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The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) - Volume 2 - Chapter 29.1

Published at 21st of May 2018 03:36:56 PM

Chapter 29.1

Reinhart-san won’t be able to join us in the afternoon training, so our group only consisted of me, the ojousama, the madam, and Reinbach-sama .

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“Good grief, father always ends up like that when it concerns his work…” [Elialia]

“I can’t believe he actually neglected Ryouma-kun and his own daughter . ” [Elize]

“I’m partly responsible for this too… But at least he’s really devoted to his work, right? I mean wouldn’t it be worse if it was the other way around?” [Ryouma]

“Maybe… We’re here . ” [Elize]

As the 2 adults led us, before we knew it, we were right before the entrance .

“From here on, the two of you should be the ones to decide how to proceed . Me and grandpa will just quietly follow . We’ll help out when things look bad, but don’t expect us to provide any help other than that . ” [Elize]

“We’re here to help Elia gather experience, after all . Ryouma-kun you already have plenty of experience, so I’ll have to ask you to let Elia make her own decisions . ” [Reinbach]

All of the sudden, the ojousama has her work cut out for her .

“I’ll do my best . ” [Elialia]

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“I understand . ” [Ryouma]

Seeing how the ojousama wasn’t perturbed in the slightest, it seems she’s used to these two suddenly giving her an assignment .

We continued into the tunnels without a word of complaint from the ojousama .

The tunnel this time was a lot bigger than before, and parts of the walls were covered in moss .

We could slip if we’re not careful, so we better watch our step .

“It’s dark, so I can’t see very far . ” [Elialia]

I’ve realized this since this morning, but it seems unlike me who’s used to hunting in the night, the ojousama has a hard time seeing in dark places .

“Ryouma-san, you have experience hunting in the night, right? Do you use light magic then?” [Elialia]

“Only if I don’t mind others noticing me . Otherwise, I use the neutral spell, Search . There’s still a chance the target might notice me because of the flow of mana, but the odds are much lower . ” [Ryouma]

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“I can’t use Search very well . How do you do it? I know I’m supposed to spread my consciousness, but I don’t really get it . ” [Elialia]

Search, huh . Well…

After thinking a little, I made a vessel out of stone using earth magic, and then filled it with water using water magic .

“Please look at this . ” [Ryouma]

“?” [Elialia]

I threw a stone into into the vessel, and ripples rose on the surface of the water .

“Think of the center as you and the ripples as the flow of mana . Make yourself the center of the mana flow while you spread it around you, and when a monster shows up—”

I threw several more pebbles into the vessel, calmed down the ripples with magic, then threw another stone into the center . When I did, ripples appeared again, but the small stones interfered with some of the ripples .

“Mana will crash into the monsters just like these ripples . You should treat that as the reaction a monster or a human gives to Search . ” [Ryouma]

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“I see . That’s a lot easier to understand . Umm… ‘Search’!” [Elialia]

When the ojousama invoked the Search spell, a great amount of mana gathered around her . It was an amount I’ve never felt before from anyone else other than myself .

It’s amazing how I can feel the mana hitting against me even without focusing, but if there’s an enemy mage present, we’ll definitely be found out .

Sensing mana is the most basic of basics, so there’s no such thing as a mage that can’t sense mana .

“There’s a lot of something up ahead . ” [Elialia]

“You succeeded . But you should rein in your mana a bit more . If an enemy mage were around, we’d definitely get found out like this . ” [Ryouma]

“R-Really? It seems I really do need to practice some more . ” [Elialia]

“For now, let me be in charge of the front and Search . You just focus on your spells just like you did this morning . ” [Ryouma]

“Alright . I’ll be counting on you, Ryouma-san . ” [Elialia]

I used Search to see what’s up ahead, and just like she said, there were indeed a lot of monsters . But it seemed to be a gathering of many small monsters .

“The road opens up up ahead, but there seems to be a lot of something filling up the ceiling there . I think they might be cave bats . ” [Ryouma]

“Those are probably cave bats, yes . ” [Reinbach]

“Could Elia take them all out?” [Elize]

“That would provide some shooting practice, but if it’s a huge cloud of bats, then it wouldn’t matter if she aimed or not, she’s bound to hit something . ” [Reinbach]

Cave bats are only about as big an adult’s palms and mostly fed on insects . They don’t have a lot of options for attacking, but they do fly around, so they’re ranked F . Even children could beat them, but they can get troublesome when they’re all bunched up . The two adults didn’t look like they wanted to deal with a cloud of cave bats either .

“Then how about we try an experiment?” [Ryouma]

“An experiment?” [Reinbach, Elize, Elialia]

“Yes . If it goes well, then we might be able to take out all the bats in one go . ” [Ryouma]

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