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Chapter 14

* * *

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—- The Commercial City Berita


It was one of the country’s leading trade cities, various products are shipped all over the country through its huge harbor .

Its also the closest big city to Nanami .

Even if I say that it’s close, it still takes over an hour full of breaks and the use of the teleport spell .


Today, Milly and I woke up early to get here .

Milly is such a kid sometimes, she wouldn’t open the door to her room, even when I called out to her so I had to use a spell to unlock it .

It’s a unique spell taught to support the lives of magician thieves, and sure enough, it was used for something that only a thief would do .

A thief was supposed to use the scroll for himself, but I tore the scroll up after I learned it .


As I told Milly about what she sounds like when she’s asleep, she got angry while her face turned bright red .

It wasn’t so bad though .


Huge crowds of people walked through the roads of the city .

I’m having a hard time just walking .

Milly also lost sight of me pretty quickly and started to go in the wrong direction .

I always have to look after her .

Sighing, I grabbed Milly’s hand and pulled .


“L-let go! It’s too embarrassing!”

“Don’t even . You might have the time to get lost, but I don’t . ”


She got pushed again as I said so .

Slowly accepting the idea, she lightly gripped my hand .

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We came to this city to sell the extra accessories that I received as thanks from the caravan, but also to prepare ourselves for the boss fight .

It’s a big city .

Selling the items is going to take quite a while .

It’s not very efficient .


“What’s this? Well if it isn’t Milly-chan and Zeph-kun . ”


As we turned towards the voice, we saw that it was Claire-sensei holding a large shopping bag to her chest .

There was a big loaf of bread sticking out of it .

Apparently, she was food shopping .

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember somebody saying that sensei lives around here during the holidays .


“Could this be a date? How nice~”

“Y-you’re mistaken! We’re only shopping together because he can’t go by himself right now… You see! Look, Zeph’s arm is broken!”

“Are you sure~? Recently, haven’t the two of you gotten quite close? How suspicious~”


This is bad, they’ve been talking too long…

Claire-sensei has completely entered into her meddling mode .


“Sorry sensei, we need to hurry because we’re a little…”

“Did you come with just the two of you? That’s not good you know, you need an adult with you, no matter what you say…”


I knew Claire-sensei wouldn’t get lost, but soon after we started walking she grabbed my hand that wasn’t held by Milly, and trailed slightly behind us .

The strength of Milly’s grip got a bit stronger than it was a moment ago .

Only holding on when we’re near the end…

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Hey stop it idiot, don’t think about these things .


“He~y, wouldn’t our purpose for coming here be harder to achieve if Claire-sensei is with us?”


We were talking with our voices hushed .

Honestly I agree, but can you stop gripping my hand like that .


“In the crowd, let’s quietly escape . ”

“Alright, alright . ”


So we agreed while shaking off Claire-sensei’s hand, disappearing into the crowd .

Since sensei had a big shopping bag, it would be hard for her to chase us .


“Sorry sensei~♪”


Milly stuck out her tongue while saying so .

Hey hey, stop it with the provocation .

Milly took my hand, and we disappeared into the crowd .


“Oh my, for the two of them to elope together, it’s good to be young . ”


Fu~u, we finally got away from Claire-sensei, I could feel myself laughing a bit .

…Though I think we might’ve caused some kind of misunderstanding .


After we escaped from Claire-sensei, we browsed the merchants in search of rare items, and eventually ended up in Stall Square .

Both merchants and adventurers tried to sell stuff to me with glistening eyes .

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What a formidable place to arrive in .

Milly was wondering about something, and looked restlessly around while turning .

You’ll get lost with that kind of attitude you know?


I pulled Milly’s hand and started walking towards our destination again, she followed with a kind of meandering feeling .

This feels like I’m walking a dog .


Soon after we entered the crossroads, and underneath the trees .

There sat the place where the future me always put up shop .


“Is this your first time coming here?”

“Yeah, what for?”

“Well, look over there . ”


We turned towards a certain signboard and stand .

There, on a sign that looked like it was just drawn up yesterday, were the name and sale prices of the items I received as a thank you gift from the caravan merchants .


“This is Stall Square . Anyone can make a store here, as long as they have a product and a price for it . We’re going to try and sell these to people on the street now . ”

“…For something so annoying…”

“Hey, read the mood . ”


…Damn, she immediately fell asleep .

I tried to make things look interesting, but even if it wasn’t that doesn’t mean you can just fall asleep .

I decided to just read a book while waiting for customers to come .


…… .

………… .

……………… .


No sales .

Customers would sometimes come to look at the wares, without buying anything and then leaving .

Am I that bad at selling?

There could also be a problem with our methods .

Or maybe we’re selling them at a bad price…


“Are you here with your dad? Little fella~”


As I looked towards the voice, minus the cart with a large canopy, was a tall girl .

With long blue hair that reached her back, and a white shirt that didn’t completely hide her chest .

Furthermore, she wore short hot pants that generously exposed her long legs, her overall skin colour was a nice tone, and her generous amount of clothes attracted the gaze of many of the people walking down the street .


Her cart was painted with a floral pattern, and a large amount of rare items could be seen tidily displayed, some of them were quite expensive .

The girl stopped her cart, sat in front of me, and started talking .


“But~ I wonder who investigated these? Their market price isn’t this much . ”


Market price…?!

Damn it! My prices were based off of what I knew decades later from now, there’s no way these are the prices that these would sell for in this era!


“There’s a good variety though, would you mind telling me where you got this?”


I smiled, the girl with a friendly smile had a sharp gaze behind it, I didn’t miss it .