The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) - Volume 2 - Chapter 29.2

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Chapter 29.2

I double-checked on the ecology of the cave bats, and as expected, they’re no different from earth bats . In that case, I should be able to knock them out if I cause powerful sound waves to erupt .

Stun grenades were a thing in my previous life, so as long as I use my magic, I should manage .

Silent, a spell that seizes the oscillations in the air to mute sound, and its opposite, a spell that amplifies the oscillations in the air to make the sound louder, Big Voice .

Voice Change, a spell that changes one’s voice like when one sucks in helium, and Whisper, a spell that allows one’s voice to reach greater distances .

And lastly, the resulting spell from the fusion of Big Voice and Whisper, Sound Bomb .

All of the above are spells I came up with after much experimentation in the forest .

I came up with Sound Bomb specifically for situations like these . It’s pretty effective too considering it was able to rupture the eardrums of a black bear and knock it out .

I should be able to knock out the bats with it as long as the spell doesn’t fail .

Speaking of Whisper, I practiced it a lot before by talking to myself in my room, but I haven’t used it since .

Anyway, the possible problems I see with this method is one: the tunnel might collapse; two: there might be other people nearby; and three: cave bats might survive .

“You don’t have to worry about the tunnel . This tunnel has been reinforced with earth magic to prevent it from collapsing, so it’s unlikely you’ll cause it to collapse . As for the people, we’ll check with Search to ensure there’s no one in the area, and in the case you’re not able to kill all the bats…” [Reinbach]

“…How about leaving it to my slimes?” [Ryouma]

“Alright . If that’s still no good, I’ll lend a hand . ” [Reinbach]

And with that our plan was decided .

I took out a big sticky slime from my Dimension Home .

“I’m counting on you . ” [Ryouma]

I ordered the big sticky slime to block the tunnel with its huge body while taking care not to alert the cave bats as it approached them .

With that my sticky net was ready .

Lastly, I erected a sound-muting barrier to cover us .

“I’m ready . ” [Ryouma]

“We’re ready too . ” [Reinbach]

“Then… ‘Sound Bomb'” [Ryouma]

In that instant, a terrifying explosion sounded from outside the barrier . We couldn’t actually hear any of the sounds, but we could still see the shadows falling from the ceiling .

“Looks like a success . Let’s go . ” [Ryouma]

After dispelling the barrier, we continued onwards with the slime net as our shield . Before long we came across a great number of cave bats laid out on the ground .

Almost all of the bats were knocked out .

Of those that did manage to fly away, they did not number even 10 . And yet even then, some of those remaining bats flew in a daze, eventually crashing into a wall .

Some of the cave bats did manage to fly toward our direction, but they immediately found themselves within the sticky slime net .

“Ho, not bad…” [Reinbach]

“You really took them all down with one spell, huh . ” [Elize]

“That’s amazing, Ryouma-san!” [Elialia]

“It’s been a while, but it looks like it’s a success . Cave bats have good ears, but that’s also their weak point . Ah, do you mind if I feed these to my slime?” [Ryouma]

“They’re your spoils . Do as you please . ” [Reinbach]

“Cave bats don’t have any parts worth selling anyway . ” [Elize]

I ordered the big sticky slime to break up and eat the sleeping cave bats . When I did, 364 sticky slimes treated themselves to an eat-all-you-can cave bat buffet .

Oh, it looks like the cave bats can now split again . I’ll have them do it back at the inn .

After that I continued to support the ojousama with both action and word of advice as she hunted the remaining monsters in the tunnel for the next hour .


“Hey, Ryouma-kun . ” [Reinhart]

After cleaning up the second tunnel, Reinhart-san was waiting for us at the entrance .

“Did something happen?” [Ryouma]

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“It’s about the iron . Can you make me a sample to show to a possible partner? It’d be best if you could make it rectangular like an ingot . ” [Reinhart]

“Sure, no problem . Alchemy also has a formation for changing shapes . ” [Ryouma]

“Really? Then if you could ready one soon, please . ” [Reinhart]

Like that I exchanged places with Reinhart-san and went to work on the ingot .

He offered to help too, but it wasn’t necessary, so I suggested he follow after the ojousama instead .

It’s not difficult work, after all .

As proof of that, I was able to finish making the ingot almost immediately . It barely took longer than walking to that slag heap .

“Sebasu-san, the ingot is ready . ” [Ryouma]

“Thank you . What will you be doing now, Ryouma-sama?” [Sebasu]

“Hmm…” [Ryouma]

After completing the ingot and handing it over to Sebasu-san, I didn’t have anything left to do, so I was thinking of following after the ojousama to help out with her monster hunting, but they’ve already entered for quite some time .

Should I just go ahead and enter a tunnel on my own? But the monsters around here are weak, so there’s not much merit in fighting them, and it’s also questionable whether that’s a good idea considering how much time we have left… Moreover, our main purpose here is to scout out the place . A lot of adventurers are gonna be hired to take care of the monsters here, so there’s no reason to rush . Huh, in that case, I think I’ll just let the slimes split .

“I think I’ll just let the slimes split for now . After that I’ll contract them and do some training . ” [Ryouma]

“In that case, please use the corner over there . It’s open and if something happens, we’ll be able to hear you . ” [Sebasu]

And so, that’s what I did . After the slimes split, I leisurely spent the remaining time training .


One hour later .

The ojousama and the others came back . They walked over to where me and the slimes were .

“Ryouma-san!” [Elialia]

“O-Ojousama . Are you done with your training?” [Ryouma]

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“Yes . We’re done for today . Actually, I have a present for you . ” [Elialia]

“Present?” [Ryouma]

“He he he… I think you’ll like it very much, Ryouma-kun . ” [Elize]

As the ojousama and the madam said that, Reinhart-san came with a box of stone .

“Inside is a monster . It’s weak, but you should still be careful when you open it . ” [Reinbach]

When I heard from Reinbach-sama that a monster was inside, I carefully opened the lid . In the next moment, I saw the monster inside .

“A slime?” [Ryouma]

Inside was a dark gray slime, a slime I’d never seen before . It wriggled about inside the stone box as if it were looking for the exit .

“It’s one of the many advanced slime variants, a metal slime . We stumbled onto it by coincidence and caught it . ” [Elize]

“I can have this? Really? Thank you so much! I’m so happy! I have another slime variant I can add to my collection . ” [Ryouma]

“It may be a slime, but you should still contract with it first . ” [Reinbach]

Oh, right .

Just as Reinbach-sama reminded me, I went ahead and formed the contract . After that the metal slime started behaving within the box . When I lifted it up, it was indeed made of metal and was harder than any slime yet .

So this is a metal slime . I guess it must feed on metal then .

“Reinhart-san, could I get some of the iron soil around here to feed this slime?” [Ryouma]

“You’re going to feed it with soil?” [Reinhart]

“That or the iron from it . I also want to run some experiments with the other slimes . ” [Ryouma]

“Take as much as you want . Originally, all this soil would have just been treated as trash . If not for you, we would have never looked at it again . ” [Reinhart]

“Thank you so much!” [Ryouma]

It should be fine if I get just enough to fill a corner of the Dimension Home .

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Will the slime eat iron? Will a slime turn into a metal slime after eating iron? Or will it turn into something else? …I can’t wait to find out .

“By the way, Ryouma-san . What were you doing?” [Elialia]

“Oh, I was letting the slimes split just a while ago, and then after that I thought I’d train them a little…” [Ryouma]

“Train? You mean the slimes?” [Elialia]

The ojousama could not comprehend .

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand .

She might understand how convenient slimes are, but I’m sure she still can’t see them as anything but useless in battle .

Slimes are weak, after all . I mean they’re G-Ranked monsters that even children can beat .

But the truth is that slimes possess a super flexible semi-liquid body that won’t die unless the nucleus is hurt .

Slimes can move their nucleus anywhere in their body, so if for example a slime is kicked somewhere, it could simply move its nucleus away to protect it while nullifying the damage with its semi-liquid body .

At first, that was just a theory of mine, but after spending a lot of time training with the wild slimes – and I mean a lot of time since at one point I even thought it was hopeless – the slimes became agile .

They learned to use basic martial arts, allowing them to dodge an incoming weapon while rushing into the enemy to secure his arm .

They learned how to use their semi-liquid body to parry attacks – My teachings focused mainly on defense and evasion – And today, there are even some among them who can extend a part of their body and use it to control a spear or a rod .

“That being said, they still can’t beat a goblin one on one . They just really lack the overall strength needed . ” [Ryouma]

“Not at all! I think it’s plenty amazing that a slime’s actually learned to use weapons . ” [Elize]

“Ryouma-kun, what do you think about attending a short course for beginners at the tamers guild? It might do you good to learn some common sense for once . ” [Reinbach]

“Maybe he should be teaching them instead…” [Reinhart]

It looks like they’re starting to get that my slimes are amazing, but… That was uncalled for .

The expression on the three adults quickly changed to that of exhaustion as they listened to the crazy things my slimes can do .

Before long the ojousama came to ask for help and I went to get my red soil .

After that I spent some time until it was time to go back .

By the time we left, there was a mountain of red blocks at a corner of my Dimension Home .