Published at 2nd of July 2020 10:59:20 AM

Chapter 120

Title: The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother

Translator: Fringe Alpaca

Chapter 120 - The Burden of Being A Goddess Is Starting To Weight Down On Her (2)

She should be happy to be able to scare away her “most loyal fan” just like that, but if that was the reason for how it came down, she couldn’t feel happy about it either . In fact, she’d feel very distressed . After all, she’d like to have her self-esteem preserved as well .  

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As she had the burden of being a goddess, her action of opening the door became slower and slower . So slow that the little kiddo on one side had gotten impatient and volunteered himself, “Mom, let me help you~”

He placed his two little, meaty hands on the back of her hand and pushed . And the door was opened just like that .  

There was no light in the room, but there was a bay window right in front of them with the curtains undrawn . The street lights and neon signs alone were enough to light up the room . Standing at the door, one could clearly see the narrow walkway, the mini kitchen, and most of the bedroom . Yan Shuyu, carrying her heavy burden, couldn’t help but take a peek over at the boss .  

Perhaps, her heads up worked with him . Zhou Qinhe merely scanned over the room once, frowned a little, but returned to his usual look right away . He looked back over at Yan Shuyu and met her eyes .  

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His look was as calm and composed as usual, as though her place was just as shabby as he had imagined .  

The boss was, indeed, the boss . He wasn’t scared off at all . Yan Shuyu wasn’t sure if she should feel happy or sad about that . She spaced out for a little bit before she realized she was caught red-handed peeking at him . She quickly tried to smooth out the situation by saying, “The room is a bit messy, Boss… don’t mind it . Hahaha . ”

She had no choice . She didn’t want the conversation on how to refer to the boss all over again . Yan Shuyu decided to reduce the number of times she referred to him as “Boss Zhou” going forward; instead, she was going to use “you” instead .  

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Boss Zhou, indeed, didn’t mind it . Casually, he added, “It’s fine . ”

“Eh?” For a second there, Yan Shuyu wasn’t sure whether that was a compliment or sarcasm . Quickly, Zhou Qinhe explained to her in a friendly manner, “Given how you normally don’t well too much on small things, I thought your house would be like that as well . ”

Yan Shuyu, “……”

So he was saying that her place wasn’t messy enough . Now, she truly wasn’t sure what to say to that .

Zhou Qinhe had deadly observations . Yan Shuyu was, indeed, the type who didn’t focus too much on details normally . Before she had transmigrated, she was still a little girl whose clothes were folded by her mother, and her room was cleaned by a part-time maid . Obviously, being transmigrated wouldn’t have changed that right away . Unfortunately, she had become an instant mother after she had woken up . She may not care particularly about living in a place with clothes strewn all over the place, but she wasn’t going to let the child live in an environment like that .  

Yan Shuyu slowly started to fold the clothes and make the bed daily and gained good daily habits . As much as she hated cleaning, she’d mop the floor at least once a week, so the room looked relatively clean .  

As for tidiness, that could mostly be attributed to how poor she was . She couldn’t even bring herself to buy too many clothes, let alone adding anything else to the apartment . The entire two months since her transmigration, the only “large item” added to the apartment was the electric piano . And that was a gift from Manager Yang . She didn’t even have to spend a penny on it . That ought to show how poor she really was . And since there wasn't a lot of stuff inside the house, naturally the place would seem tidy .