Looking down at her, her violet hair was spread out with a few strands sticking on the sides of her sweating face .

Max couldn't resist kissing her alluring lips, reaching one of his hands to her breasts that felt so soft .

Thrusting deep inside her while their bodies rubbing against each other and her breast on his hand, Max could feel himself getting closer .

His dick was not only rubbing her walls but also occasionally hitting the opening of her womb . Layla's moans echoed with the splashing sound of their fluids .

He would soon cum inside Layla once more . The previous untainted region would be filled by him again .

"I'm close . "

Max moved faster as he pushed his entire length inside her, his balls hitting her from below . Layla hugged him tight, squishing her breasts on his chest .

With his last push, Max pressed his dick deep inside her, kissing her white neck inhaling her sweet, intoxicating scent .

Continuously, Max emptied his load inside her, feeling his hot fluid paint her tight walls white, filling Layla with his cum .

He kept his dick buried all the way inside her as he shot cum after cum, hearing her moans of pleasure in his ears .

As her insides got hotter, Layla once again shuddered, pleasurable sensation filled her body with her pussy milking his dick of his cum .

When he pulled out, leaving a glowing Layla, laying with a drained body, Max turned to see Lydia uncontrollably rubbing her thighs together .

Her beet-red face and tempting appearance were displayed as she sat on the side of the bed . It seems like Max won't get a rest this night .

Max, with his still-strong erection, feverishly jumped on to Lydia as if she were his prey, removing her robe in one smooth motion .

The bright moon hung in the silent yet calming sky, partly covered by dark clouds as another set of moans filled a certain room below .